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"Life Changing! I now understand why women love their purses!" - by Mario Fragomeno
Life changing! I used to use a typical gym bag and bump into everyone on the bus/metro. Now with the backpack I can easily fit and also, great handle if I need to take it off and place it on the ground. Fantastic quality, strong zippers, more pockets than I will probably use. Love the little spot for your cell phone! Best backpack I have ever owned!
"ALMOST the best Spider-Man movie" - by D-Unit
It's a really good movie and Tom Holland is a great Spider-Man, but it does tend to really stray from the original source material. Part of the charm of the old Spider-Man comics was that he was an every-man. He was poor, people didn't like him and things were always not going this way. Now he has basically an Iron Man suit and he has the actual Iron Man as a mentor. Still, despite that, a very entertaining movie with a great Spider-Man actor, Michael Keaton as a great villain, and any cameo by Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man is never a bad thing.
"Five Stars" - by Lyn Parker
Super fast shipping! Product as described! Thanks.
"The Memorable Bonehart Flannigan" - by Amazon Customer
"Backpacks & Mason Jars" is a most fetching country folk-rock album -- well-played and produced and very well-written and sung by the memorable Bonehart Flannigan. It's wholly original, no doubt leaving Bonehart's young legion of fans awaiting his next effort. I particularly liked the clever "Take Me Back," the poignant "Soldier Song" and the Dylanesque "Get In the Van, Let's Go." This collection is an appealing blend of wit and emotional depth that sticks with you. I recommend it to anyone interested in the cutting-edge contemporary American music scene.
"Still the best but not as good as it used to be." - by M. Boisvert
Although not as good as it used to be; Backpacker is still the best magazine around for those of us who like to "get out there". Good advice and equipment reviews. Occasionally nice articles on destinations.
Complaints are that the magazine seems "hung up" on survival articles and info. Also, I miss the good, long, introspective articles they used to have periodically on what it's like to be "out there" and how it changes you.
"Great Buy" - by Faye Pleasants (Sandston, Virginia)
Wonderful to help us in our flights from VA to Las Vegas! We put chargers, over ear headphones, IPad, Bose speaker, Victor Stream Reader, pocketbook, etc and still had not room for items! So happy I bought it!
"Way Better than Remix!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊" - by B. is Helpful
Way Better than the Remix Version Don't really like Remix But Love Unlimited.
Got Rex too!

TKS for Reading.☺
"Holds a lot!" - by kls
I am very impressed with this bag, thus far. I have only had it about a week, so we will see how it holds up to the weight of textbooks over time. It has excellent padding on the handle, straps, and on the back of the bag. I was concerned that it would not expand to fit my books and folders, but it has not disappointed! Once I stuffed all of my gear into it, it expanded to about 8” wide. The front compartment has odds & ends in it. The middle compartment has two 3 ring binders and a LARGE textbook in it. The back compartment has my iPad, several notebooks, and a wad of pens in it. Pics of all 3 compartments included. This bag holds A LOT! I haven’t even used the smaller outer compartments, and I fit a lot more in it than I thought I ... full review
"I like that most of it is padded so your carseat ..." - by HY Tang (PNW)
This is a very well made bag. I like that most of it is padded so your carseat doesn't get banged up during transport. I used this for my Uppababy Mesa carseat with the base attached when I took my daughter to Hawaii. I chose to bag checked the carseat because I didn't want another thing to lug around. The bag is a universal carseat bag so it was quite large for my carseat. I was able to fit two packages of diapers in the carseat. I reinforced the padding around the carseat with more blankets since the flap isn't padded. I wasn't sure how it would hold up on the baggage belt so I put the entire thing in the plastic provided by the airlines. I made sure to tighten the straps so it doesn't get snagged on anything. Although, ... full review