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"Manufacturer changed package!! Not happy!!" - by Kindle Customer
Very disappointed in manufacturer packaging!! I buy two every year for my granddaughters for Christmas. We are saving them in a collection for future! I also buy a different one with clothes so then have one to play with. This year the package is a awful plastic sealed thing instead of the Holiday Box from the past!!! Not impressed!
"Quality not as good as previous years" - by CHRISTMAS CRAZY
Nice for grand daughter for Christmas.....she gets one every year....but the quality is slipping....
"Holiday Barbie Meets the Need" - by Alice R. (St. Clair Shores, MI)
Didn't purchase the Barbie to open. Wanted to get it for my daughter as it came out the year she was born. Packaging will most likely not hold up to time. The doll looks great, the plastic bodice is okay - even a crocheted bodice would have been a major improvement.
"Beautiful Doll!" - by Cindy S.
Doll is gorgeous!! I had said if my grand daughter didn't like it, I would keep it for myself..she likes it! Will be buying more of these dolls in the future for her.
"This Girl Loves to Fish" - by Mom (Florida)
My fish slayer daughter needed a Barbie to fish with!
"Yes the price is high but get it while you can!" - by Kimberly James (ROUND ROCK, TEXAS, US)
Iconic visual from the original series. A SDCC exclusive so it will not be widely sold. Had to have it despite the price. Great box! It will look nice next to the 50th anniversary Kirk, Spock and Uhura also coming out. Great set to have.
"Great item & seller!" - by donna g moore
Arrived early and was even more awesome than expected!
"... ballerina barbies and when she saw this doll she loved it and I knew I was going to buy ..." - by ashley
My daughter and I were looking at Barbie dolls and she wanted to see ballerina barbies and when she saw this doll she loved it and I knew I was going to buy it for her for Christmas.
"Crazy good read!!" - by Melissa Joseph (Book Addicts Reviews)
5 dark and crazy stars!! Wow this was crazy good!!

Ok so I usually write all about the book and give a little synopsis but oh no not today! Because when I read the blurb I pictured this being one thing and no it turned out a whole other scenario. So let me just say there are some nasty triggers in here so if you only do rainbows and unicorn type books please back away now. But for the women like me who eat this stuff up...please dig in!!

You know this is a Ker Dukey and K Webster book when it twists and turns and hits you out of nowhere. It is definitely dark and twisted but dang if I do not want to know more about Benny!! Don't get me wrong I think I am in love with Dillon but wth is up with Benny?!?! My ... full review
"Very Cute!!" - by Rose (North Carolina)
We collect Amiibos because they are very cute. We finished Yoshi's Wooly World around Christmas, and I thought an Amiibo would be a very cute thing to commemorate the occasion. My boyfriend already has the green one, so I decided to get the pink one. I know it's a matter of opinion, but I think the pink one is a lot cuter than the blue or green ones. He's very excited about this one as well.

Since we collect them, we haven't used them for any gameplay. From other people I know, I have heard that this is a great addition to single player games in Yoshi's Wooly World. I, however, cannot attest to that.
"Daughter loved it." - by Amazon Customer
Worked out well.
Daughter loved it.