3rd Grade Science

Top Selected Products and Reviews

"We bought this to use for reading comprehension practice for ..." - by A
We bought this to use for reading comprehension practice for our middle son. He's enjoying reading these instead of the normal language arts short stories.
"Surprisingly Good" - by D. M. Meyer (Berkeley Springs WV, USA)
I was surprised by how much I liked this book (but then, all Evan Moor products are so good.) I printed off the units and made little books that we used whenever I needed a 15 minute time filler. The best feature is the emphasis on the vocabulary words. I believe if the kids know the vocabulary, they will do much better on our standardized test. My only "con" is that this book just doesn't cover enough topics - no simple machines, no planets, no rock cycle. I like the depth, but not the breadth. I plan to get Daily Science Grade 4 for some of these topics.
"No perfect in this world" - by Dlion888
Some subject areas are little off or more advanced than a 3 grader's.
"Happy I got it!" - by Jasmine Staup
I bought this to do with my 3rd grade class. I find that these hands on activities really deepen understanding. The instructions are easy to follow and the activities aren't complicated. Great deal!
"Great for the summer" - by Lady BlindSpot
My 8 year old will do math all day long but if you ask him to read his energy drops.

This book is great for him because it is just enough reading for him each day and the context usually leads to more conversation on the topic. It also has introduced him to new words. Now he wants 180 days of math.
"Great Workbook!" - by Believe
Bought this for my grandson to prepare him more for third grade, he’s not 8 yet and he is enjoying the new work that he does know and is also learning more areas of the curriculum. It’s a perfect summer time workbook to hopefully help the kiddos transition to the next grade. I believe it will give them more confidence to start the next year.
"Great Science Book for Homeschooling 3rd Grade!" - by Starlove (WA)
If you're looking for a great science book for homeschooling your 3rd grader, then I would highly recommend this one. Each of the lessons is engaging enough to keep their attention while presenting all of information in a way that is easy for them to read and understand. My son loved reading it, which made doing his school work that much easier, and it covered all of the information that a 3rd grader would need to know for science.
Use this EVERY SINGLE MORNING as morning work. IT is GREAT spiral review and aligns with Georgia Standards.
"Great Book" - by D. Melton
Bought for a stundent who loves to read. She loved the book and reading is one of her favorite subjects.
"Kindle Version is a great bargain!" - by Lynn R.
Great pictures. Relevant information.
"We are using this Science book for a third grader in homeschool." - by Martha T. Glandon
We have found this book to be interesting to the student. After reading the experiments/stories, the student answers questions about what he has read. This requires comprehension and understanding. The questions are geared to require some thinking and expression by him. When called on to do experiments, he is eager to determine if the experiment will work. Often, he insists that someone else watch how it works as he does it over. I believe he is enjoying this Science curriculum and will be finished with it in record time.
If there were one of these for every subject, I'd buy them all! My daughter loves the stories and the quiz. It holds her attention, gets the point across, and allows her to learn by making it more interesting. By far THE BEST social studies curriculum we've found for 3rd grade. I wish there were a spelling version. We will be buying the other subjects!!
"Great Books" - by Bobbi
Love these books easy to use well written would definitely buy other grades.