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"How well it works compared to others" - by Birdman
Ok, so if your like me you wonder what exactly does Fire Stick do? Well 1st. saves you a lot of money Compared to having say, a Genie with 5 tv's hooked up. 2nd. gives you the option of more, lots more to watch, may even be overwhelming in choices. 3rd. Less HDMI cables to purchase. So lets get to what it really does, gives you apps like Prime video, Netflix, Hulu, and too many channels to list here. That's I think why they don't. Get every channel including many local channels that you can think of, like TNT,SYFY, PBS and so on. HBO, Starz, and those channels like Netflix are at a cost but add it up and you will probably, more then likely save a lot over cable or satellite. Sports are a little different as far as some places have, local sports channels you can get included ... full review
"Last gen was good, this is better" - by SB
Initial Impression: Man this is big! This is obviously relative, but coming from a 49” and a 60” previously this seems huge! Packaging was good. Well protected. I ripped apart the box trying to get the TV out until I realized that once you remove the nylon strap, the top of the box just slides off…

Aesthetics: I’m super picky about bezels. I can’t STAND a thick bezel. You could show me a great picture with a thick bezel and I would hate the TV. With that being said, last years model was on the edge (pun intended) of how thick of a bezel I could stand. I’m happy to see they’ve decreased the bezel size in this years model. I wasn’t overly excited when I saw the pictures of the stand legs, but they turned out to be better than I thought. I would still prefer them to be on ... full review
"Best streaming device yet!" - by TexasGirl
By far the best apple tv yet. The picture is unbelievably clear (and I don't even have a 4K TV). Really, really easy to set up. It links to your iPhone or iPad so you can use it to type in passwords etc during setup. I also have several Roku boxes and am now back to Apple TV - much better than ever!
"I went to Best Buy, Walmart" - by Amazon Customer
Picked up a LG Oled c7 TV and it displayed snow on screen with the preinstalled 25' hdmi. I went to Best Buy, Walmart, and Target and tried 5 different cables. One of them was a 25' $99 hdmi cable. I was almost done with trying to fix the issue when the Birdie cable I ordered came in. Finally these freakin cables worked!! No snow with these high quality cables! The TV was one cable away from being returned. Great cables, make the purchase!
"Works great to control TV power and Sound through TV or Soundbar" - by Steve
We are a family of two Roku TVs and a Roku (last years version of this model- 3600R). The problem was the 3600R in the family room did not control the TV power and volume. I was about to order a sideclick when I heard about this new model. The sidelick is $29 here on Amazon and the new Roku was $49. Plus the sideclick added some clunkiness to the remote.

I just received this today and setup was very quick. All I did was unplug the old roku and use the same power adapter and cord. The roku comes with two Duracell AAA batteries. After I connected it to my wifi it updated it's firmware. Then it auto-detected the resolution of my Sony TV (1080p). Next it played some music and asked if I heard it. I clicked OK and it ... full review
by LG
"LG 4K Is Really Sharp and has Easy to Use Interface, Stand is an Issue if used." - by M. Stefun
This arrived yesterday using the Amazon scheduled delivery service, which was especially helpful. Would have had to haul it from the store myself. It was double boxed and in perfect condition. Was easy to setup for me, but requires assembly of the stand. The stand was a disappointment, as it is pretty flimsy. May previous TV stand was well built with plenty of steel. This LG stand has cast metal internal frame connected to a large plastic molder bracket that hooks and screws into the back of the TV. When done and standing on the lower console/cabinet, the TV will rock back and forth. NOT impressed with this and I will find another mount. This is really my only complaint about it, after setting it up.

Side Comment:
Now maybe if one wants to wall mount this, that would be a different effort. ... full review
"Great gaming monitor" - by SactoGuy (Canoga Park, CA USA)
The price is high but considering the high refresh rate and gsync combo the price is fair. The lack of dropped frames means everything is sharper. The colors look good as well (after playing with the image setting). The bad news that because it is a TN panel, even tilting your head a little noticeably changes the lighting and tint. I also realized that the settings for gaming do not work for web browsing or other work (too bright). Thankfully, it does allow you to create a few preset monitor settings to compensate.
by LG
"Excellent "Budget" OLED TV - $500 Less for Similar Video Quality is a Great Value" - by Johnny_Amazon® (Saigon/Bangkok/Sydney/Honolulu/LA)
I purchased the SouthEast Asian version (the version made in Indonesia), which is identical to the Western version except for the warranty and apps, etc. Undoubtedly, this is the best TV I have ever owned, hands down.

I am not new to OLED TVs, as I have been following the technology since its mass adoption inception in 2013, when Samsung was still in the game and was sparring with LG for this piece of the pie. Profit returns vs. research/production costs were not on the right side for Samsung, so they gave up that race. It took Samsung a whole 4 years to come up with something near the quality of OLED, in their Quantumn Dot technology which they have dubbed QLED. I have compared both side by side in the store, and I can say that Samsung has almost succeeded. Almost. Although QLED has a higher "peak" brightness, it still ... full review
"Initial impressions XBR85X900F" - by Greg M (Dallas, TX)
Received product yesterday, mounted it on the wall last night and so far I have only connected a 4K Apple TV to it as a source. Did some very minor tweaking to the video settings and plan to adjust settings to rtings.com recommendations this weekend. Will probably get it professionally calibrated after break-in period and will update review after both. Initial thoughts out-of-the-box are that the TV is well made. I agonized a bit between getting a 75" Z9D or getting the 85" 900F. I think if I had them side-by-side I would see a difference but the picture of the 900F on its own did not disappoint. Watched the opening scene of John Wick 2 in 4K HDR last night and the picture was great. The video panned smoothly, the contrast and blacks were really nice and I was pleased with the ... full review