12 Volt Strobe Light

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"Great value, definitely worth the money" - by Brian C (Kirkland, WA United States)
Excellent value. A little more expensive than the cheapest options but MUCH better.
The light is extremely bright. Maybe not quite up to "professional" brightness but very close. Perfectly noticeable in daylight.
The cord is long and straight, making it easy to close the door on and route to the power outlet.
The plug also has two switches, one for changing modes and one for on/off. This is convenient so you don't have to cycle through the modes to get to "off" or unplug it and have a dangling power cord swinging around.
This light is on the RIGHT in the attached photos and video.
"Super bright light, Cord not long enough." - by Jeff Cranford
Great product! Super bright light! I install weekend signs for home builders and it's perfect for getting people to pay attention to the fact that I'm on the side of the road. The disclaimer for the product says the magnet that holds the unit on may dislodge after 40mph, it doesn't. At 75 miles an hour it doesn't budge. The only drawback is that it comes with an 11 foot cord which is not quite long enough for me. In my opinion they need to extend the cord to about 16 feet. Overall, great product, very durable! I bought two of them and so far, they work very well.
"Decent quality, easy installation." - by V.K. (Georgia)
I bought the JSDT22109 version (with 16 LEDs). 100% satisfied with the quality and the ease of installation. I'll try to add a brief video of the installed light so that you can have an idea of the strobe pattern. Good luck.
"Worthhh it!!" - by mustafa
For the price it is worth it. The size and and the amount of different lighting options is perfect. The only thing that is a little bad is the wires are really thing so you have to be carefull when pulling the item. I put these on my dump truck and loved it.
"Only 4 stars not because product isn't good because it works great" - by Doug
Only 4 stars not because product isn't good because it works great. There is no wiring directions with the strobe light. Received four strobes and nothing in any of them. Never had one so this is how to wire. Black to negative Red to positive and touch the White to the Red to change to different strobe patterns. Seems self explanatory with red and black being plus and minus until you dont know how to change pattern. After you get the pattern you like it retains that even on power down. I taped off white wire. Hope this helps in case they don't correct the direction problem.
"I like these flashers" - by Mr. Smith (Florida)
I like these flashers. Installed one on a third brake light of a 2006 Acura TSX and the the second module on a 2012 Toyota RAV4 third brake light. I knocked it one star because it doesn't completely turn off the light inbetween flashing. But these will definitely get the attention of the driver behind you.
"but works great. Input voltage is a wide range ( 12-30 ..." - by chris
Small footprint, but works great. Input voltage is a wide range ( 12-30 DC volts ) so you can use it on 12v or 24v machines.
"Great in my grill for the price" - by Amazon Customer
Great in my grill for the price, clipped right in. I may use a toggle for power supply the switch is not meant to be mounted and just kinda hard when you have multiple lights to manage.