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"Outstanding Universal Remote For Xbox One Owners" - by Jonathan Reis
In an attempt to "cut the cable", I decided to use my Xbox One as a dedicated media center and came to Amazon to purchase the Microsoft remote control. I was surprised to see this product as an option as I had thought there was only one option available at the moment. That surprise also came with a bit of hesitation because I had never heard of Inteset and reviews were so few. The price helped ease my concerns and I decided it would be worth the risk.

I will begin by stating that I am more than satisfied with this purchase. For a company that I had never heard of before and a product that was so new, I would have not been shocked to find it was just some subpar quality garbage that was incorrectly advertised. It arrived in a generic white box with ... full review
"Apple TV Remote" - by Media_Muse
A dog I was watching decided to chew up the original. So this is an exact replacement of an apple remote, I used for my apple TV.
"Excellent Case, used every day" - by Edward Sayers (Arizona, USA)
We still use the older Apple controls for five Mac's in our home. We have two Mini's hooked up to TV's, one lap top, one desktop, and one Apple TV. We are down to 3 older Apple Controls. I could never figure out where the control was, and if it had been moved around. It is so much fun searching for a TV control at 10 pm in the dark.

Firstly, the Case protects the control when dropped or thrown from person to person. Secondly, the cases now seem to stay on the couch/chair rather then magically slide between the pillows or down between the cushions. Thirdly, I now know where each control is, and if one has been moved around. Fourthly, the bright colors make it much easier to locate.

Great item.