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by HP
"Great investment for a solid monitor!!!" - by Eric
Excellent monitor! As you can see from the photo. I bought two of them. Dual monitors are the way to go. Multi-tasking at it's best! Since it doesn't have any audio outputs; I use Bluetooth from my laptop to a JBL Charge 2 Bluetooth Speaker.
"Great for 2 27" Acer Monitors" - by Master Reviewer (New Jersey)
This item is exactly as described. Holds my 2 27 inch monitors perfectly. I have a small desk so this gives me so much more room to move around. It was very easy to set up and took about 15 minutes. The provided monitor screws are great. They make it really easy to screw in rather then having to use a screw driver for all the screws.
"Not bad, but read carefully and know what you are getting." - by Dale V Hawley
I bought this stand to work with two 27" monitors. One of the monitors was VESA compliant and had mounting holes in the back. The other monitor was not VESA compliant and required me to purchase this adapter bracket [[ASIN:B079BF5X7C HUANUO Universal VESA Bracket Mount Adapter Kit - Convert Non VESA Monitor Screens to 75x75 and 100x100, Fits Most 13 to 27 Inch LCD LED OLED Flat Panel Monitor Screens]] It would appear from the reviews that some people got poorly assembled units but mine was top notch construction with good welds, solid assembly, and clean paint/coating. Assembly was very straightforward.

BE AWARE, THIS IS REALLY A TWO PERSON ASSEMBLY JOB! Have someone handy to stabilize the stand while you mount the monitors and adjust everything, don't try it solo. I suppose you could do it alone but why risk expensive monitors? I really don't ... full review
"Exceptional monitor. Happy customer. 😎" - by Lisa Ali (Michigan)
Very happy with this purchase. My cat knocked over my old Dell 24" LCD monitor and the warranty expired two months before, I did not wanna pay for another low quality monitor. I work from home most weekends so this was an emergency. Since I had some money left on my Amazon Gift Card, I used that to buy this monitor. I used this monitor at my former job except I think it had to be a 19", it also had an HDMI port. This one does not, but because it comes with the VGA cord and the largest white cord, I easily plugged it into my docking station and after fiddling with the screen resolution it works perfectly. I am okay with the fact that it does not tilt. I have no complaints about the resolution. A lot of reviews seem to be nitpicking about the tilt and ... full review
"Double monitor works great" - by A. L.
Works perfectly well for general use. Have not used for high-end gaming. Bezel is a bit thick - may not be ideal if you're building a video wall setup. DisplayPort input, but no displayport output so cannot be used for daisychaining.

Great buy for multi-monitor general use.
"color looks great. Bezels are not as thin as advertised by ..." - by Jerald
When the monitor first arrived, colors were very washed out. After calibrating the monitor, color looks great. Bezels are not as thin as advertised by the pictures (Hate when manufacturers do that.) Use google to search for calibrating your monitor. It will walk you through calibrating the monitor if you are using Windows 10. Also make sure to go into windows display settings to set the monitor to 75hz. The monitor is smooth in gaming and I really can notice a bit of difference with 75hz. At $87 I would say that it's worth it after calibration.
by HP
"Balanced." - by Aleksey (I am somewhere you are not. Please let me know if you have reason to believe otherwise.)
First off: this is not a gaming-optimized monitor. While it does perform pretty well for my (very casual) gaming usage, it lacks gaming-oriented features like a 144Hz refresh rate or VESA adaptive sync . . . so you might want to look elsewhere if you're going to be gaming more than anything else. That being said, without the usage of V-Sync (which is laggy) or Free/G-sync, you will get screen tearing and judder in games on even the highest refresh-rate monitors.

That out of the way, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better inexpensive screen for mixed usage. Motion handling & response times are more than fast enough for a bit of gaming (or a whole lot of action/sports watching), colors "pop" nicely while remaining true to source material, and black levels are serviceable in normal day-to-day lighting scenarios. Color banding & dithering noise are kept to a minimum as well-- ... full review
"Great screen" - by Brad Hutchings (Mission Viejo, CA USA)
I have two of these on a pole stand hooked up to my Mac Mini (2012), as part of my stand up desk. I am in front of those screens 60+ hours a week. As displays, they are just perfect.

Now, if you think you're going to get decent audio out of these, I have a unicorn to sell you. The little speakers sound more tinny than a bad cell phone and the volume control embedded deep in the menu system is basically unusable.
"Twenty installations; all have performed as intended right out of the box." - by Gary Stock (Kalamazoo, MI, US)
I'm writing specifically about the ViewSonic VA2446M-LED 24" 1080p LED Monitor (non-HDMI). I've installed at least twenty of these in the past year, and all have performed as intended, right out of the box, with no subsequent failures. We aren't concerned with high-end graphics or color balance, but in a business environment it does what it's intended to do with no hassle. (One design glitch: the base attaches with a peculiar little latch plug that locks when horizontal. If you need to move the unit from the desktop base to a wallmount or standing desk as I have several times, turn the handle vertically to extract it easily; otherwise it breaks off.)