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"Update: H11 bulb works great on my new 2019 Subaru Ascent and previous 2017 Subaru Impreza. Great and affordable led bulb." - by Mos Hlub (USA)
I had previously tried another brand that costs more but the output wasn't correct (see my other review) so I am returning it. I thought I try another brand and ordered this one. I tested one and the output worked with 2017 Subaru Impreza. The light output was almost perfect matching the halogen but only stronger. There is a cut off line, so no blinging other drivers.

I'll report later on what I find using it more.

UPDATE: 4-Aug-2018

I recently bought the new 2019 Subaru Ascent and have traded in my Impreza. But I did purchase another set of Beamtech H11 LED as a replacement for my stock halogen H11's in the Subaru Ascent.

It looks great inside a projection housing and has a really clean cut off line. As you can see I didn't hesitate to buy again!
"Really bright lights!!" - by Jason Moore
These were very easy to install nice plug and play! A lot brighter than stock! I highly recommend these lights! No flicker awsome lights I would deffinently but again!! I have video of install it’s very easy.. installed on 2017 F-150
"The case is really good. Heavy duty" - by Amazon Customer
The case is really good. Heavy duty, not cheap. One review They complained about the sockets falling out...i tested that because that's a big issue for me if that was the case. I carried the case like normal and even shook it up and down and side to side...opened the case and all the sockets were right where they should be. There is a foam like pad in the case that keeps everything tight...if that were not there I could see the sockets moving out of place. Especially if you were to drop it. All the sockets look good and made heavy duty...the wrenches look great as well. They sound heavy duty and feel heavy duty. Between this and the 204pc set...they are the same thing...this 205pc set is organized differently but it's over all the same product. So go read the reviews for the 204 piece set and you ... full review
"Really love the lights! Super white bright LED!" - by Christopher
These lights are awesome! these LEDs are SO much better than the original HALOs I had in my 2017 f150 Lariat. These light up signs down the street MUCH better and have a further sight range. I wasn't sure how much of a difference there was until I actually drove the truck and I tell you what, it has left me verrrrry impressed thus far!

So you're wondering why only 4 stars? Well the only reason has to do with the fit. Even though this product does fit and works well with my truck, the dust cover that goes over the back doesn't feel completely/firmly closed because the fan on the back of the light protrudes outward just enough, preventing a complete 'seal'. With that said, it DOES cover the area, however, unlike with my high beam installation it did not firmly connect all the way around. ... full review
"I put them directly I to the factory headlights of ..." - by gu gong
I put them directly I to the factory headlights of my 2005 toyota camry. I adjusted the beam so they wouldn't blind oncoming traffic. Really bright lights. They make driving down dark
"I'm Very Pleased" - by Default Reality (Linton, ND)
I have a 1996 Silverado K1500. A few weeks ago I decided to see how long it would take for the thermal actuator to engage the front differential. The result: 51 seconds. 51 seconds?!? It was 88 degrees outside for #%/@'s sake! I had enough and decided to order this Dorman 600-101 along with the Dorman 600-600 Actuator Wire Harness. Amazon had the best price I could find and I know they have excellent customer service in case there's a problem. I received both items yesterday and performed the installation. (Note: The wire harness kit also includes a spacer that needs to be inserted into the differential before installing the actuator.) The actuator comes with sealant/thread lock already applied to the threads so all I had to do was screw it into the differential housing. (Note: 1-3/4" wrench needed).

WOW; what a difference! Now my front axle engages in a couple ... full review
"AWSOME" - by Matt Sullivan
My trailing arms were rusted and had holes in them. One of them was evan snaped in half. So i caled ford and got a price for upper and lower with no hardware it was 144 a peace for upper and 188 a peac for lower's so that 664 with no tax or hardware so your looking at about 700 dollar area. For the priceis it rite from online. My handling improved the ride is a lot nicer. Iam very satisfied with my purchase. They were quick to get them to me, order them on the 17th and got them on the 24th and that with a weeknd in the middle.
"Good quality. This is the lowest gauge wire that ..." - by William (PLYMOUTH, MA, US)
Good quality. This is the lowest gauge wire that carriers the most amps I could find online. I bought it to move the electric cooler away from the front of the RV and relocate it the back; however, their is a slight drop in voltage extending 14 feet and your appliance may not be able to work with that voltage drop.
"High Tech Simplicity" - by hoghug663
I'm really happy with this product. It's a lot heavier duty than I expected, especially the joints. The instructions were a little confusing, but who needs them anyways...? All hardware was included and installation was a breeze. I'd definitely recommend it to YJ owners who want the stability of a solid track bar on the road, and great articulation off road.