Essential Amino Acids

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"Great product" - by Jeremiah Thompson
I personally like the taste but even if I did not I would not leave a bad review based upon just that. It's a supplement meant to improve your health. If you want candy then buy candy.
"Better than Coffee!" - by Peter Sawka
Coffee is pretty amazing, don't get me wrong. But Amino Energy replaced my morning coffee routine about 3 years ago and I've never looked back. It's an excellent morning pick-me-up for both workdays and weekends. And because it's a powder, you can easily fine-tune how much caffeine you're looking for on any given day. I'd never recommend taking as much as the label recommends though, anything more than 2~2.5 scoops gives me caffeine jitters. Start slow and figure out your ideal serving size through trial and error.
It's also an excellent pre-workout before the gym. Definitely helps pumping iron, and I clearly feel better lifting weights on the days when I remembered to bring some versus the days I've forgotten my energy boost. The lemon-lime is delicious (like a non-fizzy 7-Up) and doesn't leave any unpleasant after-tastes to worry about.
Another benefit of Amino Energy over coffee is that it's better cold. ... full review
"Tastes like summer, great energy and focus!" - by Patrick K. (Seattle)
This is an honest and true review of this item, which I purchased full price on

I have been using Amino energy for over a year now and I'm not looking to change. It has been a complete lifesaver for working graveyards. I have plenty of energy throughout the night with no crash and when I get home, I can fall asleep easily. This is by far my favorite flavor other than blueberry lemonade, which I believe is only available at Costco. It reminds me of a Strawberry Limeade that you would pop open on a summer day while on a picknick with your family.

There is nothing I would change about this product, I recommend to everyone.
"so much better than the alternative" - by M. Axe (Phoenix, AZ United States)
Much better than the powder drink mix. All the ones i have tried have too much of a bitter taste. These just pop them in your mouth and swollow. no taste. Works just as good as the drink mix.
"The day after . . ." - by Baker9557
I had read that there are essential amino acids the body needs and that hard working out can deplete your natural supply ... so ... after research I ended up with Alpha Amino (didn't want an 'energy' product either). I took it for 2 weeks on a regular basis and didn't experience the benefits any of the commenters mentioned so I thought it was imaginary ... until on a whim, I took it immediately following a tough workout. I still didn't notice anything until the next day coming down the stairs. Usually after a hard leg workout my legs are complaining the next day but lo and behold - just easily manageable soreness. Hmm - maybe a fluke so after my next workout I took it again and the next day again, just light soreness. Now I take it after every workout and no worries ... full review
"A1 Customer Service" - by Jimbrowski
The product & the results really speaks for itself. My comment is more so regarding the integrity of the integrity of the brand itself. I recently ordered the Extra Strength L Arginine & was excited to try out this product. Initially I was sent accidentally sent the wrong product. I contacted Havasu's Customer Care Team & they quickly responded. They went above the call of duty to rectify the issue by expediently sending me the correct product & also extending a generous discount off of my next order due to the inconvenience. Having a great product is awesome but also having outstanding customer service to match it is Excellence!
"A must have supplement!" - by RR
I absolutely love these EAAs! I’ve been taking them regularly now for several months. I have felt and seen the results! My recovery time is shortened and strength/endurance is better. I used to take BCAAs and didn’t see nearly as good as results as I do with this product!! These are especially helpful when I am trying to lean up so I can hang on to muscle while losing fat! It’s a must have supplement!!
"Power Product!" - by Edward E. Heyen
I am 70, and have had a number of muscle issues before taking BCAA. I don't really know all of the chemistry involved with the good results I've experienced, but the results are clear to me:

I feel better, feel stronger, sleep better and I have a better appetite. This is a great supplement. It is a little pricey, but I weigh the cost up against an unnecessary co-payment to my doctor.
"Best Tasting Aminos" - by Amazon Customer
These are the best tasting aminos I have been able to find. Not only do I sip on them throughout my workout, but I often drink them throughout the day as well! Can't recommend enough!