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"Comes in handy when the power goes out at night. :)))))" - by Adam Simmons
This flashlight is the best. You can use this yo get into tight and dark spaces if you're searching for something. Also comes as a really great lantern to use indoors and outdoors. No matter what the purpose. Just remember to have your de ice charged at 100% if you want to use this for long periods of time.
"VERY FUNNY." - by SageGarden
I really enjoyed this movie. It seems like it might be a quiet little flick, then in the first few minutes it gives you a belly laugh. Laugh out loud in some parts, the actors did an amazing job in their roles. Touching, not raunchy, a few sex references, but nothing that is horribly inappropriate. I would be comfortable letting my kids watch with me if they were say, over 11. (My kids are both adults now, but you get the idea.) I love the actors ability to be so incredibly silly in their roles without just breaking character-I know I could never do that, I'd be so busy laughing. Plus at the end they have a bunch of goofy outtakes that are silly and fun.
"Works wonderfully, but no "favorite" button on main unit is a ridiculous oversight." - by Kevin Hill (Silverton, OR)
Unit has been installed for a few weeks and is working perfectly. We installed the remote to the wall behind a wall plate, and it all looks very good. My only criticism would be that the main unit doesn't have the same center "favorite" button that the remote does. I don't know why this is the case, as it seems very obvious and makes the main unit much less user-friendly. Lucky for us, we have the remote in a location that gets used much more frequently.
"Afro/ Techno/ Magnifico!" - by Rocky Raccoon (Wild, Wild, West)
'Remain in Light' is arguably the Talking Heads' best album ever. Steeped in primitive, African rhthyms, but sent with the trajectory of advanced technology, the album harnesses a mesmerizing and formidable set of sounds and images. It is easily Talking Heads' most avant garde work of their whole career. Think of tribal music generated from a computer, and you get 'Remain in Light'.

What used to be known as side one has mainly more progressive songs, and the second half is more subdued, but all of it is brilliant. There's "Born Under Punches," where David Byrne warbles, "I'm a tumbler...I'm a government man." Like many songs before it, he takes the everyman through the cross-hairs of everyday, struggling existence. "Cross-eyed and Painless" is pedestrian, but contains some riveting funk, and "The Great Curve" is hypnotic with the most dancey song from the album. "Houses ... full review
"Everything the concert was and more" - by Robert Swanson
I have known who John Mayer is for a number of years and have owned a few albums, but was never overly impressed. Just not my style. Then I caught a few minutes of his performance at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Festival. Mayer's performance there was very reminiscent of SRV. I didn't realize he had that style or ability in his repertoire. Then the music service I use featured this album on their homepage and, after previewing it, I was hooked. I purchased the Blu-ray recording of it and have watched it repeatedly. The audio and video quality are excellent and the presentation is great. It is more then just the concert. It is a more private look at John Mayer and he seems to be a thoughtful and decent person. As for the concert itself, it is three unique sets. ... full review
"Great buy!" - by PeekabooJake
If you were trying to find a good pair of gaming headphones like me and search all over...LOOK NO FURTHER! THE Sennheiser Gaming One headset is a really great buy for anyone looking to get best quality in construction and sound quality! The fit is very comfortable and has a wide adjustment for any size head. I wear glasses when I play and these headphones don't squeeze them into my skull like most headphones do. ALSO this product comes with TWO cables: one cable that 3 meters that splits into separate sound and mic, and other that goes straight to 3.5mm audio/mic (for Xbox One, ps4 or mobile devices). Both cabels are braided and are built to last! The headset is also very loud! I had mine plugged into my Xbox One controller and only set the volume to 1/4th the way and it was perfect. You can crank these ... full review
"It's so fun...😊" - by Dawn F
This is the best game, I'm addicted. The only problem is to many advertisements.
"Great, comfortable shoes for the money!" - by mmurph1 (Austin, TX)
These clogs are homely, but suit my big even more homely feet just fine. Great for schlupping around the house, etc., w/o having to don socks & shoes. I've never liked clogs before because they don't stay on my feet well, the back straps on these keep them well in place. Very comfortable to walk in, I regret it's taken me so long to discover this inexpensive, durable, comfortable footwear. Likely will order another pair just to keep one in the house, another in our travel trailer.
"My son is finally old enough at 4 years to enjoy this book with me." - by Damon (New Jersey)
I've been waiting for my children to get old enough to enjoy Silverstein, and we've finally made it!

My (almost) 5 year old loves this book. We read 4 or 5 poems together every day before bed. My 2 year old could care less about the silly poems and Shel's wit, however.

I love it!
"Love this" - by allison dickinson
Great shirt for everyday wear! This is perfect with leggings or jeans! Ordering more colors ASAP.