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"Fantastic Value Gaming Monitor" - by Snow
This is a great monitor for the price, 144 hz and lovely picture I formerly had a [[ASIN:B00B2HH7G0 ASUS VG248QE 24" Full HD 1920x1080 144Hz 1ms HDMI Gaming Monitor]] but this monitor is at least of equal quality for a good deal less cash.

The only reason I give this monitor a 4/5 instead of 5/5 is that it came with minor damage, the top of the monitor bezel wasn't clipped completely closed with some pressure i clicked it closed but there is still a minor aesthetic bump there. This had to have happened at the factory or been an oversight b/c there was no visible damage to any of the packaging and the packing material was great.

I highly recommend this monitor for anyone planning on Gaming or buying a gift for a friend who enjoys pc gaming.
"A thing of beauty!" - by Joey
****7/13/17**** This monitor is amazing! If you have spent a lot of time researching this (or other) monitors, you may have heard a few people talking about the colors being washed out because it's a tn panel.. Well, in my experience, this is far from the truth! I had to do a double take because this thing is vibrant, colorful and so nice to look at! I have only been using it for 2 days so far, but my goodness this is a great looking screen! It even looks good from angles that you wouldn't even possibly look at it from. It's hard to tell that it's a tn panel. I'll come back and update this review as I use it over time, but right now, I'm really happy with this purchase!

I primarily play Overwatch and I may dabble in Guild Wars 2 or ... full review
"... had this monitor a few days and I do like it but it is a pain to setup color ..." - by D. Willis (Ohio,USA)
27" 144Hz ED273

Have had this monitor a few days and I do like it but it is a pain to setup color wise. I had to turn "Black Boost off" set it to movie go to Radeon settings and set contrast to 96 Saturation to 110.

Power draw: 60 to 120 Hz GPU idle draw is 7 to 8w. The moment you use 144Hz it goes to 22 - 23w. That is a driver issue and does the same thing when VSR is on. Get a little flicker when not gaming but that too is a driver issue and AMD knows.

Monitor seems to improve as you use it, from my experience. May need a few days of burn in time or something.
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"From "oh no!" to "oh wow!!" in 60 minutes...." - by Bob H. Grant
Received my ViewSonic VX2452MH 24-inch monitor today and after initially being disappointed and concerned, I have to say that I love the display. Few things to point out. 1- The stand feels a bit flimsy so be careful with it. 2- I purchased the AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable to go with the monitor since my Dell Studio XPS PC had an HDMI output. This is where I was disappointed. Once I had everything plugged in, I couldn't get the screen resolution right. The text was not sharp. It was kinda fuzzy no matter what website I was on. The desktop would not fill the whole screen even after playing with the screen settings and installing the correct drivers from the CD that came with it. "Game Mode" setting did not help at all. It just adjusted the brightness, contrast and colorization. I was so bummed out that I nearly packed ... full review
"144Hz Monitor that's Great for Gaming" - by richcz3 (Southern California)
I bought this monitor over eight months ago and no regrets.
Works as advertised. My gaming system utilizes an nVidia 1080 now - upgraded from a 980 which to be honest - was more than enough for 1080p gaming. If you use Steam you can set your FPS counter on the screen as you play your games, and it regularly peaks at or near 144 fps. Since day one, I've been using DVI connection, so I can't comment on the HDMI or its Display Port abilities.

I use it exclusively for gaming so I can't comment on its use for photo or video editing. I would presume if you're buying a 144Hz monitor, your primary use is gaming, everything else is secondary. With that said, minor adjustments to factory settings make this a general use monitor. There's no harsh color issues and the viewing angles are good for a TFT screen.

The ... full review
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"Great Monitor, but your room will glow" - by gdsgrl
Great monitor compared to my old one! Everything was great out of the box and it came with a dvi-d cable, the only problems i have with this monitor are the brightness is way to bright and the settings menu is very hard to navigate and control.
"don't get oversold on marketing hype. looking for a 1080p 24" monitor? you will be very happy with this one." - by Robert M.
q: whats not to like about this monitor?
a: nothing

its a great 24" monitor for gaming and any other normal computer usage . don't get oversold on marketing hype, forget g-sync vs freesync licensing hype and premiums. if you are looking for a 1080p 144hz 1ms 24" 'gaming' monitor you will be very happy with this one.

I've owned a BENQ XL2420TE for years. a couple years ago I bought the highly praised asus rog 27" 144hz 1ms monitor and was very disappointed with it, and sold it a few months later after sending it in for warranty replacement for a common issue.

I have been keeping my eye out on ebay for another 2420tee for about a year now and they demand prices that are the same as this new monitor. I fell into reading hype on forums and other websites of people discriminating stats and reviewing ... full review
"This is a Freesync Monitor - I'm using an nVidia GTX 1080" - by richcz3 (Southern California)
For starters the ad clearly states this is a Freesync monitor which are to be used with AMD cards, not nVidia. I am using an nVidia GTX1080 graphics card.

If you routinely play with a 27" monitor with a reasonably good Refresh Rate 2MS or so, there are some things to consider. One the extra 5" screen space is nice. I'm personally, not entirely sold on the curved screen as offering any immediate benefit. If you sit back 2 feet or more from your monitor the curve is muted. As for Refresh Rate, this is rated at 4MS which might be notable if you're accustomed to a faster rate. It wasn't an issue for me.

Things to consider
32" is about as big as you want to go with 1080P gaming monitor. Unless you have a Fast GPU and Solid CPU to run games at MAX settings, your textures may look real washed ... full review
"Great monitor, no dead pixels" - by Zip
Great monitor, no dead pixels, no noticeable BLB, good color uniformity for a curved VA panel.
Cannot set the display ratio to 16:9, which makes it a bad option for console users. Also the viewing angle is moderate.
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"Great Monitor, Perfect way to play games" - by ben akin
This is a gaming monitor which does exactly what it says. Some people will complain that its a TN panel with low color accuracy and poor viewing angles and mark it down because of that. I don't think that is fair because that isn't what it should be graded on since this isn't an IPS display. This monitor delivers a silky smooth gaming experience with an immersive experience. Games are absolutely smooth and stutter free, this is my first experience with a 144hz monitor and I am totally sold. This is how every pc gamer should experience their games especially with FPS shooters, the difference between 60hz and 144hz is night and day,. gameplay is totally immersive and you just want to keep playing. This panel is compulsory for all gamers. I don't have a radeon card so I cant say anything about freesync , which should be great ... full review
"Great Monitor for the Casual Gamer" - by John Ryan
Having played on a TV for the longest time I felt it was necessary to buy a monitor as I do enjoy playing console.

I bought this as a black friday deal for around $90. It is a 60hz monitor with 1ms response time. Right away I noticed an improvement in my gameplay as the response from my controller to the monitor was significantly faster than if I were playing on a TV.

The reason I say this is a monitor for causal gamers is because professionals would not use a monitor like this. They use 144hz monitors and have technologies I can’t even describe. But if you enjoy playing games like COD, BF1 or any shooter on console, I’d highly recommend this monitor.
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"Awesome Monitor!" - by ultra55371d (Princeton, MN)
I love this monitor! I was using a 144mhz 24 inch TN panel by Asus which is great for gaming but not so good for editing photographs. This 32 inch monitor seems like it is twice the size and the higher resolution is awesome especially for working in Photoshop. The IPS panel is definitely an upgrade as well.

The stand is not so great so I mounted this to the wall. There is absolutely no light bleed and I did not have a single dead pixel on the huge screen. I have been playing a lot of games recently and I have not noticed any ghosting at all even on newer titles. I have an Asus Strix GTX 970 video card and it handles the bigger monitor just as well as my older 1080 monitor.

I highly recommend this monitor and its probably one of ... full review
"Was hesitant to buy from lack of reviews, but so glad I purchased this monitor." - by Ty Parker
I, too, could not find a review on this monitor but ultimately decided it was the best deal for the type of monitor I was looking for and it was in my price range. So I took a chance with this monitor and I was not disappointed. Beautiful picture with some minor adjustments, great viewing angles and no screen defects. This is also my first 144hz monitor and gaming is much smoother and very responsive. I could tell from the moment I moved the mouse that it wasn't 60hz. I don't think I'll ever return to a 60hz monitor if I can help it. Also, I've mostly had/preferred IPS panels in the past so I was kinda hesitant about purchasing a VA panel, but I have no regrets whatsoever.

If you're like me and you're looking for a decent sized 1440p 144hz monitor at a great price, this monitor is for ... full review