1920x1080 Widescreen Monitor

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"Best display I've ever purchased" - by Charles Bradley Scott Jr. (Pittsburgh, PA USA)
I purchased 2 of these a few weeks ago and have enjoying the hell out of them ever since. The slim bezel was a big selling point for me. They look amazing side by side.

-Unbeatable price/value for a full 1080P monitor.
-Wonderful picture. LED lit makes images come to life.
-Easily calibrated or adjusted.
-Matte finish reduces any background light glare. Looks great with room lights on or off.
-Lightweight (only 6 lbs).
-Best response time out of any IPS panel display I've seen (only 4 ms)
-Very sturdy base.
-High viewing angles.
-3 different input ports makes this a dream for compatibility.
-No backlight bleeding(a common problem with some displays)
-No assembly, the monitor just slides on to the base and clicks in place. I set up 2 of these in less than 5 minutes.
-Packaged very well.
-Includes VGA cable, which I though I was going to have to purchase separately.

Not VESA mount compatible. (I knew this before I bought ... full review
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"Perfect Size with Great Picture!" - by Britton Combs
Great monitor for the price and the size is perfect. I first got the Acer 23" and it was a little small for me so I purchased a 28" and of course it was huge! The 25" is perfect. I have it on my desk about 3' from me. I also use the speakers in the monitor. They are actually not terrible.
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"Great Monitor for a reasonable price." - by Raymond W. Hill, Jr.
I have purchased many Dell monitors over the years and have been please with each and every one. This Monitor is just great and I have had it for several months. I use it mainly for AutoCAD drawings and other general Office Programs. I have NOT tried any gaming programs; but, I have no doubt these will work satisfactorily as well.
"IPS for under $200 and works!" - by S. Elrasoul (FL, USA)
So far I am very satisfied with the monitors. These are actually my first IPS and I can say I am simply amazed and the picture. Before I go on let me post my settings because out of the box settings are the WORST and will make you want to return the item.

Splendid: Theater
Sharpness: 45
Trace Free: 80
Brightness: 90
Contrast: 78
Saturation: 70
Color Temp: User Mode with all colors maxed
Skin Tone: Natural
Smart View: Off

With those settings everything should look great IMO. I actually bought 3 monitors because I am running SLI configuration for programming and for gaming. Because I have such a small desk, at the moment, I had to angle the monitors 75 degrees from the center monitor. So if you can picture that in your mind, I want to say I have NO problem seeing anything. The colors still look great and gaming is just as fun. Only problem ... full review
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"Great Price, Decent Quality" - by Edward Castro (Poway, CA)
You can't really expect much from a monitor that is less than $100, but this is a great monitor for everyday use. The only reason I give it 4 our of 5 stars is because there is no way to mount this on a wall or versa mount. Other than that, great clarity, color and size for the price point. I will be finding a way to mount this on my versa mount as looking down on a monitor is not conducive to prolonged use.
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"Beautifully balanced picture with no ghosting! Highly recommended!" - by J. Loganbill (USA)
We bought this to replace a several-years-old monitor my husband used in his studio. Here's how the experience went:

What we needed: My husband is an artist who works both on location (plein air) and in the studio, so we wanted a monitor that would reproduce colors accurately. It also had to have very small pixels, so that he could get up close to see detail.

The buying process: We received this monitor very quickly after we purchased—within a couple of days. Everything arrived intact and the display was packaged well.

Unboxing and setup: Easy, and easy! Very intuitive indeed. We ran a HDMI cable from my husband's MacBook Pro to this monitor and found the setup process totally intuitive.

The verdict: Really nice subtle color variations, both at the light and at the dark ends of the spectrum. This monitor reproduces color in a beautifully balanced way, so you get a really natural-looking ... full review
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"Perfect with Surface Pro" - by ROS
I bought this after viewing the set-up in MS store. They didn't have any in stock and would not sell the display so I ordered this. Set-up was so simple. I am a photographer. This may save my eyes. I can see so much more detail now than on the Surface Pro set up. I HIGHLY recommend this monitor. The touch screen is fabulous!! You can't find a better monitor.
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"Nice Monitor" - by Sosumido
I did a lot of searching before settling on this one. This monitor replaced a 20-inch 1600x900 display. I was torn between monitors with 1920x1080 and 2560x1440 resolutions because I wasn't sure if I needed more desktop space or slightly larger items on my screen. The latter seemed like a good compromise between 900 and 1440.

This monitor is surprisingly light and way too bright out of the box. Even at a setting of 50, I think I want to move it down more before it burns out my retina. This monitor will be used mainly for coding so I haven't calibrated it with my Spyder yet but I'll assume it will reproduce colors just fine.

One of the reviews mentioned something about the tilt being difficult so I skipped Acer's default mounting option and mounted it to a Neo-Flex LCD Arm. My Mac says it supports rotation so I rotated the ... full review
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"Great monitor for the price..." - by cDubia
Bought four of them on the Amazon Prime day for a steal to give to some employees. I was scared off by some negative reviews,so I cancelled two of them. Now I regret it because these are solid desktop monitors. No mounts or swivel, but for this price it works for me. The screen looks fantastic for the low price I paid. Huge screen, edge to edge viewing. I just wish they'd go back on sale again and I'd get 4 more. It doesn't rotate but I bought a 12 inch bluecell rotating lazy Susan to throw it on and it looks and works great.
"Easy to read" - by Amazon Customer (Burlington, WA)
Love, love this curved widescreen. I was having difficulty reading spreadsheets in general and this has made a huge difference. Also color is great.
"Great displays. However" - by Amazon Customer
Great displays. However, wish I would have noticed that these monitors do NOT have bracketing on the back for display arms. But still like them.
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"Great Monitor, but your room will glow" - by gdsgrl
Great monitor compared to my old one! Everything was great out of the box and it came with a dvi-d cable, the only problems i have with this monitor are the brightness is way to bright and the settings menu is very hard to navigate and control.
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"Great Monitors, Easy on the eyes" - by The Vision (Baltimore, MD)
I bought 2 of these to replace my Dell monitors and these blow the Dell's away! I also have a dual monitor setup using Acer's. I definitely prefer these. They are easy to use and look good. They do not have the glassy, watery, shiny look to them like my Acer's but they aren't as flat as the Dell's. It's a great middle ground. I seem to suffer from less eye fatigue as well :)