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"THIS TOOL is BETTER THAN ANYONES TOOL... for the Triton plug that is..." - by dougiefresh
MUST HAVE!... For those Ford Triton plug jobs.
If you are thinking about DIY on these Ford plug replacements... HAVE NO FEAR! I had invaluable advice from fellow Amazonians here, Manufacturers videos and Youtube.
First, BUY this tool. It's great insurance for $60. And if you're one of the blessed anointed types who gets all 8 plugs out without breaking one, you'll have it for your friends truck.
The tool is well made and comes with CLEAR instructions. I know we men don't usually need instructions... but you will here. The reviews commenting about the LH thread removing part failing or not gripping seems to have been taken care of with the latest upgrade. The improved tool has 4 grooves scribed on the body identifying it as the new design.
So here's my advice...
1- Patience... This job will test your library lexicon of expletives. BUT, you ... full review
"Lisle 24680 Fits All; Cures Dangerous Air Bubble Overheating" - by DewA
2003 Honda Civic 1.7 blew coolant out overflow tank lid when Hot, then Collapsed both Rad Hoses after Cooldown - probably close to warping head & blowing head gasket!

Hadn't bled ALL air after changing timing belt & water pump. Nearly impossible without 24680 due to Rad Cap BELOW top of Thermostat Housing, and no more housing-top bleeder screw on this 7th Gen Civic. This big funnel holds fluid FAR above radiator, yet with Zero Mess. Fill it above its taper to assure it can't empty & siphon more air back into system.

Set to high heat, turn fan on to at least low, rev 2-3000 rpm every few min to push bubbles out, while idling for 30-40 min (or longer if bubbles continue). May want to park w radiator uphill, or raise front end slightly on jackstands, ramps or drive-on wood blocks for tough no-bleeder cars like most newer Hondas.

Also check ... full review
"Excellent value for the money" - by b mcewen (fort worth tx)
Excellent value for the money, super easy to use. If you need to take the damper off your duramax this tool will save you alot of time and frustration. I like that it comes with the socket for the crank bolt. The socket is 3/4 drive so make shure you have the right breaker bar. My only complaint is that the finish is a little rough and it is marked made in china. Also don't forget to remove the tool before you start the engine. I'm sure it could do some damage.
"The tool is designed so there is a bearing that rides on the hub and the part of the tool that is in contact with the lug is ang" - by amber
If you need to put in a new wheel stud this is your answer. I had tried to do it with out this using just washers and the lug dug into the washers and I had to cut them off with a grinder. The tool is designed so there is a bearing that rides on the hub and the part of the tool that is in contact with the lug is angled and slides easily so there is no digging in of the lug. Took about 10 min to install the new stud once I had this glorious tool! It is one of those tools that you can't just make it work with something else. Might as well just get it now because you'll eventually need it
"A Fluke 88 and this Parasite Drain Tester are the perfect combination to find a parasitic draw on a late model vehicle." - by Jim (Connecticut)
A commercially made harness made by Lisle that is so simple but takes the place of the home made 10 watt resister with alligator clips soldered on each end then having to put alligator clips on your test leads then hook it up with one on one side of the resister and the other on the other side, with so many connections made it would fairly easy to miss a current draw of 50 Ma, never mind what the heck is causing it. Disconnect the negative battery terminal, connecting this tester in series to the regular battery cable.This tester is fused, it has an on/off switch, and it has two pass through banana plugs that connect directly into the fused current inputs on your multimeter. This is a necessity for newer cars to detect draws that are so slight that the test light trick will not work here. All ... full review
"Worked perfectly on Dual Piston and Single Piston Calipers." - by Joseph
I used this dual piston compressor on both dual piston calipers and single piston calipers. It works perfectly for both setups and makes changing pads so much easier than the screw type compressors. 5 stars!
"Lisle quality at a very fair price" - by dAmADtECH (The Real World)
Trying to buy these different items separately or in smaller kits gets expensive if you keep getting something different than you already have to do another style line/fitting. This kit is a complete set with almost anything you might encounter. It's a bit pricy if you'll never use but one or two things maybe once in a blue moon but if you beat around under the hood all the time, help out your neighbors or car club members, etc fairly regularly, they pay for themselves in my opinion. Another nice product from Lisle!!
"Well worth the purchase.." - by johnny
While I admit that as a back yard mechanic who only does wrenching on personal and family vehicles I can probably get away without owning this tool. But you know what, for less than 20 bucks it is money well spent. Especially when you do the majority of that work laying down on the garage floor because you don't have the luxury of a lift. To date I only had the opportunity to use these pliers once but it made the experience so embarrassingly easy that I in no way regret the purchase. Can you accomplish the same task with a pry bar and lubricant? Sure you can but I bet you can do the job a lot faster with these. If you plan on doing exhaust work do yourself a favor and buy them!
"Essential tool and easier than you think to obtain" - by Amazon Customer (San Diego, California)
This is a great hood prop and Lisle is one of the top brands with reasonable prices. After buying, receiving, and using the product without any problems, I wondered into sears to kill time one day and found the exact same prop (Lisle brand) for the same price I bought it for online. So if I had to do it again I would probably just run down to sears to get it.
"Exactly what was needed for Ford AC Line Disconnect" - by adam6979 (Caribou Maine)
I bought this kit specifically for an AC line disconnect on a 00 Ford Explorer - the white ring of the kit tools - it worked perfectly. Now I have the whole rest of the kit in case I ever need it on any of the other vehicles. Good price - good quality.
"great product" - by K. Jenkins (East Texas, USA)
My only complaint is that the circular plastic part was slightly thicker than what was needed. I rubbed it with sandpaper to thin it out and then the part slipped inside the quick connect fitting with ease. All in all, im pleased that i spent a few extra bucks on these. They were indeed easier to install in tight spots with the extra handle length. I would deffinately recommend these to a friend.
"works perfect on a 2002 Honda odyssey" - by eksine (Kennewick, WA)
works perfect on a 2002 Honda odyssey, this is definitely the tool you need. looks really tough as if it'll last a long time
"Lisle builds great tools. As a 10 year ASE service tech ..." - by Lewis Worley
Lisle builds great tools. As a 10 year ASE service tech I love the quality. I recommend this fan clutch wrench set. It covers just about all clutches out there and the best thing is that you generally don't need to hold the water pump pulley during removal of the fan clutch. If you have a good air hammer just a few short blasts will loosen the clutch so you can spin if off. Be sure to follow the instructions and apply force on the closed side of the wrench or you will bend the hook end of the wrenches. This is not a design flaw these are very high quality and just as good as anything sold by Matco or Snap-On at 1/3 the cost.
"This set works great!" - by Scott Dittman (Martinez, California USA)
This tool set was just what I needed to extract broken spark plugs on my 5.4L 2006 Ford engine. Four out of 8 plugs broke (original spark plugs) in 3 different ways. This set has all the tools needed to remove them. The written directions were clear but the illustrations at the bottom of the page are too small to be of much use. The You Tube videos available on the use of these tools are very helpful.
"nice assortment. Just wish it had a tips tricks ..." - by Joe P.
Well built, nice assortment. Just wish it had a tips tricks guide or if they were to build a site were you could look up the relay type your testing that would be great. Also numbering the test pins to the relay pins.