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In stock on May 31, 2020.
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"Great phone, activate yourself" - by M Howard
I was skeptical about buying this phone off Amazon instead of Verizon because the reviews were half good, half bad as far as activating it on the Verizon network. My advice is dont go to the store and activate yourself on their website. It takes just 5-10 minutes. Just make sure to have a Verizon nano SIM card, I was able to use the one from my iphone 6. Transfer your contacts, music etc on their app as well, it's very easy. Other than that the actual phone is great. Very sleek looking phone. This phone is $756 at Verizon and they try to sell their payment plan to you but I would much rather pay the cheaper Amazon price and keep my phone bill lower. If you're on the fence like I was I hope this review can help you out.
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"It works!" - by Joseph Wills
MetroPCS initially had issues getting it added to my account, but I woke up the next morning and it was working fine. So, if anyone is wondering it DOES work on MetroPCS/T-Mobile network! :) IN the USA [I'm in St. Louis, MO
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"Works fine with MetroPCS. Looks like new condition." - by Charles EC Smith (Lexington, Kentucky, US)
Purchased a week ago and arrived early to my delight. The phone came in a generic box and it appeared to be unused. The phone I received did not have those preloaded carrier apps, which is great since I use a third party carrier (MetroPCS), and couldn't use carrier loaded apps from AT&T and the likes that would only take up room on the phone. This leads me to think that it was an unlocked phone right out of the factory. Activating with MetroPCS may require contacting customer support or visiting their store. I haven't had much luck activating through the MetroPCS website or over the automated phone (probably because its not a MetroPCS locked phone). Overall, very happy with the purchase and will recommend.
"Overall happy, a few details make it lose a star" - by Turbodelta
Decided to try out the Amazon refurbished program and purchased this phone. The seller was called: LTE Warehouse.

-The phone arrives in a white box, with some bubblewrap and the charger+usb cable. The phone itself has a plastic protective cover on the front and back. On first inspection, the phone looked spotless, the only noticeable scuffs were on the metal ring around the rear camera glass.

-On turning it on, the phone was ready to be setup, the sim card I used worked and there was no iCloud lock on the device.
The battery was at 90% charge when I turned it on.

-Once setup, I checked out the model number which is MKQT2VC/A for anyone interested. I also went ahead and checked the battery cycle and life. Using a program called Coconut Battery on Mac, the battery showed 128 cycle counts (not great), however the battery charge capacity was 1713 out of 1715mAh ... full review
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"I'm very pleased with this phone and it's settings" - by Jessica
I bought this phone worried it wouldn't work with T-Mobile but it does! It was sent registered mail and arrived undamaged. The phone itself is immaculate, no signs of prior use. It even had a sticker still stuck on the top.
I received it with a little less than half battery life and put my tiny sim and a memory card in and it booted up with T-Mobile.
I'm still getting used to the Samsung OS, coming from and old Motorola.
My seller, ELECTRONIC DEALS, sent my phone with a box which contained the box, a charger, two adapters and headphones.
I'm very pleased with this phone and it's settings. I see it lasting a long time.
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"Decent phone for the price, with a couple of issues." - by Matt (Oxford, MS USA)
UPDATE 6/13/18: Motorola finally released Android 8.1 for this phone.

First off I will say that you MUST update this phone to the latest patch level, which as of this post is March 2018, as previous versions have a bug where it simply will not connect to any data network. As of this review Android 8.1 is not available, and there is no information when or if that might happen. While the latest patch, as of this review, fixes the data connection issue, sometimes it will lose LTE and even 3G connectivity for no reason, which is fixed by simply turning mobile data off and back on, and hopefully will be remedied in the next patch.

Now that that's said, overall it's a decent mid range phone with a solid mid range Snapdragon SoC. It's not going to play heavy games or record 4k60 video, but it's not going to lag down ... full review
"Beautiful Powerful Huawei Mate SE is the phone to get" - by ruel (California, USA, Earth)
bought the GOLD version of this Huawei Mate SE for $229 + sales tax from here on amazon. as an iPhone person who recently turned to Huawei, this is a fabulous great phone from Huawei. my iPhone was flaking out because of apple's horrible battery shutdown/slowdown problems. apple jumped the shark trying to fool people about what was really happening with iPhone batteries. anyways, previously got a nice AT&T-branded Huawei Ascend XT2 which was like my training-wheels version to get me ready for this much more powerful unlocked Huawei Mate SE. Huawei got me hooked with its EMUI 5.1 (based on Android 7.0) that is designed to kinda be reminiscent of the iPhone iOS, particularly when you turn off the app drawer, but still a powerful android. so switching to the new Huawei Mate SE was easy peasy. and having 4GB RAM and 64GB storage really helped a lot to ... full review
In stock on June 3, 2020.
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"Great phone for a great price." - by donr (CAMP HILL, PA, US)
I received this phone and took to the Sprint Store for activation. It came with Samsung charger, USB cable and took to open SIM/MicroSD card slot. As posted, it doesn't include ear buds. No problem as I have other ear buds. Activation was quick and simple. I would recommend purchasing a USB-C to USB-A adapter to transfer data from old phone. This is what I purchased--https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/ya?ac=bia&ref=yo_pop_mb_bia&reorder_params=B077FY7831%2C113-1491931-5377813.
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"... sure what to expect has I have been a pretty loyal user of Samsung smartphones but I am really ..." - by Jessica
I wasn't sure what to expect has I have been a pretty loyal user of Samsung smartphones but I am really impressed with the moto g6. I love that it didn't come with a ton of pre-installed apps. If you are a google and amazon user, this is the perfect phone for you. The screen quality is great. The camera has a slight delay it's not very noticeable. The phone fits well in my hand and is a nice weight. All in all, I'm really impressed and excited.
by LG
"A great value for the current market in cell phones." - by Amazon Customer
I moved from apple to this ... There is a huge learning curve but I am happy with the switch. I was too tired of paying way too much money for a phone. This one is great and I love it. Fast, smooth, massive and usable screen, takes awesome pictures, has a headphone jack and 128g memory... I am so happy
by LG
"A nice phone for the price." - by Daddy Fix It
First off you need to know that this phone does work on verizon. It is unlocked and it uses a nano sim card and you jave to ise the imei# on the side of the box or losted in the phone settings to activate. I ise straight talk on verizon towers. This is a brand new factory sealed box phone with a 1 year warranty that offers a second year free through emailing as stated with good instrustions om another 5 star review posted. And yes it updated to a new OS when I set it up. The 1 star reviews i read on here did not stop me even though i always read to make my decision buying a product. From my experience setting this up those people talled to misinforming people. Yes my other phone ised a larger sim card because it wasnt a nano sim card. And ... full review
"User Friendly" - by Esai Gamboa (TEMPE, AZ, US)
Bought two phones as gifts and am very pleased to say that they love them. Great phone with great specs and features as well well as great camera quality. Great value for an affordable samsung phone. I'm really pleased with my purchase. The purple looks really good as well. The fingerprint sensor works quickly and the dual camera really helps take better pictures overall. The phone has no lag from recent use. I highly recommend people purchasing it. Works with T-mobile in USA.
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"If you're not picky but want a solid smart phone, essential ph1 is for you" - by Billy WI
In the past few years I've owned the LGV10 and two Samsungs (S5, S6 Edge). While these phones are quite different, personally, I find the essential ph1 to be the best. I use my phone quite often during the day. When I go to bed, the battery is at about 40-50%. Which is phenomenal. And if you use it more, it is fast charging capable with it's own charger. Love the 360° camera too. It isn't the greatest I've experienced but buying the phone on sale for $349 with the camera INCLUDED I really can't complain. Response to everything clicked on and loading is quite responsive. Haven't experienced any lag and I usually have at least a few apps going at once. The camera is better than average as well. The landscapes are exceptional. Especially sunsets as the camera is phenomenal in low light. I'm not all too knowledgeable of ... full review
"Quite Pleased With My Purchase" - by Steve (Seattle, WA)
I've had this phone for about a month now. I bought it to replace a Samsung Galaxy S5 that I liked a lot, but it was beginning to die a slow death - spontaneous reboots and so on. At first I didn't care for it, I thought the default sounds were hokey as was the "ok moto" boot up, but the longer I had it and the more I did with it, the better I liked it. I'm not sure if it's because it has a later version of Android on it or what, but it just seems easier to use some of the features. It is almost exactly the same size as the S5, possibly a smidge lighter. Battery life is quite good, I charge it at work on the USB port, but I'm listening to music on it all day. No issues with ... full review