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"LEGAL SPEED BALL" - by George Jansen (48 continous states)
As a trucker since March 95, this is thee best brand of caffeine pill I have tried. Forget jet alert, equate, no doze, vivarin, the capsule form , I believe, delivers a quicker punch for my dollar. And it's "speed ballable", for an even faster delivery. Pop the capsule open and go for it.
"Pretty cool and convenient" - by California Roots
New to Caffeine pills. They are great when you dont have time to make a cup of coffee. One in the morning 20 mins or so before workout gets me going and my metabolism pumping but I do not get jittery and no crash. My stomach also does not feel bothered at all. I like them and will be ordering more. the pouch kinda sucks but that is no big deal at all. Another plus is that you will definitely save money and coffee.
"IT WORKS!" - by wayne
I started with genius burn, looking for a non caffeinated weight loss product. Shortly after I came across genius test and soon after genius pre. The first thing I noticed was an improved attitude, sort of a "lightness of being ". I have a very physical job which just became a daily walk and my workouts went to another dimension! I've she'd over 10 lbs so far. I can feel the quality inside and look leaner outside. I'm 55 and have tried SO MANY pills, potions, diets and cocktails. ...FINALLY, something that makes your head and body work and feel better. Thanks Genius!
"Great tasting mocha latte shake" - by SD
Great taste, added to 1/3 water, 1/3 milk and 1/3 ice and blended it in vitamix. Add some extra instant coffee (Nescafe) to taste and great tasting protein shake. Will reorder.
"Ingredients and doses backed by scientific studies." - by Amazon Customer
I did a considerable amount of research before purchasing. The supplement industry is huge because people will buy anything with colorful writing that promises to turn you into superman. As such, there are so many different pre-workouts on the market, making the choice difficult. However, there is a website that breaks down each supplement and talks about the scientific studies and evidence behind them: The thing I love about Pulse is that EVERY ingredient has scientific evidence to support it. Not only that, they are all physiologically dosed according to the study. There are very few other pre-workouts on the market, if any, that meet these high standards.
The powder all dissolved, something that I cannot say of other pre-workouts I have tried. The taste was clean. Not terrible. I get really annoyed reading reviews that comment on the taste. ... full review
"Great Substitute for Caffeine Loaded Pre-workouts" - by Alex LaFreniere
Pump Surge fits the small niche of those of us that get up early, go to bed early *but* workout late after work. I don’t like the idea of railing caffeine at 6pm, so with Pump Surge’s nootropics blend, I’m able to get into the gym and get a focused workout in in the evening without sacrificing sleep quality. The “pump” portion of the title fulfills it’s promise as well. Great for hypertrophy work, vascularity, and the pump. They also didn’t bother with the addition of beta alanine, which helps with price, and wouldn’t benefit those with strength as their primary focus.
"... made our own pre workout and it turned out awesome!" - by joe glivar
We made our own pre workout and it turned out awesome!
"This drink is my new favorite preworkout!" - by john
Wow I was really missing orange juice!!!!! Thank you KETO GODS for creating this ray of sunshine! This drink is my new favorite preworkout!!! I drink if before the gym and I'm ready to go. Also if you cheat it puts me back into ketosis and it's just so good with breakfast! Bacon eggs and OJ!!!!!
"Super energy and concentration! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!" - by Amy Alexander (Vermont)
Holy Toledo! I'm 56, work fulltime and go to college fulltime working on my Master's degree. My backside was dragging ... and I mean like leaving marks in the carpet behind me dragging. This stuff is amazing, allows me to focus and work intensely for hours. I've completely quit coffee - even in the morning. The best part is that it doesn't affect my sleep like coffee does. My head hits the pillow and I'm out, sleeping well (I've had back and knee surgery with residual arthritis in my back, knees and hips so never used to sleep well) and I wake up BEFORE the alarm. Where was this stuff when I was a single mother?
"A QUALITY must have" - by hard514 (OH)
This is by far the best that ever was! I had to begin using this product slowly because of how sensitive I was to caffeine. Now that I am able to use a full scoop, it really helps me power through my workouts and feel less sore after. I highly recommend this product, in fact I have recommended it to several friends and clients who use products with an ingredient list longer than a mile (exaggeration). But that does bring up a good point, this has much fewer ingredients than anything on the market right now and I feel they are QUALITY!