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"Vastly superior to Amazon devices" - by Andrew (Salt Lake City, Utah)
I purchased the Streaming Stick+ after having repeated difficulties and problems with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The difference in quality between these two products is astounding. While the Fire TV Stick required constant reboots and had consistently poor network performance, the Roku has been flawless and completely without problems. The addition of 4K support is a huge bonus. I'm especially impressed with the connectivity. My room, where I'm using the device, is on a different floor, on the other side of the house from our router, but I've never had an issue with connectivity or performance.
The menu/interface is a little outdated, but I'd gladly sacrifice a flashy menu for good performance. It's astounding to me what a bad product the Fire TV Stick was now that I've switched to Roku. I enjoy the wide selection of channels as well - every streaming service seems ... full review
"Kudos to Fitbit on the new Versa! This is the fitness focused watch to get at a fair price!" - by Kevster5 (Baltimore, MD)
Had the Charge 2 for a while and loved it. Then switched to the latest apple watch at the encouragement of a few friends. While that apple watch was nice for the few months I wore it, I found I was not using a lot of the features in it that may have been why it was double the cost of the Versa. On the apple watch I found the battery would not last more than 36 hours and the phone app was no where near what Fitbit had in terms of activity and sleep tracking as well as just overall display of the many data points.

When the Versa came out I said why not try it, hearing how slim it was and the extended battery life. It was that or go back to my Charge 2 that is also a fantastic tracker. My goal was to get back to ... full review
"WIN WIN SITUATION!!!" - by Kimberly Thomas
Got this for my 3 year old daughter, she loves it. I love it because, I have my cell phone back..
"This is a good deal. I used to wait for them to ..." - by Anonymous
I use a lot of AA batteries. For me personally, I have found Energizer lasts longer than other brands. This is a good deal. I used to wait for them to go on sale at Home Depot or Lowe's, but this is a good deal and I don't need to wait for a sale.
"Buen material pero se mancha aun teniendo las manos limpias con la grasa normal de manos y desos" - by Moisés
El material permite que se manche fácilmente con las huellas de los dedos y manos. Ojalá eso lo mejoraran.
"Brand name batteries" - by Martan Agnew
The batteries that I received were Duracell batteries though the packaging was slightly different from that in the picture. I put them in my device and it started right back up and has been working fine. I had looked at some other batteries but went with these when I heard others complain about getting knock-off batteries.
"Working well for us" - by 🌈 KT (Western NC)
Working plenty well for us so far (only used 2 of the pack as yet). Have been using several sizes of these batteries for several years now and haven't had any issues.

Don't forget to use the address - It's an Amazon program where many things you buy every day will generate a small donation to the charity of your choice. Read about it here:
"7 brands, 1 test: results" - by C (Grand Rapids, MI)
AmazonBasics batteries are quite good in terms of capacity -- pretty much tied for the top spot compared to the other 6 brands I've tested, but other brands have the edge in capacity per dollar. When I computed value by dividing capacity by the cost per battery of the cheapest package size, they took a respectable third place, and they have the advantage of being a trusted name compared to the value leader. In the images I have attached a graph and a table summarizing my test results for the 7 types I've tested, but if you'd like to know more about how I test ... on to the in-dept test & review.

I've been on a bit of a quest to test all of the top-selling aaa batteries on Amazon in a repeatable, precise way. This means the same equipment, same environmental conditions, and same slots in the equipment ... full review
"This first-time Surface user is more than satisfied!" - by Jian Y.
As a first-time Surface user, I didn't know what to expect. I've been using a Samsung i7 3rd gen Intel laptop for 5 years so my comparison is based on that. The image quality is just gorgeous and top-notch. The audio output is super loud and crisp, not what I expected from a tablet. I don't even need to use a Bluetooth speaker! The build is superb and sturdy. Battery is great, lasts the entire day on Battery Saver and "Suggested" brightness but even with the "Balanced" and "Brighter" setting, it still lasts long. Very responsive (of course it's an 8th gen chip). Windows Hello works well even if the tablet is vertically oriented. Haven't tried games yet except for Asphalt 9 but I haven't detected any hiccups. The lack of USB-C isn't an issue to me. All in all, a great product.

The seller is also very speedy in their ... full review
"SIMPLE & SUCCESSFUL WIFI EXTENDER!!!" - by DogMomma (Maryland)
#1) I am a customer who paid full price for this product.

#2) I've needed something that would make my Comcast WiFi connection extend into my bedroom, which was never more than 25 feet from my modem. However, for some reason, I'm sure because of the layout of my home and the barriers between the rooms, I was never able to actually receive a nice strong connection in my bedroom.

#3) I purchased this, with no knowledge of these products, purely based on the ratings and reviews.

#4) Very fast shipping, as always, with my much loved Prime membership. :)

#5) Very simple installation... the very 1st step is to simply plug it into the wall in the same room as the modem. I was unsuccessful using the "WPS" push setup method, however I've literally never had success using this method any other time, either, so I am not necessarily blaming this on the ... full review
"Affordable AA batteries" - by michael hand
Using for my automatic trash can lid. Use 4 batteries every 4 weeks. Last the same amount of time as Duracell brand at a better cost.
"Since I started using AC Delco batteries, leakers are just a bad memory!" - by Desert Gecko (desert southwest)
I can't objectively measure these batteries with test equipment, but I can tell you that I've gone through a 48 pack since June 22, 2016, and they hold up as well as the Kirkland and Duracells I used previously. I read countless reviews here on different brands after I decided there must be a good alternative to those aforementioned brands, and indeed, I've found it with these solid AC Delcos.

These last as long, maybe longer than Kirklands/Duracells. And, most importantly: THESE AC DELCO BATTERIES DO NOT LEAK. That's why I, and probably you too if you're reading this, got away from those other brands. Most assuredly, in the 15 months since I started using these in headlamps and flashlights, I would have had at least a few leakers from Kirkland or Duracell batteries. I use all sorts of CREE lights for my kids and me plus I lend flashlights to ... full review