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"Just buy it! it's totally worth it." - by Tasha Doughten (HARRISBURG, SD, United States)
This projector is amazing for the price range. Install and setup is straight forward. Video quality is outstanding. We watch Netflix and movies streamed from iTunes on AppleTV (4K HDR). Anyone questioning the lack of Dolby Vision support, do not be concerned. Many of the Netflix and iTunes movies we've streamed work perfectly fine. Fan noise is whisper quiet (after exchange) on Eco and Bright modes. I also play XBOX on this projector and have noticed a major improvement in motion blur and clarity in fast-paced first person shooters.

NOTE: Speaking towards the exchange, the first projector we received had a high-pitch noise during operation. This noise was in addition to the fan noise. I was very concerned and did an exchange through Amazon. The exchange process was extremely straight forward and we received a new projector promptly. The second projector is whisper quiet as I explained above. For reference, the ... full review
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"Perfect little projector for my purposes" - by Jason
Perfect little projector for my purposes. I love the audio out feature as well. Amazing to me that the audio out feature isn't a requirement on all projectors. I had bought an Epson for almost twice the cost of this unit, got it home and realized that there wasn't an audio out feature on the Epson. Returned that unit back to Best Buy and bought this unit instead. All systems go now. I even got an email from the seller checking in to make sure that I was happy with the unit.
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"Not a fan" - by MC
I returned this. It’s not bad, it just doesn’t rival the competition.

Get the Optoma UHD50 instead. Same DLP chip, better color, controls, and hardware. It’s also much, much quieter.
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"Out there with the best 4K projectors" - by Tim (Tampa )
I upgraded from 1080P Epson projector to this 4K. I spent about a month doing research. There are really 2 consumer budget friendly 4K projectors on the market now. The Optoma UHD60 and the BenQ HT2550. The TK800 is essentially the HT2550 with 3000 lumens on the lamp instead of 2500. Everything else is similar.

I chose this over the Optoma because this seemed smaller in size. The Optoma has a better contrast ratio, 1,000,000:1 compared to this but to be honest with you, I have not seen any downside. I also ready some not so flattering reviews of the UHD60.

Many people will talk about how these projectors are not true 4K compared to for example, Sony’s projectors, but if you don’t have about 10 grand to shell out, you can’t go wrong with this projector.

Ultimately, I am super happy with this projector.
"HDR is that missing "thing"" - by craftrenovations
Long time reader, first time reviewer.

I’ve owned a couple lower-end Optoma HD projectors over the last decade and always wished for a price comparable 90" flat screen TV (Because... Light). When viewing HDR content on this projector I just don't feel the same longing. Netflix, VUDU and XBoxX games offer content to take full advantage of the HDR . The contrast and black levels are on par with the LED TVs we’ve got around the house. Amazing! For non-HDR stuff the brightness and the picture quality still make it a worthy upgrade from my HD66.

My ceiling mount throw distance is 10’ and it will do 90” when wide open which is fine for me as my screen is only 92”. Can’t say that I’ve noticed, or even quite sure I’ve taken advantage of, the 16ms gaming lag claim. I’m not that gud where it’s going to ... full review
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"Best projector for its price!" - by Maurice L.
Works really well, even in a bring room. The speaker is actually pretty good and the screen quality isn’t bad neither. I’d highly recommend. The fan works well and the inside is cool and you don’t hear the fan at all. The very very edge of the picture can be slightly blurred, but that’s as expected. You wouldn’t notice if you didn’t know. My screen is easily about 100” and can go to 150” no problem
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"Get this!" - by QAtester
This thing is fantastic. Really quite amazing. It has two hdmi inputs and setup took all of a minute. Instantly playing games and watching movies. The picture quality is superb. Was projecting to a 20 foot wide surface and it was crystal clear with no jags or lag. The built speaker is quite good.
"The World's First Budget 4K Projector is a hit!" - by Chris Majestic (Baltimore, MD)
Until now you had to spend $8000 or more to get a real 4K projector. Optoma has changed everything with the release of the UHD60 and UHD65. I had been anticipating the release of a reasonably priced 4k projector for the past 3 years so when I heard that Optoma these new models I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. After receiving my pre-ordered UHD60 and testing it I can say I'm truly satisfied.

Although the UHD60/UHD65 are certified 4K projectors, it should be noted that they only have 2716x1528 micro-mirrors but they use pixel shifting to display a true 4K image, unlike the Epson 5040UB, which is 1080p with pixel shifting. In short, you're getting real 4K with the UHD60.

Amazingly crisp image quality
Quieter than I expected
It's nice and bright!
Lots of input/output port options

No negative vertical lens shift. (See video for more info)
No keystone correction
Only 1 HDMI 2.0 ... full review
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"Fantastic UST projector for the price." - by Jay (Orlando, FL United States)
I've owned several Ultra Short Throw (UST) projectors and this is by far the best of the bunch. This Viewsonic is a much better option than competing LG solutions assuming you don't mind adding your own streaming device to match the functionality. Compared to the LG UST models I've used, this Viewsonic has far superior lumen output and considerably less distortion in the top corners. See the attached pictures to see the alignment grid on a square screen. This projector had no problem filling up 120" and could easily do more if you needed. It throws out a decent amount of light and since it's right against the screen, you have very little light lost from "throw" and therefor I even found the light output adequate for a fairly bright room. The colors are truly fantastic and on par with my Epson projector. I ... full review
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"Pretty decent projector" - by D. Sterne
You get a lot for the low price. This projector actually runs Android and you can install just about any app directly from the Play Store. Image quality is passable, but not great in a room with any amount of lighting.
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"Great Projector for Man Cave" - by Amazon Customer
This projector is perfect! I have had a number of different projectors over the years for my Man Cave. The biggest problem has always been picture quality when there is any light, and quality of watching sporting events on a projector. This projector delivers in both of those areas. It is cheaper than most, smaller than most (still has a very large display), quiter than any other projectors I have had. Overall very happy with is projector.
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"We've had multiple movie nights since and our kids and neighbors love it! We positioned the projector about 14' from ..." - by Amazon Customer
Got the projector and had some hesitation because of the modest price. Reviews helped bolster our confidence and we thankfully went for it! We've had multiple movie nights since and our kids and neighbors love it! We positioned the projector about 14' from the screen to get a 10' x 7' picture that is absolutely amazing! Clarity and resolution are superb and the simplicity of functions and controls are wonderful. GREAT PURCHASE!
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"Easy to assemble and great quality!" - by Amazon Customer
Love this screen! It came in a nice package with ropes and hooks similar to command hooks. We put it on our fence to watch movies in the pool. We also use it indoors during football season to watch multiple games at once. Package recommends two people put it up but I was able to put it up by myself.
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"Great value, great picture!" - by lynn stephenson
Great for our outdoor movie nights. We mounted some 2x4's and put it up when we want to use it. Super easy. Very impressed with the packaging, we kept the box for storage. the picture is also great. In the picture attached we have our string of patio lights on so the picture looks dim, it's actually a really great picture when they are off. And this was taken at dusk.

*added a better picture