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Hi I’m Ben and I’ve been reviewing products ranging from cameras to cars for 10 years!
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0:36This is a really big Air Conditioner
1:10Lasts me months on a charge
2:19This is not a toy. Shock absorbing legs
1:26Sound is great. Connects easily. Sometimes cuts out
1:19It's literally a black mirror. There's no gradient Brilliant
1:30Really quiet and it's wifi connected
1:49Beyond easy to install. Very cool
1:39Cleans the dog hair every morning on repeat. Voice control
1:05It is a hefty hammer!
1:09Folds up really small and comes with tripod feet
1:24The drawers are really wide. Keep in mind only 2 drawers.
1:20A little too tall for my liking
1:12Look how clean my grout lines are with this. Gets really hot
1:19Very powerful tool but pulls easily off the table. Mount it
1:11Nice and minimal but definitely not a grand look
1:17This thing is hard metal. Listen to the material sound
1:09Looks nice on the wall but it's a little flat
1:06Wish it was a little more sturdy
1:07Beautiful chandelier but swings a little
1:10Great for drying clothes but can tip over
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