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"Great product!" - by Jenn K.
Not all Jeep key fobs have the automatic rear gate opener, so I wish this had the option of not having that. Bought this for my new, but lightly used 2016 Jeep Renegade, the buttons on the fobs were worn quite well to the point that almost all the white was missing on the buttons. Got these to help protect the fob. I have also purchased similar ones for my 2014 Grand Cherokee so that the fob would also be protected. The GC however does have the automatic rear gate. So it was perfect for it.
"Exceeded my expectations. Great Product, Great Value, Great Price." - by Ryan Legrady
Very satisfied with this radio, it does everything that I was looking for. I installed this in a 2009 Pontiac G5 which is a secondary car. These are the qualities I was looking for in a new radio.

- Price: I was looking for something that wouldn't break the bank. I'm installing this in a 2009 Pontiac G5, I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a car that I don't drive often.

- Bluetooth: Was a must, as hands free is now the law in most if not all states. The Bluetooth works very nice and connects to my iPhone 7+ fairly quick. I have yet to be on the receiving end of a call, but from what I have been told I can be heard quite clearly. Also, another nice feature is the mic is built into the radio, so no need to run another cable and have a mic ... full review
"Works great for a 1999 Dodge Ram" - by Matt Yeager (Minneapolis, MN)
Worked great in a 1999 Dodge Ram. The wires themselves have printing on them to tell you what they are for. The standard speaker colors matched my Kenwood deck so it was fairly easy to hook up. It was definitely worth buying for those reasons and I didn't have to cut the factory wires.
"Great option for those who ditched CDs long ago anyways" - by Z. Rogers (South-East MI, USA)
All the functions I wanted. I don't care that this head unit doesn't have a CD player because it's 2015 and.. well. Bluetooth is pretty good. The best part is controlling the song functions from the HU while the phone is still in my pocket.
Just a couple times have I had a bluetooth error 10 or something. Simply power cycled it.. Not worth knocking off a star.
As far as power, it's pumping two 6.5" and two 5.25" for my mids and highs, but the rear RCA outputs go to my 8" sub for bass. No distortion - you'll hurt your ears before you hear any. Better than average equalizer, but I usually leave it on 'flat'
BT calls through the HU sound tunneled, say my callers. I prefer to hold my phone for calls anyways. The mic works fine for voice commands though. Works with my iPhone, roommate's Windows phone, and ... full review
"I am so glad we picked the Roadmaster Invisibrake" - by DRP9875
My husband and I are not very mechanically inclined and were looking for the easiest solution for a braking system to tow our Jeep Cherokee behind our motorhome. I am so glad we picked the Roadmaster Invisibrake. We had it installed under the drivers seat and it tucks in out of the way so you hardly even know it is there. When it is time to tow the car we just hook it to the tow bar with the cables and plug it in and it is ready to go. Just what we were looking for!
"Much needed upgrade, simple install" - by Nickstopherly's dad
We bought a 2014 Jeep Wrangler Sahara and loved everything about it, except it did not have a backup camera. The Jeep has big tires (so a big tire on the back), making seeing behind the vehicle impossible. Instead of saying a prayer that we aren't backing over something every time, this backup camera became an obvious upgrade.

Before I review the product, BEWARE of these boxes fulfilled by Amazon. Only after ordering this product FOUR TIMES (fulfilled by Amazon) did I get all of the contents needed to install system. The first package had obviously been opened, the program module already used. The second and third packages had the program module missing along with some needed cords. I ordered, opened and returned THREE boxes before getting everything needed. Before you trust that all the contents are in the sealed box (from Amazon), check! Otherwise, you'll invest 3-4 hours of time, ... full review
"The reception is not as good as the original antenna" - by Mike Frymyer (Overland Park, KS, United States)
I installed this on my 2013 Jeep Wrangler JK Sport. I live in a fairly large metropolitan area in the mid-west, population over 2M and live in the suburbs. The reception is not as good as the original antenna, but it really only affects the stations that have weaker signals. I receive the majority of stations broadcasts without any interference. I did clean out all of the "lock-tite" from the original antenna, which made a very small difference. I'm considering putting the original antenna back on because it so happens that my favorite station has a weaker signal than the others in town. It does look a lot better than the original so it's going to be a tough call. I would love to know if there are any mods to make it more effective like putting foil in the base to ensure there is good surface connections (maybe that's ... full review
"Highly reccomended!" - by Samrat Shrestha
This was my first ever dash cam, and I was really shocked to see how good it was.
Works as advertised. The dash camera was very neatly packaged. The instructions are pretty simple, also in multiple languages. The cables included are long enough to run around the car neatly. The included charging cable has a built-in USB charging port

The 1080p quality is quite good and saves to your microSD card. The screen is clear and the recording clarity is amazing. Highly recommend!
"The auxiliary bass remote is also very nice and the dial has a notch type of feel ..." - by Josh Evangelista
I purchased this amp with the intent of getting the punch series instead but was a bit short on cash, however this amp made me think otherwise once it was all hooked up. Out the box its got a really small footprint and has a decent amount of weight to it. I also bought the knuconcepts 4gauge wiring kit along with it and it delivers all the power this amp will need. Its currently powering 2 RF P3 12s with the 2ohm dvc and i have both wired at 2 ohms. This amp has no problem with making these subs move air. Ive had the volume on the head unit up loud without even the slightest hint of distortion. It just delivers extremely poweful and clean bass. The auxiliary bass remote is also very nice and the dial has a notch type of feel to it as opposed to a ... full review
"Installed weldcraft jetboat" - by C.Jo
Purchased for my husband's jet boat. Had it tuned by a local radio shop. It's a classic, the owner of the shop encouraged us to buy this model as the others with all the bells and whistles do not outperform this unit.