2019 Picture Frame

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"The art mode is fantastic and the picture is amazing." - by Michael Taggart (Los Angeles, CA USA)
This TV is very impressive. The picture is unbelievably sharp and I feel like it does much better in brighter environments than an OLED.

The art mode has made my wife extremely happy and I am starting to love it too. I’m used to walking downstairs and seeing a gigantic black box on our wall but now I see a gorgeous painting or pictures of my girls. This TV is worth it for the art mode in my opinion.

We had a birthday party at our house yesterday and my sister asked me “What did you do with your TV?” I had a painting by Cezanne up and she thought we had replaced the TV with a painting. Then I showed her the menu and her jaw dropped.

We opted for the light wood frame, which snapped on magnetically, sooo easy, and it really helps with the whole art illusion.

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"Lightweight pretty easy to set in place after putting on the legs" - by Kane Bryan
Very happy with my purchase
"Bought this as a gift, quick test worked well at 165 Hz as a G-SYNC monitor!" - by Ray W.
Bought this as a gift, quick test worked well at 165 Hz as a G-SYNC monitor! Didn't have extensive time with it, but it was ridiculously smooth, and G-SYNC worked on it with an NVIDIA RTX card.

#EDIT: Only issue with it is the stand; it's not keeping the monitor level on the table.