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"Gunpowder & Lead" - by Marti A. Coler-dark (Lexington, KY)
Miranda Lambert is finally being recognized for her talent. This CD is a testament to the power she has with such a strong voice, and personality. Miranda has the ability to sing those songs that just "hit home", and anyone living in the South totally understands "Dry Town", she just has the ability to put it into words... You go for it girl, and I'm glad to finally see you get the reviews you have long deserved!
"Exciting adventures of "working girls" of the Old West" - by Doc (Kentucky Lake Side)
Awesome!!! What a great follow up to her three previous books!!! The author has developed the story line in a way that won't let you put the book down until you are finished. A great series of twists and turns for "working girls" of the old west. What excitement will Kip, Mitch and Daisy venture into next? Leaving their saloon days behind, the threesome encounter adventures and close calls as they make their way to the gold mines up north. I loved the way she incorporated the characters from the previous books into this new story. I highly recommend this book to everyone. I suggest you read all three of her prior books as well. Can't wait for the sequel!!!
"I feel like I spend a small fortune on things like sunscreen" - by Elizabeth S. (High Point, NC USA)
I am so stoked to have found this! I'm a mom of 3, and I definitely lean on the crunchy side. I feel like I spend a small fortune on things like sunscreen. I've been looking for a good non nano zinc oxide powder so that I can make my own products. Found it! High quality for sure. I enjoy the free emailed recipe book for a quick start. Looking forward to see the other products that are on the horizon from Raise Them Well.
"A Miracle Product!" - by WhiskeyxTangoxFoxtrot (Washington, D.C.)
This product is amazing. I'm not an athlete although I do exercise 6 days a week and sweat heavily. I have also been struggling with constipation for many years. The typical suggestions to eat more fiber and drink more water never helped. Eating more fiber just backed me up more and drinking more water had me going to the bathroom all day long but never improved the constipation. I started researching water absorption and began to wonder if my body was sending fluids straight to my bladder rather than actually absorbing them. Sure enough, when I began regularly drinking Gatorade, things improved drastically. But Gatorade just has too much sugar and empty calories to rely on. I tried coconut water instead but it was no different than plain water as far as my body was concerned and only slightly lower in calories. Next I tried unflavored generic Pedialyte. Again, it ... full review
"A unique shooter that is especially good for people who aren't good at multiplay shooters" - by The grumpy consumer (east of the mississippi)
There are only a few maps but they look great and are fun to explore. You'll wish there were more though. It's third person and all the characters are stylish. Once again you'll wish there were more characters.

Lead and Gold has a unique synergy system. When you're near your team your skills benefit from their skills. For instance if you're near a deputy, your shots will pack more punch. If you're near a trapper, you're shots will be more accurate. If you're near a pack of your teamates your skills will benefit from each of their skills and you'll become somewhat of a superfighter. So you and your teammates will want to keep each other alive and all the characters can revive any teammate. This is really nice for me because I'm not the fastest or the most accurate person online and I also like being revived. In most shooters ... full review
"Overall very good water bottle" - by shauna lewis
Great water bottle does not leak and keep strength very cold my only complaint is that if any kind of pressure gets into the bottle or it gets shaken up at all and you open the straw to take your first initial drink that squirts all over you real pain in the ass
"I love it." - by Mike (kissimmee, florida United States)
Must have. Perfect fit and looks good. I’ll update this review if anything changes as far as aware, but it looks it’s well-built.
"Video Review - Great climber! My kids play on this every day!" - by GW
In case the video is blurry I've posted some pics as well.

We've had this dome for about 6 months now. We bought this on Amazon for our three kids who love to climb. This dome is truly awesome! Its sturdy, yet really lightweight. We had this on our grass at one point and my husband was able to move it from the grass to our patio whenever he needed to mow our lawn. We have kids ranging from 2-10 years old who love this dome. I've found that my kids who do gymnastics can work on their flips on it easily, albeit one at a time. It also has these black handgrips that the kids can use to help pull themselves up, but I've found that the bars are really good enough.

Some info is that it's 5 feet tall, 10 feet wide, and can accommodate up to 600 pounds ... full review
"Thisis a really good spice mixture to use on all sorts of meats" - by Michael R
Thisis a really good spice mixture to use on all sorts of meats. It has no sugar and is Paleo and Whole30 compliant. Nice BBQ flavor without being overwhelming.
"Five Stars" - by Pamela
This is an awesome song by Miranda Lambert. I don't know why Amazon took it off my offline list.