Babies' Fetal Heart Monitors

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"Just in CASE" - by Sandra M KImble (Gainesville, Florida, US)
Nice case for my Doppler
"Amazing Image Quality and Wide Angle View" - by Holly
I've been using this monitor for over 2 months now, and these are my observations thus far:

--The wide-angle view. I thought it was almost 180 degrees, but the description states it is 102 degrees. Great view nonetheless!
--The magnetic base is awesome and feels very stable. You can position the monitor pretty much any way you want, and it will stay in the desired position. The magnet is very strong.
--Fabulous image quality, especially at night. I rarely check the monitor when the room is lit (there are thick, light blocking curtains in the nursery, so even during the day, it usually defaults to night vision)
--Setup was simple. It probably took less than 10 minutes.
--The audio-only feature is nice. I can still use my iPhone 6S and switch between apps, while having uninterrupted audio monitoring. This feature helps preserve battery life. Evoz will also stop the streaming video automatically (I think after ... full review
"good stuff that works" - by Amazon Customer
I got this to use with NuFace, works as well as the stuff that came with the unit at a fraction of the price. It's just a conductor.
"Very pleased!" - by daharper16
I was looking for something that would extend the life of my electropads, ( I have a TENS machine). This does just what it should; I add a small dab to the pad and let dry a bit before applying. I found it sticks better if you apply it damp but not fully dry. My pads work like new and I haven't had to replace them yet.