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"Amazing picture, very large" - by Xandriana
We've never owned a projector before, so we did a lot of research before choosing the Epson 4010. I'm very glad we did! We love our new projector! We use it in a dedicated theater room with no ambient light. The picture is amazing! It's not loud when it's running either. It is HUGE though! We mounted it on the ceiling with QualGear Pro-AV QG-KIT-CA-3IN-B projector mount. It's holding it up great.
"The World's First Budget 4K Projector is a hit!" - by Chris Majestic (Baltimore, MD)
Until now you had to spend $8000 or more to get a real 4K projector. Optoma has changed everything with the release of the UHD60 and UHD65. I had been anticipating the release of a reasonably priced 4k projector for the past 3 years so when I heard that Optoma these new models I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. After receiving my pre-ordered UHD60 and testing it I can say I'm truly satisfied.

Although the UHD60/UHD65 are certified 4K projectors, it should be noted that they only have 2716x1528 micro-mirrors but they use pixel shifting to display a true 4K image, unlike the Epson 5040UB, which is 1080p with pixel shifting. In short, you're getting real 4K with the UHD60.

Amazingly crisp image quality
Quieter than I expected
It's nice and bright!
Lots of input/output port options

No negative vertical lens shift. (See video for more info)
No keystone correction
Only 1 HDMI 2.0 ... full review
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"Incredible picture!" - by N. Caruso (Bloomfield, CT United States)
From the moment I unboxed this unit I was impressed. The unit is physically imposing - it's large - when my wife saw it coming out of the box - she said something similar to "Heck No"! (it's still in the family room). This model is replacing an Epson HC 1450, which served us well for a while now. The 1450 has a higher lumen count - it was brighter - so movies ware more watchable in less than perfect conditions, but in a slightly darkened room the HC 505UBe really shines (excuse the pun). In that environment, the HC5050Ube has a much nicer picture.

In reviewing this projector, I looked at two things... Setup and operation including wireless and picture quality.

1. Setup and operation.
Basically you can take this projector out of the box, plug in the power, plug in a video source and watch. From the minute you ... full review
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"Freaking sweet projector. Unreal color, great price. Highly recommended!" - by CSharpDad
First, props to Amazon for excellent customer care. I pre-ordered this product, since it was coming out Aug 22nd, 2016. I got it from Amazon Aug 23rd. I rushed home from work, ripped out my old Mitsubishi 6800HC, adjusted the ceiling mount and installed this all my own. I was so damn excited. As soon as I powered it on, i saw the Epson logo popup... then all of a sudden, the shutter closed and the temp + power light were flashing. It was for sure not hot, waited a while, tried again. I called Epson premiere support, which they give you a contact number in the box where you get an expert for these higher end systems. The guy didnt even know about the 5040UB yet. Went through the troubleshooting guide, and he determined it was a bad sensor. He told me ... full review
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"This is the OLED equivalent for projectors" - by Tom Trails (United States)
Tried a cheaper Optoma that is 4K and supposedly HDR. But comparing its picture to this Sony is like comparing LED to OLED on a TV. There is no comparison. Sony uses a different technology for generating video, and the blacks are truly black. HDR is the real deal here, unlike the Optoma. And there's all the little things. Adjusting focus and zoom and horizontal and vertical frame shift with the remote is so much better than manual, especially if the projector is ceiling mounted. If you have a widescreen movie, you can zoom with your remote to make the picture as big as your screen will allow. The picture controls on the remote are super easy to use. The fan is the quietest I've ever heard, even when powering down. If you want to really enjoy your projector, and not constantly be annoyed by limitations, just dig deep and ... full review
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"Outstanding picture in 4k, wireless streams flawlessly with no lag. Mostly very enjoyable!" - by Sir Spend a Lot (NV USA)
The 4K and 1080P upscale on this thing is tremendous! Just watching test demo's and other 4k content on Youtube is enjoyable. I had an older 1080 P Epson and then an Optoma HD33 1080P. I was hesitant on ordering this because once it was released I found it wasn't a true 4K projector. But after seeing the picture who the hell cares. I haven't actually seen a Sony 4K so I can't compare it to that but I can tell you this makes the picture from my old 1080 Epson and Optoma look pale in comparison. Vast difference. Watching 1080 NFL upscale was great, I could actually see scratches and damage on the players helmets.

One thing I am not sure of right now is if I'm actually seeing anything with HDR. When I go to settings I can see stuff in the projector info settings that is is 4K ... full review