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"Best substitute I tried so far - and i'm done trying!" - by G Garber
The taste is right, no disgusting aftertaste reminding you that you aren't getting your regular poison as before. The price per lb is right compare to others sellers on Amazon and on pretty much all the website I checked. Resealable bag, fast shipping, that product as everything to get himself into a fixture in our home. I don't even feel like I did give up on sugar at all beside feeling guilt-free. Recommended.
"It's like sugar, but sweeter-Be cautious with how much you consume!" - by Joan
I may have overlooked these details while scanning through other reviews, but I found that Lakanto is SWEETER than regular granulated sugar.
In certain recipes I actually need less than what i would have used normally with sugar. I do appreciate that fact, because this product is not cheap. I have found it has (not an aftertaste), but an after-"feel", which does not bother me. It leaves a cooling sensation in the mouth if consumed at room temperature or colder. The effect isn't SUPER noticeable, but it's there. Also, I noticed in some baked goods, Lakanto does not completely meld (visually) with other ingredients, you can see that the granules kind of darken after being baked. It does not change the texture or taste of final product, and that's what matters.

Update 8/15/16:
STILL sweeter than sugar. WOW. I subbed for sugar in a brownies recipe 1:1 and they came out too sweet. ... full review
"To safely be able to enjoy a desert once in a while is wonderful" - by ruth tilford mather
I am a type 2 diabetic. To safely be able to enjoy a desert once in a while is wonderful. My husband and I have a college Bible Study once a week. I have made treats , birthday cakes, brownies, cookies, all my regular receipes with erythritol instead of white sugar and no one could tell the difference. My numbers don't go up, I've lost down to my young weight , I wear a size 6-8 and I'm 75. We are all thrilled with Erythritol!!!!! I want to try the brown one and powdered one next. Thank you.
"Good price for the quantity" - by MahNaz (United States)
Confectioners erythritol is my go to for daily additions to tea, coffee, keto mug cake and any other baking or cooking that needs sugar. It mixes easy and the sweetness is similar to real sugar. A 1lb bag for $8-9 is awesome.
"Love this product . Great sugar substitute." - by Augustus
This is a great sugar substitute. Erythritol was recommended as a good substitute by Dr Michael Greger ( and i respect his recommendations so decided to check this out. It is not as sweet as sugar but thats perfect for me. I try to avoid sugar as much as i can but was looking for a good healthy substitute for occasional indulgence. This fit the bill . There are lots of artificial sweeteners in the market but i found a lot of studies that linked those to health effects (just google artificial sugar substitutes to get details). Erythritol falls under the category of sugar alcohols which naturally occur in fruits and vegetables but can also be commercially extracted using these sources (like Anthony's Erythritol). I have done a lot of look up on internet and the worst side effect i could find so far is issues with nausea and diarrhea ... full review
"Try Stevia again! Updated info for 2010" - by Karen (ROSCOMMON, MI, United States)
I've been using Stevia for about 6 months now. One of the reviewers said she can't stand the taste in her tea.. I didn't like this product the first couple of times I tried it, either, but then after about a month of not using it, I tried using LESS of it in my coffee.. That did the trick. I use it every morning now and love it. It's so much better for you than Equal or Splenda, which give my husband and I both horrible headaches and other side affects.. Stevia has no side affects! Try it. Great for diabetics!!
UPDATE: It's been 1 1/2 years and I'm still using this product daily. I noticed a lot of posters aren't sure how to use it correctly. I've found this forumula to work when it comes to baking. If you use pure stevia, 1/16 tsp equals 2 tsp of sugar and ... full review
"My family loved it and couldn't tell the difference between regular sugar" - by Jorge
I just received this yesterday and I'm already ordering 3 more bags! I was very skeptical buying this and usually because all "sugar substitutes" claim no nasty after taste but it's never true. With this one it really has no after taste! My family loved it and couldn't tell the difference between regular sugar!!!
"at 0.25 calories a gram, load on up" - by gookie
I don't have a preference when it comes to buying erythritol. I've bought swerve (granular/powdered form), now foods multiple just comes down to price. amazon usually has a good price on these 1lbers. i don't really care the country of origin like some people. this is a great alternative to sucralose/aspartame/stevia (blech). its not as sweet as them but just add more. its technically not calorie free - it has 0.25 calories a gram but thats only 5 calories if you're using 20grams (Which is quite a bit). i personally dont have any stomach issues and I've ingested 40 grams in a sitting before. try it out!
"Tastes good!" - by memalez
This product is an excellent product to use instead of sugar. I rarely ever use sugar for anything anymore. I don't need the calories and I don't need the added inflammation it causes.
"Sweet, sweet deal! Going to make pie for hubby now!" - by N. Keithley (Texas, USA)
I have used the Powdered Swerve in frostings before at my daughter's recommendation, and was well pleased with the results. When I discovered I was almost out of my Powdered Swerve AND my regular erythritol mix, I started searching and found this pack. I was delighted to find this bundle that includes both powdered and granulated sweetener.

In my opinion, Swerve is an excellent substitute for refined sugar. As a sugar alcohol, it is safe for the diabetic in my family and does not spike my glycemic level, yet measures the same as sugar and tastes like sugar. As I have been working on weight loss and healthy eating, this is an integral component that helps keep me from craving off-plan sweets. One comment about the taste/sensation of products like Swerve - you will enjoy them more if you get off of refined sugar, but it isn't required, and ... full review
"Wonderful natural sweetener" - by A. Crowe (Utah)
I really love this stuff. I bought extra so I can have some at home, some in the camper, some at the cabin and some in my purse. It's perfect for making sweet tea. I make sugar free chocolate with it. Sugar free peanut butter cups. The only thing I do not like is the bottle. I hate the plastic bottle. Drops are not clean and precise like I am used to with liquid stevia drops. This does taste better than liquid stevia though. So what I do is put it in amber dropper bottles. The 5ml size is great for your purse. The one at home is in a 2 oz dropper bottle. I wish the manufacturer would switch to amber dropper bottles.
"Wow it’s already powdered‼️" - by Mtherese (Lafayette, LA)
I live in rural SW LA (NOT L.A.). Anyway, that’s one reason I’m a great Amazon customer, can’t get any cool things around here, unless it’s alive with a shell on it. I had ordered granular erythritol from a vendor and happy when it came in, but haven’t used it because I’m positive I’ll screw up grinding it. I ordered, and promptly rec’d PPP-POWDERED Erythritol from y’all. It’s fabulous. I already made several desserts, they were great. I’m diabetic, and on keto. This is a great product. Also, my product arrived in pristine condition and in timely manner. Love it
"My favorite!" - by ParisJade87
This stuff is awesome! I've used it in waffles, muffins, cakes, frostings and whipped creams. I don't get an "aftertaste" at all. I'll even use it in my coffee, but my Mom says she gets a bad aftertaste when it isn't in baked goods. I prefer erythritol over any other sugar substitute and this brand/seller seems to really care about the product and their customers.
"Delicious and long lasting!" - by Amazon Customer (Utah)
This gum is delicious, and I LOVE that it doesn't have aspartame. The pomegranate mint flavor is probably my least favorite, although I do still enjoy it. But the flavor fades the quickest, and is more of a fruity taste than a mint taste and therefore doesn't feel quite as "refreshing" to my breath as the other flavors. The spearmint is my favorite, the flavor is great and is pretty long lasting. The peppermint is a good solid mint flavor that is pretty long lasting as well. The wintergreen flavor is STRONG at first, but after chewing for a minute it mellows out and is tolerable (it almost makes my eyes water at first because the flavor is powerful). Overall, out of all the aspartame-free gums I've tried, this one is the best tasting and has the longest lasting flavors.
"Made in the USA" - by Aimee
How do you review food? It’s so subjective. I did find info that this is 70% the sweetness of sugar. True. I like the resealable bag. I love the bag in general, the verbiage in it is simple and clear. The granules dissolve well. Made is the USA. Also, I researched it and shopped for the best price and this was it, at the time. I’m sure prices change all the time.