French Vanilla Ice Creams

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"THE Sugary Drink" - by HSA (Harrisburg)
It has calories, It has fat, it has carbs and drinking it a lot is very unhealthy but it is the best sweet cappuccino drink out there. Make it hot and it comes a really good drink for the cool weather, you freeze the hot drink and then put it in the blender to make it the best iced cappuccino in the market. This is the drink which is the benchmark for all cappuccino drinks and I have had A LOT. Nothing really beats this even though it is unhealthy in large amounts.
"Smooth and easy to drink Earl Grey." - by Holyvision (Dallas, Texas)
We're not really consumers of much western flavor tea and tend to stick to more eastern flavors and Roobios. This is probably the easiest-to-drink Earl Grey we've tried before. It has that iconic Earl Grey flavor with a smoothness that it does not normally carry with it. We use ever so slight a bit of sugar with it, but don't believe it needs any dairy. A nice tea to have in the cupboard if you enjoy Earl Greys or have friends you need some handy for.

High quality product with an excellent price:quality ratio.
""A DELICIOUS, FLAVORFUL CAPPUCCINO AND A SPECIAL TREAT!"" - by Author/Reviewer Geri Ahearn (Phoenix, AZ)
For several years, I have enjoyed Hills Bros French Vanilla, and still do. Recently, I wanted to try a few New flavors, and this White Chocolate Caramel is absolutely delicious. My guests have enjoyed it as a special treat, and once you try it, you will be hooked. My grocery store Only sells Hills Bros French Vanilla, but not all the time. They do Not sell any other Hills Bros flavors, so I'm grateful I found this on Amazon. This cappuccino is better tasting than a few selections I ordered at Starbucks. However, I'd rather have my own at home for special treats, and on special occasions. Delicious & flavorful. Highly recommended!
"Good for coffee/latte sprinkles" - by Christine Bishop
I use these to top my coffee. They work well for this and taste good. The chocolate is a little bitter and the vanilla a little finer than I would have liked, but I would order again.
"Delicious flavor!" - by Chris (FORT WORTH, TX, US)
Delicious tea! The coconut flavor comes through nicely. It's low caffeine but as a wimpy caffeine drinker it still had plenty of kick to keep me awake before bed... I just make sure to drink this in the morning instead.
"Very Good Flavor" - by Sweet Tooth
Flavor is very good and not watery. I definitely will order this again.
"Taste great and really like it in my coffee" - by joseph j russo
Taste great and really like it in my coffee. However, quality control coud have done a better job on the delivery I got yesterday. Some bottles were not quite as full as others.
"The search has ended! Satisfaction at last!" - by Brooke H
It took me FOREVER to find exactly this. I had no idea what to call it when searching for it, but I’m glad I found it! We like to use it over our hot chocolate or coffee. I got a stencil pack for the different seasons and holidays to make it more fun for kids and adults alike. We love it! And everyone asks me where I found it... besides wawa who won’t sell theirs Lol! Enjoy!
"easy to use!" - by Chantal Hause
This was part of a gift for my parents. It was fun to be able to send gourmet toppings for a Christmas morning Coffee and Hot Chocolate Bar. Add K-Cups or your favorite coffee, some whipped cream for a quick upgrade to home coffee.