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"Last gen was good, this is better" - by Sufian Bajwa
Initial Impression: Man this is big! This is obviously relative, but coming from a 49” and a 60” previously this seems huge! Packaging was good. Well protected. I ripped apart the box trying to get the TV out until I realized that once you remove the nylon strap, the top of the box just slides off…

Aesthetics: I’m super picky about bezels. I can’t STAND a thick bezel. You could show me a great picture with a thick bezel and I would hate the TV. With that being said, last years model was on the edge (pun intended) of how thick of a bezel I could stand. I’m happy to see they’ve decreased the bezel size in this years model. I wasn’t overly excited when I saw the pictures of the stand legs, but they turned out to be better than I thought. I would still prefer them to be on ... full review
"very good purchase" - by traceychb
You have to understand the Samsung part number sequence when looking at the QLED. i asked a question and got the answer in short order. I purchased this TV soon after and it arrived less than 36 hours after purchase. That says a lot about the seller as i am well impressed with the customer service thus far. TV arrived yesterday 10 minutes set up to replace an existing Samsung 4K. No more one connect either, just the single HDMI out of the Home theater, add the Ethernet if you have one.Picture quality is amazing, but you do have to play around with the picture menu to minimize the soap opera effectif you find that distracting. UHD/HDR DVD's and 4k streaming from Netflix and Amazon Prime passed with flying colors. It blew away the Samsung 8 series I had for overall quality. Money ... full review
"Best bang for your buck in the 80+ Inch 4K HDR segment" - by The Bigmac (White Plains, MD)
Fantastic picture. HDR pops beautifully. I really debated whether to get this 82 inch TV or the 75 inch Sony 900F just to get Dolby Vision but ultimately decided to go for the larger screen size and boy I'm glad I did. My only issue with this TV (and I'm so happy with it that I don't think this issue warrants removing a star) is a slight hiccup with the HDMI handshake upon plugging in a device. When you plug in a device in one of the HDMI ports it might not give you HDR right away, specially with the apple TV 4k which is really demanding when it comes to activating HDR. It took me a while to figure it out and I was blaming my receiver or the cables (some cables might give you issues sometimes. If you want 4K hdr try to stick to cables of up ... full review
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"Great features, great value, great TV" - by RyanUSMC
I usually wait a month or more to review a product to insure I give a fair accounting of it. But this Amazon Alexa enabled TV is just to good to wait in the face of some poor reviews from people who didn't realize what they were purchasing or never used Fire-TV and Alexa before, both of which require a learning curve to love it.

Ease of setup - Took it out of the double packed boxes installed the stand legs, connect the power cord, and antenna cable, put the batteries in the remote and turned it on by the remote. It immediately went through the setup process where I put in my Amazon account information. That fast there was all of my Amazon Fire and Prime programs and history. Next it scanned the antenna for channels and found 15 more then the old TV could fine. ... full review
by LG
"Easy setup (physically) right out of the box" - by D. Marshall (southwest, LA.)
1ST...Easy setup (physically) right out of the box. Slide the stands in place, plug in all your cables and you're ready for step 2

2ND...The programming setup will walk you through the entire process, but it is time consuming. You will need to tweak some of the factory setting to your preference, and, there are many of those to chose from. For the best performance, try as many as you can.

Summary: There is no way to describe the picture of this UHD verses 1080i. Even old western movies appear as new as ever. The sound quality is superb ! I have it connected with my Bose system and it will blow you out of the room ! Great TV with great sound !
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"Great option for a 4K HDR Windows 10 monitor" - by Matthew G. Woodard (Groton, MA USA)
I bought two of these and everyone is really happy with them. We have them connected to RTX 2080 cards and after fiddling with them for a bit we've got them running well. Here's what we ended up using to get things working smoothly:

1) Connect the TV to the card via displayport using the Club3D CAC-1080 Active DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.0b HDR Adapter.
2) When configuring the TV input, specify a 'game console' rather than a computer. Doing this forced the TV and Windows to negotiate HDMI, color, and HDR options.
3) In the display settings, turn sharpness to 0.
4) In the NVidia control panel, set the 'Output color format' to YCbCr422 and apply. Do it again if it doesn't take it the first time.
5) In the NVidia control panel, set the 'Output color depth' to 12 bpc and apply. Again, do this step until it takes.

At this point, setting enabling ... full review
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"Samsung 65NU7300 CURVED 65" 4K UHD 7 Series..." - by Dan
Great TV also does HDR picture and it looks great.
by LG
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"Great TV with Incredible Picture plus Many Smart Features including Voice Control" - by W. Wood (Apopka, FL United States)
We love this TV. It is a 2018 model. The box contains the TV, power cord, remote and stand (with screws). The setup is fairly easy and they walk you through it. If you connect via Wi-FI you will need to know your key phrase to log onto your router. If you have cable you will need to know the brand of you cable box. (In my case, the box was made by Cisco but had a different name on it but this is not LG's fault.) I have only had this since Saturday (it is now Tuesday) and am still learning all that it can do.

One of the first things you need to know is that the Video has a power saving setting that defaults to On. Push Settings on the remote and go to Video and look for Energy Saving and turn it OFF. Otherwise the picture will ... full review
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"Great picture, great design, amazing value!" - by bmr_beth
This TV really exceeded my expectations considering the price. For starters, the picture quality is excellent. The picture is really crisp and when you're watching HDR movies or TV shows, you'll really notice the difference! There's even a Dolby Vision or HDR logo that will pop up in the corner of the screen to let you know when you're watching HDR content. It's little details like this that make this TV especially enjoyable.

In addition, the design is really impressive! It has a matte metallic finish, thin bezel, and the depth is really, really thin. Not only does it have premium picture quality, but its got the looks to match. Again, considering the price I'm really amazed by the value.
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"4k picture better than OLED" - by MattyK (Dallas, TX)
4K and Gaming look amazing.

Major Problem: TV constantly fluctuates in and out with dimming during certain programming and its driving me nuts. With previous Samsung TVs, I could turn off all the ECO garbage and auto dimming features. Not working on this particular model. 90% of people in the early adopter forums are seeing this as well. Review will raise in stars hopefully if Samsung gets out a firmware fix soon.

Update 4/19/18
Called in the issue and sent a video example. Samsung took and turned out an update overnight. Great Service. Kept a customer. Raising my rating to 4 as I can still see slight flickering occasionally but its definitely not a showstopper anymore. Excited to enjoy this beast!
"Samsung quality you expect!" - by Aelani
A great purchase for the price point in my opinion. A Samsung 43" 4K, HDR, Smart TV for around $600. Despite being a Samsung, I was cautious about what to expect. Surely something was going to bother me, but so far this TV is amazing.

It goes without saying that the picture quality is excellent. This is my first experience with HDR and it's stunning the difference it makes with a better contrast ratio and color accuracy. Pair that with increasing the resolution to 4k (and having media that is native 4k of course) and it's gorgeous.

Built-in speakers usually don't impress me at all, especially being a Sennheiser headset user. That said, the speakers with this TV are surprisingly good across the whole range without distortion or vibrating the panel.

One quirk that bothers me is there isn't a quick way to change the source on the TV. When I pull up ... full review
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"BestBuy, if it keeps working" - by MichaelD (NC United States)
This seems like a very good deal, especially when I purchased it on on sale for 190. I had a 32 inch Samsung on the wall that decided to go out after 3 years service. I am thinking 3-5 years is about all a TV last these days. So I hit Amazon and seen this Bestbuy/AmazonFire tv and in a few days it was here. The only negative I had wasn't much and at this price point not worthy of a star deduction. The screws for the wall mount are not very wide and the holes on my older wall mount rails needed washer to go with these screws or they would have passed right thru the rails. I just took the washers from my previous tv, you "may" need washers if you plan on wall mounting yours as well.

I connected my Spectrum cable box to the HDMI, also added ... full review
by LG
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"Deal of a lifetime..." - by Psychee Mikey (Detroit , MI USA)
This TV is simply awesome in every detail. The picture quality is the best I've ever seen---crisp, rich, vibrant colors make viewing an extreme pleasure. I cannot believe how much better my PS4 games look while playing on this wonderful TV. The sound system is superb, too. It plays very loud so, believe me, you won't need a subwoofer as with volume only up 1/4 your neighbors will be able to hear. Took only five or so minutes to set up and before I knew it I was ready to enjoy. I am shocked that such an impressive piece of machinery was offered for such a low price. Sony and Samsung are great but, in my opinion, overpriced so going with LG was the way to go. A steal, actually. I am totally happy with this purchase and I assure you will be as elated as I if you ... full review
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"Good BASIC 4K display" - by ws62003 (Mcconnellsburg, PA, United States)
You get only what you pay for here. Among the sparse features are 4K display, CEC, HDCP, and... that is pretty much it. The 120Hz feature is emulated. The actual refresh rate is 60Hz. The good thing about purchasing this particular TV is that you aren't paying for "smart-tv" features that could be obsolete long before the TV has reached the end of its utility.