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"The Surprise Bonus: A New You!" - by Amazon Customer
What a beautiful and stylish experience! After reading this book, I realized that even if you're not styling a brand right now, you really should! I ordered "Style Your Brand" because I'm building my dreams into my contribution to society, which requires me to attend to the business end of things, like building a brand. But I soon learned skills that went far beyond business and addressed how I view myself, how I move in the world and what I communicate unawares to others about myself. I have become more consistent, more focused in both my business and my life, and I feel more confident in my decisions. Ms. Humberstone also has a treasure trove of resources in the back of the book to further deepen the lessons. This book is my new go-to.
"Yes" - by Neal Brooks
It speaks from every stakeholder perspective. Very well done.
"Quick, light contemporary romance" - by Mb4pax
Kara Brand, Chicago cop Jim and his son Tyler are the focus of this fourth Oklahoma Brand series. Jim is looking for a mother for his son. Kara is opening a daycare center. Vinnie Stefano is a criminal looking to stop Jim from testifying against him in Chicago. With all that going on how can romance bloom?! Read and find out. Altogether entertaining.
"Never too late." - by Kindle Customer (RUSTON, LA, US)
Vidalia Brand and her daughters have given me many hours of reading pleasure. This Christmas and old love comes back to see Vidalia and the past and present collide in a big way. Will keep this series in my to read again file. Good strong characters and stories that have happy endings but the people in them are not perfect or conventional but very real. I always enjoy a book about love and mature adults and not everyone gets it right the first time but there is always tomorrow.
"A Fast Read and Future Guide Chief Branding Officers" - by Joe
Branding. What is it and how does one go about helping others understand it? This is what the author sets out to do in “The Brand Gap.” The author goes out to create a book that is easy to read and one that you “can finish in a short plane ride.” He succeeds at this as it took approximately two hours to read. He wants to help others understand what branding is rather than having a book that is hard to read and consumes a precious resource in our culture, time.

Branding is a “person’s gut feeling about a product service or company” and it is important to understand what it is, what it is not, “why it works (and doesn’t), and, most importantly, how to bridge the gap between logic and magic to build a sustainable competitive advantage.” It was helpful to know just how important branding is and to ... full review
"Is She Ready For "Daddy's Brand" To Be Part of Everyday Life..." - by Mary (Washington)
Reviewed By: LMR
She's got an Internship at the Ranch where he's workin'...
But sayin' it's part of the Good Ol' Boys School is an Understatement!
Ya see, with the name Harley,
They're expectin' a Lad...
They're gettin' a Gal with a Chip on her Shoulder the size of a Boulder!
But, she's ready to work, & she'll fight for the RIGHT...
Heaven Help the Jerk who gets in the way!
Although, inside...
She hidin' a feminine side...
With a Li'l girl searchin' for the RIGHT Daddy to Care 'bout HER...
A strong Man, unafraid to tell her What's WHAT...
Even at the cost of a Swat on her Butt...
Guess it's a Good thing she came to HIS Ranch...
Cuz, "Daddy's Brand" is HIS hand, & he's ready to apply...
It to HIS sweet Li'l Girl's Backside...
Is She Ready For A Life With "Daddy's Brand" Part of Everyday Life,
Cuz That's What She'll Get As HIS Wife!
I was granted an ARC of Ava Sinclair's "Daddy's ... full review
"Light, entertaining and romantic." - by Mb4pax
Book 5 of the Oklahoma Brands series continues with the focus on Selene Brand and her intended, Cory Falconer. Selene knows Cory is her soul mate. Cory knows only that he has amnesia and that someone is trying to kill him. Suspense, murder, family conflict and romance interweave in Maggie Shayne's creative cast of Brand characters and the people who love them. Plain out fun to read.
"Brand Justice" - by Mrs.H
Brand Justice is another great story from San Scott..good characters..& story line..enjoyable read ..let's hope we don't have to wait long for the next one...Truly makes it seem as though you're riding along..
"Overall good book!" - by Ann (Las Vegas, NV)
I got this guide from Amazon and got many help about Social Brand Marketing. If you want profit from online so purchase this guidebook and follow this book directions. I think that;s the perfect guidebook for all of us. Overall i giving best rating. Thanks for the Creator. Helpful!
"Insight Into Strong Brands" - by phillip
Read the first book. Really put into words the stuff I always felt about strong brands, namely that they stood for something more than just their product. That's what made them so popular. Harley isn't a very good motorcycle but it's a a heck of a symbol of individualism and freedom. In the new edition, Signorelli explains how to discover what a brand stands for in more detail. I especially like the expanded chapter on archetypes and how to use them to help you talk about those inner values that make a brand unique. Or, as he says, authentic to the brand. He even gives you 12 archetypes to work with. It's uncanny how you can pick one of them, or a combination of two, to fit just about any really well known, successful brand. This is a simple, step-by-step approach. It's not for dummies, but even non-branding professionals ... full review
"Ten Years Later" - by GrandmaHeather
I like this book so much, even though it made me cry. Ophelia is a strong, caring woman. She is also so darn organized that I’m envious. Running her B&B uses her organizational skills, and her guests benefit from her caring nature and love of her job. She and Kyle grew up together, along with Ophelia’s brother, Ethan. Kyle’s father was abusive, and Kyle couldn’t wait to leave home. Ophelia and Kyle were teenage sweethearts, and at 18 and in love, left New York for California. Kyle wanted to become a famous writer and encouraged Ophelia to pursue a singing career. The majority of the book takes place ten years later, and I have to admit
to being frustrated with Kyle quite a bit. However, he redeemed himself in my eyes, and I really love the last chapter and the ... full review
"valuable book" - by Judith E Landin
Read this if you want tips from a master marketer. I’m new to Instagram and this book was full of great ideas and information! Gives owners or independent stylist a way to show there work in a fun way. A must read!
"Brand New Man" - by CassieLC
Weston is one very talented writer! How his stories continue to get better and better is beyond me but I’m glad that they do!
Brand New Man is one of his best books, if you ask me. The emotion really comes through and you can feel for what is going on with the characters. Now I will say Max had his moments that I wanted to slap him or shake him but he did redeem himself in the end. But that’s a testament to the writing style of the author. It’s so good that you just can’t put it down!
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
"Another great book" - by Deb G. (Iowa)
(I only leave 5 stars for those truly exceptional books- IMHO)
I love how Maggie Shayne writes. In fact, when I see her name, I glance at the book blurb and then, generally don't even bother with the reviews. Ms Shayne hasn't let me down yet! She always delivers the romance "fluff" I crave (think yummy marshmallow fluff, but not as sticky-sweet) with a little kick. The sex scenes I can do without, but there are never very many (I think 2 in this book?), so I just skip those. I'm not a prude. I just want to get on to the "meat and potatoes" part of the story. Her books in a series always work well as a stand-alone, but I find myself wanting to know what the rest of the family/group are up to. Lol! If you want your romance with some action to shake things up, then ... full review