Best Books for 5th Grade Boys

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"A MUST have for all boys!!!" - by Summer Blue
My 9 (almost 10 year old) LOVES this book! He hasn't been much of a reader but this is the FIRST book he reads without prodding. He talks about it a lot and always tells me what happened. The chapters aren't too long or overwhelming for early chapter readers. An easy read. It's refreshing to find a fun, adventure book without a lot of "dark" themes. A rare find!
"Given to many" - by Mrs.R.
This is a quality book that I've given to several kids. My grand kids all play baseball but they don't always like baseball books. Both my grandsons and my grand daughter (9 - 12) enjoyed reading this book. There is suspense and lots of action. This book received high reviews from others and I depend upon those reviews. This book has not disappointed me. Keep those reviews going!
"Great read" - by Sherri Woolard
Great read for my 13 year old. He doesn’t enjoy reading usually, but loves this book.
"Just what I remembered. Just what I wanted!" - by Jayrod
I bought this book to try and bring back an old time classic family tradition. I have 4 sons that are 13, 11, 6 and 2 years old. I wanted to recreate a lost tradition from the past by reading a story to my children on Sunday nights. With all the ipods, ipads, xboxes and PS3's and other "stuff" I felt like families easily drift apart. So I called everyone to the living room just last night and told them to put their "toys" away and be quiet. I began reading this old story that I love so much. At first I was greeted with yawns and poking one another but after about 10 minutes or so the boys were quiet. Next thing I knew I had read for an hour and was calling it quits after chapter 4. The kids began PLEADING with me to read one more chapter. ... full review
"What a great book, have used it twice for the topic ..." - by Gloria Gardner (Phoenix, Arizona USA)
What a great book, have used it twice for the topic in teaching paragraph writing. The stories are great and interesting, it really got the students engaged in their writing.
"A Really Excellent Book Probably More For Youthful Readers" - by FCD117 (Pennsylvania)
This is a very enjoyable book. I think it is geared for youthful readers. As a parent I would have no problem having my middle school children reading this book. There is no obscene or inappropriate language. The reason I read this book is that it is a selection of my book club. I am not sure exactly why it is a selection as my book club is mostly senior citizens and no very young members.

The book itself is not lengthy. Many of the chapters are somewhat short and seems to me to be a fairly easy read. There is a lot of interesting coincidences that occur within the story in order to facilitate the story line. If this was serious adult fiction I would find the story not credible. However I think it makes a great story for youth. ... full review
"My son (7) loved this book so much" - by Kristen Dezso
My son (7) loved this book so much! As soon as he finished reading it, he began hounding me...are there more books in the series? Are there more books in the series? Music to my ears.
"A kid's point of view" - by anthony
I am 9 and i liked the book. its good for kids who like to read. The book teaches many lessons witin the storyline. It's excellent. A fun read with a few sad moments.
I gave it five stars for kids😊
"Great book!" - by Heather G (Tampa, FL)
Highly recommend these books for tweens. We have all that he wrote for kids, hoping for more. There might be minor cuss words-depends on how you feel. I read these aloud to my son, we both enjoy them. It's always interesting to read books based on areas you are familiar with.
"Do they look like us or can they make themselves look like us" - by Kyera (RI)
What do you do when the Others come? You can't trust your senses, you can't trust anyone. Your only goal is to survive and maybe keep some of your humanity intact. When you can't trust anything or anyone - do you shoot first or take the chance when that hesitation will probably mean your life?

When the first wave comes, all technology is gone in a moment. An EMP takes everything out. The second wave caused massive tsunamis and destroyed the coasts of the world. The third wave infected and killed 97% of the remaining population in brutal fashion. The fourth wave destroyed all trust in humanity and introduced the constant threat of drones. The wave that makes you question every action... and the fifth wave... is us.

Cassie must survive in this strange world with no mother, father or brother to care for anymore - fighting and living because if she ... full review
"What a touching and sincere story." - by Jesse M. Dunlap (Los Angeles, CA)
This is one of my favorite books of all time, and I am not a kid! The author wrote with such sincerity and such deep understanding. At first, Bradley is a horrible, bratty child. After seeing what his family life is like, and how he is treated at school, you learn that he is just a person with problems like anyone else. This book is so great because although Bradley has problems in life, he is not portrayed as completely innocent by any means. He is a real person who both reacts to problems and lashes out creating more of them for himself. This book will teach children how to overcome obstacles and how to look for the good in others. I am a counselor, and my 4th and 5th grade campers always LOVE this book.

If you like books about people who work hard to overcome personal challenges, this is ... full review
"The book was great😎" - by A Scott (Atlanta, GA United States)
I am a very selective reader, & I really enjoyed this book because it is funny, and because I'm a fifth grader, too. It also has challenging vocabulary.
"Fantasy Adventure for Book Lovers" - by Annette Lamb (Teasdale, UT USA)
STORY THIEVES by James Riley is an action-packed fantasy that blurs the line between real life and fictional worlds.
What if you could literally dive into a good book? Bethany can. As the child of a real mother and fictional father, she’s able to disappear into any paper book. Bethany has spent years carefully exploring library books for her lost father. When Owen discovers her secret, they begin an adventure that breaks the “fourth wall” mixing the real world with fantasy universes.
This clever new fantasy series will be a hit with a wide range of book lovers including those who enjoy fairy tales, magic stories, and science fiction. With many references to popular works of fiction, youth will be drawn into the premise and easily imagine themselves in the shoes of the main characters.
Known for his fractured fairy tales, James Riley provides just the right balance of action and suspense to ... full review
"Love this book" - by Amazon Customer
Love this book, just like I was 8 years old all over again, and I'm 38 now so that was quite a while ago. My two sons absolutely loved it 7 and 9, so it still resonates today