11 Grade English Textbooks

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"Great TOOL with reproducibles for Testing Prep.! (PARCC test Prep)" - by Ms Gayle M. G.
Great resource for Teachers! The lessons cross-reference skills; I used it to reinforce grammar skills for PARCC testing! It is a standalone with individual grammar lessons, that you can modify & build on!
"Highly recommended!!" - by JA
Both of my children have learning/reading challenges and this book has been a great resource for us in homeschooling. Easy to use and covers important topics in US history. I highly recommend it!
"Four Stars" - by Jeffrey J. Hopkins
Good selections for each reading unit. Needs a Great Gatsby reference in the American Dream unit though.
"Quality good. Normal wear & tear." - by Joseph Dean Deguzman
Exactly what I wanted. Quality is the same as the school issues used. . All pages intact. Spine and outer cover as normal wear & tear. Some writing . Quality a little better than expected.
"A kid's point of view" - by anthony
I am 9 and i liked the book. its good for kids who like to read. The book teaches many lessons witin the storyline. It's excellent. A fun read with a few sad moments.
I gave it five stars for kids😊
"Teacher Friendly" - by MCJ
The book is enjoyable to read especially with the author sidebars and tips. For me, the connection with educational philosophers was important as well as the lesson templates. I recommend this book to beginning teachers as well as those that are trying to adapt curriculum to the common core standards.
"Wonderful, and yet again, wonderful!" - by Muffy
Delightful, just delightful. The Kindle-in-Motion illustrations are all you could hope for, starting with the delicious cover. The portraits, both still and moving ones, are extraordinarily beautiful. I was so impressed and delighted. I showed the book to my mother on her I-Pad and she literally clapped her hands and said, "I have seen so many things in my nine decades, but to think I would live see books that move! What a wonder!" Enjoy the story again.
"It's even better than I remembered." - by TJ Ehlers
Some people prefer Shakespeare. I prefer Silverstein.
"Best Teacher Support" - by Karalee Pugmire (89131)
I don't usually purchase Teacher's editions, but my school hasn't had a textbook fund in years and our textbooks are over 12 years old. With this book as a supplement, I have been able to get great ideas for teaching texts in the old book but in a Common Core way. There are ideas for warm-ups that actually teach the kids a skill, fantastic sections for struggling readers where you can close read or only read small portions of standard texts. There is even a suggested list of texts to read in each unit. The Common Core Standard focused questions and teaching helps are really great for helping kids meet these standards, even if I have to type out all of the questions myself. I wish I could have bought the resources that went with this book, but the book on it's own has been a tremendous help.
"Whole Grammar Curriculum in one book" - by SLU
Nice short lessons that incorporate essential skills in grammar- one page a day is easy for your 11th grader to finish daily. This is the only book you would need to purchase. It is a Whole Grammar curriculum in one book- very convenient! The answers are in the back of the book & that is what distinguishes the Teacher Book from the 180 daily Teaching Lessons.
I would have liked if it included more examples/explanations for some of the lessons -aside from that it worth the money!
"Well worth the price!!" - by teach93
Love these!!!! I am using them with my 5th graders and they really look forward to "Word Ladder" day. They are an interesting mix of very easy and then very challenging words. My kids have developed their own strategies for solving using dictionaries, clues provided and working from the bottom up or top down method. I wish I had found these earlier in the year. They will definitely be a staple of next year's reading program!!
"HAPPY" - by Aide
"Five Stars" - by Paul Owings
The book arrived today after school. My son is already on page 100.
"Literary masterpiece, and a fantastic copy" - by Danielle
Since I read it in 9th grade, The Great Gatsby has been one of my favorite books. Every once in a while I give it a re-read, only to find my reading of the timeless tale of love lost, disillusionment, and new money society to be more relevant than the last. The rich metaphors and symbols in this book are a fantastic introduction to the ideas, and a pleasure for young and old readers alike.

After years of only owning this book in ebook format, I thought it necessary to purchase a hardcover copy, one that will last long after my ereader has died, and one that can be passed along to my children and their children.

I was initially concerned that this would not feature the remarkable original artwork, the golden eyes hovering in the sky, but I can happily say my fears were unfounded. The book jacket appears exactly as ... full review