Orange Cokes

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"Great taste" - by Cathie Fioramonti
Loved the new coke. But I felt it was alittle over priced. But did enjoy it!
"Bottles, Yay!" - by Judith (Philadelphia, PA)
To me the vanilla flavor is dominant, with a hint of orange. But, it tastes very different from vanilla coke. I find the vanilla flavor too strong in Vanilla Coke, but it's balanced nicely by the orange in this new flavor. I'm so glad Amazon now has this in bottles on Fresh. Bottles are much better for people who just nurse one drink for most of a day. Plus, you can put them in the freezer to make the drink slushy without worrying that a forgetter can will explode.
"I love these 8 packs" - by XKL (North America)
I was very excited to receive this Lip Smackers pack. It contains at least 3 of my favorite flavors (vanilla, strawberry, and mango). I've noticed that Bonne Bell sold Lip Smackers to Markwins Beauty Products. This could explain the tingling in my lips lately. I went to Bonne Bell's old site and found the ingredients. It seems as if Markwins added Stevia and Wheat Germ and made some changes. I may be doomed. I haven't switched my routine and my diet is bland. I hope I can continue using this product, or I will have to switch to something totally natural like olive or coconut oil. I also noticed Markwins supports the Girls & Boys Clubs of America. That's a bonus. I have loved Lip Smackers since I was a teen. I could never handle the smell or feel of lipstick (nor pasty chapstick). Since I don't know for certain ... full review
"I love these, but..." - by Chris (Bremerton, WA)
This is one of the only drinks i drink on a regular basis because it tastes good, has caffeine and isn’t pumping crap into your body. Only downfall is that the most recent case I bought has fizzed over EVERY.SINGLE.CAN. It’s driving me bananas because I have to prepare before I open it or I’ll be covered in the drink. Contacted Amazon Customer Support to appraise them of the situation and they did great in solving the issue by sending me another case. Hopefully I’m the only one with this problem and it isn’t indicative of the future cases I plan to purchase.
"Color is vibrant and the fit is perfect! The burnout material is light and thin" - by Nakisha Ruggiero
Color is vibrant and the fit is perfect! The burnout material is light and thin. Very breathable for working out.
"Tastes great and arrives slow" - by Inspektor Gadget
If you want soda with REAL SUGAR then these are the way to go. They taste great and are no different (in taste) than US sodas that are sweetened with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). Regular sugar is better for you than HFCS....fact. Be prepared for the slowest shipment you ave ever ordered on Amazon though.
"Love/Hate relationship" - by Jessica C.
I’ll start by saying these are the only sippy cups I use for my toddlers. That being said, it’s getting beyond annoying at the amount of liquid that leaks out when they drop their cups.
I love that they both picked up on how to use it very quickly. I also love that there’s really nothing for them to chew on so their teeth aren’t being damaged at all.
On the flip side, I hate that milk splatters everywhere if they happen to drop their cup.
At the end of the day, I still haven’t found a better sippy cup and will probably continue to use these until my kids switch to real cups.
"GREAT!! You'll love the dancing." - by health nut (BROOKLYN, NY, United States)
Wow, what a fun film. It's such a "New York" story. Growing up on the UWS there were so many of these Bat & Bar Mitvah's. Some as big as a small wedding! This film is a great comedy about the whole party scene.
"Really cute !" - by Travis and Wifey
Such a cute dress ! I can see how some said the breast area was minimal in coverage however, it is well made. May not be able to wear a bra at all but if you purchase a dark color it should be fine.
I ordered a sml. I am 5ft9, 157 Ibs and have a 29in waist for reference.