Google Pixel 3

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"Great phone" - by Alex Bre
Great google phone, nice big screen, it comes with a really nice headphones probably better then stock iPhone or Samsung.
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"Worth every penny" - by Alisa D. Combs (Ten Mile, TN United States)
Love the color. Could have been a little bit more pink.
Camera is amazing and takes awesome pictures.
This little sucker is fast at loading apps and just basic response time for everything.
So far I've had no problem with it.
I upgraded from a S7 and this has blown it out of the water. The sound is crisp and clear. No stuttering when I use Bluetooth to listen to music in the car.
I did purchase the Verizon phone instead of unlocked so I can't say how good it performs on other services but so far so good on Verizon.
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"An Amazing Purchase" - by Fabio
Thank you so much for your phone! I am very satisfied with my purchase as it was a great price for the 128GB version. Furthermore, I greatly appreciated the description and photos of my phone beforehand to ensure that I could verify everything once it arrived. The phone arrived quickly and in perfect condition exactly as described. Everything about the purchase checked out. The phone was indistinguishable from a store-bought on as all the materials and wrapping were still in the original box that was thoughtfully protected by impact protection bags. The phone screen turned on and had no issues whatsoever. There were no scratches, chips, or defects as the phone was as described, totally new. I was able to take my phone straight to my carrier and install a SIM card in a matter of seconds verifying that it was unlocked. Overall, great experience and glad to be a ... full review