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"Not just a gimmick" - by M Dunn
Being an ex-pat Brit in the US it was great to find a cookbook with some good old fashioned British recipes like my mum used to make! My Harry Potter fan son loves it and has been asking to make all sorts from it. As a book it's reasonably well laid out and thought through and I like the references to where to the food can be found in the series. And the recipes all seem pretty accurate so far!
I'd recommend it to anyone who really wants to know what toad in the hole really is!
"Ultmate Indeed" - by Aaron Oppliger (Gretna, NE)
We had the original DVD set, but decided to upgrade to the blu-ray Ultimate Edition to get the extended cut (and make the jump to HD). The purchase was well worth it, with the additional scenes making an already great movie even more fun for fans of the books - or just fans of the movie who want to see more. The image quality is great, and the Ultimate Edition extras have a little something for everyone. Although I'm not usually a big fan of all the little things that come with a collector's set, the book and behind the scenes material here is fun, and worth diving in to if you have the time. As for the rest of the Ultimate Edition collection, I'd say that Chamber of Secrets is also worth the Ultimate Treatment (since it also includes an extended cut), but 3-7 are ... full review
"Beautiful set, oh, and how to get your digital copies" - by Jude525 (Pawtucket, RI USA)
This review is about the set, not the movies. You either like Harry Potter or you don't. I assume that only the former is looking at this set.

Ok, THIS is how a boxed set should be. I've read some horror stories about other sets being mis-matched discs from previous releases (the X-Men collections) and I've seen the beauty that is The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition boxed set (another thing of beauty.) A truly cohesive production with original artwork on every disc. (When was it decided that Blu-ray discs didn't need artwork?)

In truth, I have only just opened the set and have not even inserted one disc into my player. But I wanted to post something now to get one piece of info out there... How to get your digital copy!

I'd read reviews about the codes being expired, so didn't have any expectations. Having bought the set at less ... full review
"Captivating!" - by Copper Boom (USA)
I absolutely LOVE the Harry Potter series, and it is definitely one of my favorite series that I have ever read. When I first started reading them I wasn't really sure that I would like them as I had unfortunately thought it was 'nerdy' when I was in school, and it was definitely a huge mistake! It is still a very good read as an adult, but I really wish that I had started reading them when they came out. I wanted my kids to be able to experience the magic of Harry Potter while they are young enough to believe in that kind of magic so we have started reading them together, and then watching the movie that coincides with the book. They love the series as well though I don't think they like it as much as me since my daughter 'teases' me about ... full review
"Good and kinda good" - by Amazon Customer (SCOTTSDALE, AZ)
A few that I know are wrong this needs a few corrections but other than that it is pretty fun
"Love HP on Vinyl" - by Maysona (7764 W Quarto Ave, Littleton, CO 80128)
I bought this and all the other HP vinyls for my husband for Christmas. It works great and we love it! It plays well and the sound on our system is great. It did come with the corner on the sleeve slightly damaged, but for me, not enough to return it.
"A good Harry Potter film" - by Arnold (Springfield, MA)
I had some mixed feelings about [[ASIN:B000E6EK2Y Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire]]. Prof. Moody is probably the funniest of the Dark Arts professors in the series. Also, we see the kids grow up into teenagers. As cinematography, it's probably the best done movie of the Harry Potter series. The special effects (from dragons to Voldemort's minions) are great. The action is entertaining and captures some of the wonder of the world of wizards - more so than any of the other films thus far.

That said, I feel like parts of [[ASIN:B000E6EK2Y Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire]] are just downright childish or silly. The whole ball and dating scenes made the film more like a high-school drama rather than fantasy - a "Wizards 90210." Also, the international wizards teams are boring stereotypes of the French and Bulgarians, rather than a more interesting group of characters. I understand ... full review
"THE BEST LEGO GAME" - by your face
Our FAVORITE Lego game(s). Period. These are wonderful! Much smoother than our ps3 version, and so pretty and fun! I will never like the talking Lego games as much as this one, with it's cute sounds. Great family game!! We have it for ds, ps3, and now ps4-hahaha.
"Not as good as earlier edition." - by Sherry W. (California)
This variation on Uno is fun, but I have played Harry Potter Uno before and the deck had some other very interesting cards such as an invisibility cloak card that this deck does not have. There was another specialty card missing as well. While this is fun, it is not as cool as the other edition of the game. The art work on the cards isn't as fun either. I was disappointed.
"Great Attention to Detail" - by A Book Vacation
This second book in the famous Harry Potter series is just as riveting and captivating as the first, solidifying in my mind that Rowling is an absolutely amazing author.

Truth be told, I actually have found that I don't usually like fantasy novels all that much, but the world that Rowling creates for Harry Potter actually makes me feel right at home, and I can easily connect with the characters. This might have something to do with the fact that I watched the movies first, so I have visuals and such imprinted in my brain, but even so, this fantastical world is easy to follow and become a part of, in my personal opinion. The story jumps right off the page, wrapping readers up in the awesomeness that is Hogwarts and beyond.

One aspect I really love about this novel is its continuous detail. From the wizards to their ... full review
"Darkest of the series and a grand finish to an great franchise" - by webhawk50 (Houston, TX)
This final movie in the Harry Potter series is the darkest of all. It is the necessary and faithful conclusion to the wonderful writings of J.K. Rowling. There is little for me to criticize here except for one thing: something about the ending felt somehow very disengaged and somewhat unsatisfying. I am not quite smart enough to put my finger on exactly what that missing thing was, but I felt it. The ending seemed almost trite and devoid of the energy of the rest of the movies. I know it was authentic to the way that books ended, but as a movie, it seemed to need something else to bring it all to a satisfying conclusion. Yes, I know, it all concluded the way that the book did and the outcomes were the same. It was just the manner in which things ... full review