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"Love these boxes!" - by C. Grant (Amelia Island, FL)
I've been carrying boxes and boxes of photos from house to house over decades and finally decided to sort them. A HUGE task with thousands and thousands of pics. These boxes store an amazing amount of photos in a small space. They are sturdy, have various pleasant colors and come with dividers so you can easily find pics by event or in my case, age. Instead of picking a few pics to put in an album, I got to store all my favs and have them easily accessible. And it's archival quality!
"It's a thing" - by Electrohacker (Michigan)
Great little camera. Cant make out licence plates here in michigan, also the wireless camera view feature is a bit laggy and the rear camera doesnt have a mirror mode. But otherwise as just a dashcam it works really well.
"Simple and sounds great! Works immediately!" - by Ryan B
Very simple install! Works as described with just a positive and negative and couple speakers to hook up, couldn’t be any simpler. Set up is instant, eve uti me I turn my boats battery on it’s automatically on my Bluetooth or whatever I put I was on last time I ran the boat.
"It was easy to set up and while the sound level is ..." - by Kindle Customer (Daphne, AL)
This radio is a replacement for an older model that no longer plays. It was easy to set up and while the sound level is not as good as that of my old ghetto blaster, it does play CDs, tapes, AM and FM radio stations and allows favorite stations to be quickly programmed in. To the discerning ear, the Mega-Base is a nice feature.

It is made in China and is a nice addition to the household at the price.
"Strong case" - by Aggie 2005 (Texas)
Great product. I took my 17in Alienware to Afghanistan in it and didn't have a problem with it. The case was in my Stryker when we had a roll over and my laptop was fine. With stood a year of dust, dirt, and high temps without issue. I used it as a stool at times and never scratched my laptop. There ARE issues though on the civilian side. The case weighs 11 lbs or so, then you have to add the weight of whatever you put in it, my laptop weighs 13 lbs, so you can see it's heavy. Next, it's pretty much too big to carry on a plane, it doesn't fit in most over head bins and it does not fit well under the seats in front on you. I ended up putting mine on the floor and then resting my feet ontop of it. Realise the deminsions ... full review
"Very detailed but base reach leaves a little to be ..." - by Thomas Edmunds
Very detailed but base reach leaves a little to be desired. If operated off of wall wart, you can not turn it off. However, worth every penny if you know anything about DAC’s. Very to use.
"Efficient and inexpensive storage solution for CD/DVD discs" - by Aundrea (Washington)
I'm in the process of moving and I'm trying to declutter and simplify everything during this opportune time. I decided to get rid of my DVD and CD cases because I was starting to think they looked junky and cluttered on my shelves. I looked at some options and decided to order this case. I figured for the price I could keep it for a bit until something else came along. Here's what I've noticed:

-Efficient: This case holds a lot of discs if they are in the paper sleeves. I have about 130 in there and there's still plenty of space. The description says it holds 330 and I believe it. Next I'm putting my video game and picture CD's in here and making little dividers for the sections.
-Price: I got this for about $9-10, much cheaper than most of the other storage solutions out there.
-Assembly: It took me about ... full review
"Great package for large speaker boxes" - by Andy Bijansky
Very happy with this material. The material is easy to cut, easy to apply, does not stretch a lot so you don't have to worry about crooked edges. The supplied adhesive bonds great, has a wide spray pattern from the can, and you don't have to wait long to bond your material to your project. It's hard to pick things out online like this based only on reviews, but it did good with this one and am very pleased. My results were very impressive.
"They're Folders; Just Get Them and Move on" - by Solumadur (IA)
Basic folders. Spot for a business card. Multiple colors. What more do you want out of these? They hold papers as they should. How much time do you really want to spend reading reviews on folders. Time to buy and move on.

"Easy wire mess fix, nice plastic boxes" - by iReviewItemsIbuy
Boxes are done well. Nice even finish and work nicely. Definitely would recommend to clean up that power strip mess. I still need more boxes!
"very nice wire!" - by rky222k (usa)
If not paying up for very high quality commscope or belden wire this is great alternative, most cheaper wire on amazon and monoprice have horrible jackets that twist, are too stiff, tear easy when pulling along framing. The jacket on this is very smooth, doesn't coil, don't snag or drag, tear, or otherwise get annoying when trying do long pulls through and around wood framing on a jobsite. Lays very flat once unspooled! Strips very clean and all around a great choice of low cost wire! Will buy again.