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"Interesting. Definitely just the right length--leaves the reader wanting just a smidgen more" - by VoraciousReader
Nice, clean short story set in Worcester, Massachusetts. Willow is a young woman with Asperger's, so she likes things in her life just so. She knows how many steps it takes from her home (where she works) to the local diner (where she orders the same caffeine-free soda and tuna melt each time). This time, her trip to the diner is marred by 4 additional diners, who come in to the diner and have a loud conversation that Willow can't help but overhear. Turns out, she hears more than they do, and she solves their mystery problem!

Interesting. Definitely just the right length--leaves the reader wanting just a smidgen more.
"WILLOW LISTENS" - by CMD Amazon Customer
I have enjoyed this series and its authentic view of a young woman with Asperger's. Willow is a helper. She LISTENS to conversations in the diners and figures out what is needed to solve a problem . This process is fascinating to read about. If you want engaging short stories, I heartily recommend The Diner Series.
"Betrayal at the Boulevard" - by Sandy Penny (Houston, TX)
These short stories are becoming more interesting and the characters more complex. In this one, Willow, as Aspie Girl in Massachusetts has to figure out who is sabotaging the writing team whose books she is editing. She uses her keen observation skills and understanding of the writing process to ferret out the guilty party. She's a good sleuth, and it will be interesting to see how far the author takes this young woman in the future. Well done. And these books help charitable causes as well.
"I'm loving the continuing story of Willow -- fabulous short & sweet reading" - by SSReadsALot
Once again Willow leaves her comfort zone to make her way to the 3rd gorgeous little diner in her town. And once again she puts her investigative talents to good use.

I'm really enjoying this continuing story of Willow - and highly recommend it for a short sweet bedtime (or anytime!) read.

I was given a free ARC copy of this story in exchange got a honest review--this did not influence my review.
"What great encouraging stories" - by Irishnotfur (Mountain View, Wy)
Especially for autistic people. Her character is true to form for an aspie (I am one I know). I'm grateful my parents who like hers pushed me to try different things and for supportive people who pulled me out of my comfort zone.

This book has great ideas on how to do that and the story lines are great too. I love the flow and how her other short story characters are involved in some stories. We see the world from the side where the rest of you look at it straight on and these stories show just how that can work for helping others. It's so inspiring to read!!
"Sweet" - by Sandy Penny (Houston, TX)
A little slice of life at a diner with an Aspie Girl in Massachusetts. She notices everything and has insights that delight. A very short story.
"Fun and informative" - by kobaltkween
A nice addition to a sweet series. It hits some great educational points for kids. One biggie being the importance of checking your sources when doing research. But the beautiful poetry and amazing poets it introduces, those enrich at any age.
"Slammed" - by Sandy Penny (Houston, TX)
In this episode of Willow, an Aspie Girl in Massachusetts. Her friend's poetry has been stolen by an ex romantic partner and used without permission. The subject of four poetry slam contestants are all the same as her friend Mathilde's, and Willow has to devise a way of identifying which one is stealing Mathilde's work. A very interesting story. I love these short stories, and I love that these books help people with aspergers financially, and also help people understand what aspergers is. Lisa Shea is a compassionate author who finds lots of way to help others while writing compelling and entertaining stories.
"Love this series" - by CMD Amazon Customer
These books are just perfect for those times when you want " a little something" to read. It needs to be short, but you don't want to sacrifice reading quality. They are little jewels that hold my interest.
"so interesting" - by drgnlrd733
There are so many places and stories in this book that I never knew of. It was so hard to put this book down. If you are a mystery buff, like me, you will extremely like this book.
"Finally, the definitive "Making Of JAWS" book that we've been waiting for!" - by JawsFan75
Fifteen years ago I was young (much younger than I am right now...) and I vividly remember spending hours and hours scouring the Web for any pictures related to the movie JAWS. I hunted for screenshots, behind-the-scenes pictures, covers from around the world, shots of the actors and actresses from other movies they had done, related interviews, ANTYHING. Then, when I was around twelve or thirteen my parents took me to Martha's Vineyard for the first time. We weren't going for the beaches or the seafood; we were going for the JAWS locations. When we got there they hired a taxi to show us many of the filming locations. We went from one end of the island to the other. I remember going past Craig Kingsbury's house, the lot in Menemsha where Quint's shack once stood, and the sandy sanctuary (by the standards of any JAWS fan) on South ... full review
"A great series" - by Barbara J. Miller (Zionsville IN USA)
The characters in this series are delightful. Although I like Janet and Madoc Rhys even more (written under name of Alisa Craig), these books are thoroughly enjoyable. More please!!!!!
"A Picture Book for All Ages" - by Kay Standefer (Alamogordo, NM United States)
I was using a unit on Chris Van Allsburg books to teach my Learning Disabled middle schoolers about Inferring, a skill that's really tough to master for those with language processing deficits.

I'd not read this particular book, though I love the artwork and simple text of other books of his; this is a dandy. Mysterious and moody, there are opportunities in layers on each page to infer meaning. If you just want to curl up with a kid for a few special moments (as I did with my young grandson), this is a perfect vehicle to find out how a little dude sees the world and makes his own meaning.