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"Learn from someone else's experience" - by Dr. G. Hinson (New Zealand)
Through a series of nearly 300 "lessons", the authors share their accumulated wisdom about how to test application systems - not so much which buttons to press but more how to establish and manage a test team, plan the work and dynamically adjust the testing process according to what is found and how much time is left.

The chapter titles ably illustrate the book's scope: 1. Role of the tester; 2. Thinking like a tester; 3. Testing techniques; 4. Bug advocacy; 5. Automating testing; 6. Documenting testing; 7. Interacting with programmers; 8. Managing the testing project; 9. Managing the testing group; 10. Your career in software testing; 11. Planning the testing strategy; [Appendix] The context driven approach to software testing.

I would definitely encourage anyone who thinks `test automation' is a great idea and is perhaps contemplating the purchase and ... full review
"Should be a standard on any nursing educator's bookshelf" - by Kelly Bowling
Easy to understand, gold mine of information for nursing educators. I think this should sit right beside the Billings book in importance on your shelf.
"Needed new version and this is it!" - by lenexa (KU Jayhawk area)
Using this at work as reference.
"Stress Testing and Risk Integration in Banks conjugates holistic formal ..." - by Amazon Customer
Stress Testing and Risk Integration in Banks conjugates holistic formal rigor and high practicality. Its numerous examples worked in Matlab and R qualify the book as unique toolkit both for students approaching risk management as well as practitioners aiming at implementing and enhancing their own software libraries
"Great book on unit testing" - by Keith S. Safford (Stewartstown, PA)
I have just finished chapter 2 and have already learned a lot and an applying it to a project I am working on. The author does an excellent job of explaining what to do, explains all the options pertaining to NUnit and why to use and not use some of them. I feel after completing this book, my code will be more accurate, maintainable and correct.
"an excellent book to see if you are ready for the ..." - by Ellena
This books is to "review" what you've learned from say, a class, an overview, and should not be considered as a soul source to learn Texas real estate law. That said, an excellent book to see if you are ready for the test.
"like myself." - by Patricia mader
The only downside to this product was the cigarette smell that came with the book. It should be advertised as coming from a smoking home. Just a thought for those with allergies, like myself.
"classic text with new publisher" - by Michael R. Chernick (Holland PA)
This text was commonly used as a graduate text in mathematical statistics in the 1970s when I was a graduate student at Stanford University. It was the best and most detailed text on the theory of hypothesis testing. Over the years it remained so and twenty years after publication, when it was outdated by research advances it was revised by Professor Lehmann. The second edition originally published by Wiley went out of print but has now been reprinted by Springer-Verlag. This is a great book for any statistician to have on his bookshelf, a must have reference!
"A Complete Source" - by T. Hooper (Osaka, Japan)
Bachman explores language testing from a theoretical point of view in this book. I found the coverage of measurement, testing purposes, reliability, and validity to be very useful. Perhaps the one warning I would give is that this book is a little statistics-heavy, and it assumes that you have at least some knowledge of statistics. If you don't have any knowledge of statistics, then the sections on reliability and validity may take a little work to get though. In that case, I recommend Brown's text on testing. It's a simpler read. However, this volume by Bachman is more detailed and Bachman is rightly considered to be an authority on testing.
"an essential for food safety management" - by Just a guy who occasionally buys stuff on Amazon
I have used this so many times and actually got other people to buy it. It is very useful for Food Safety Management!