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"Great Can" - by Wayne J (Louisiana)
I love the No Spill containers. Unlike most "safety" containers works. Gas does not comes out with the slow chug........chug.........chug as with other cans. Every time I use one of the other brands I find myself wishing the OSHA idiots were present so can beat them with the can. The No Spill container also has the great feature of the pour button making it safe and simple to fill small engines such as weed eaters, pressure washers, chain saws and blowers. When you are ready for the flow to start or stop just push or let off of the button which is very easy to reach and even has finger holds to hold on to with the index and middle fingers. I would give it 5 stars if it were a bit easier to remove and replace the lid. Like most plastic cans it takes a little bit ... full review
"I like that there is nearly a one inch opening on ..." - by Linda in Atlanta
I wanted to conceal my surge protector/power strip in my office, so I measured the power strip first to insure it would fit inside this box. I like that there is nearly a one inch opening on each end to allow for the cords - in my case I really needed it to accommodate the end of the surge protector. I also like the hole on the side as it gives you options to configure your specific cord needs. Although the cost seems a little high for a "plastic box", it keeps everything contained with a neat, orderly appearance, and keeps the cords away from my dog who likes to sleep under my desk. Since it should last for years, it was worth it to me. In fact, I bought a second one. I used this in conjunction with "Kootek 118 inch cable management ... full review
"Runs cool and transfers data quickly." - by Adrenaline
I have owned this drive for 1 week. I am impressed with how cool it runs; it does not get hot like my older 2010 model external hdds. I am also impressed with how lightweight it is, and I also like the shape of it and that it is pretty small. It's also nice that it is plug and play and does not require a separate power source. I glanced at the NTI backup software and the PogoPlay cloud data access software but did not use it yet since Windows backup handles my backup needs and plugging the drive into the usb port on my router handles my cloud data access needs. To note, the user interface of the NTI backup software is nice looking and easy to use. When I used the drive to take a system image of my mom's new laptop, ... full review
"A must have for battery storage for outdoor enthusiats." - by USMCSurvivalist85
I love storacell products. I buy them for all my batteries in my camping bags, go bags, INCH bags and at home.

Having it in bright orange is a plus. I makes it easy to find if it is lost in a bag or if you drop it in the woods. Because of this I have no idea why people would order this in green or black other than to be 'tacticool'.

The best function is provided by bright or glow in the dark options. The down side to glow in the dark is that if it is in your bag it is not going to 'charge' up enough to be useful unless you hit it with a flash light.
"I think this is a great way to store rechargeable 9V batteries and minimize risk of fire" - by V. Nayak (New Jersey, USA)
I am always worried about storing 9V batteries, because I think they can cause a fire if the terminals touch something. This is an excellent way to store 9V batteries without fear for starting a fire - I actually store the batteries with the terminals facing the plastic bottom of these storage units, so the terminals are not even exposed. I have 12 rechargeable 9V batteries, and I bought 3 of these containers to store the batteries. They work well.
"Safest Blade Disposal Product" - by OtisPaul
If you use blades, please purchase this item. We would throw them in the bin (wrapped) and one day I thought what if a racoon or other animal went through our bin. That was enough to change our disposal policy.
"Incredibly Useful, Very Durable Indeed" - by C. D. (United States)
These are not inexpensive labels, but they are great quality (almost industrial strength), easy to use with Avery templates downloaded free from the website. I have used hundreds of them in a rental property and can say that they hold up incredibly well, even in many outside situations. I keep finding new uses for them. The adhesive is great - don't use them on something that would be ruined by removing a well-attached label. But I have used them successfully on glass, metal, plastic, cardboard, paper, even painted or stained wood surfaces, in damp places, as well. I have used all sizes of the Durable ID labels, and in cases where there are 4 or more labels on the sheet, I have a recommendation... since you don't have to print a whole sheet at once (you can print just one if you want, and ... full review
"Premium build quality with added perks" - by Emmett
- The backpack is made of what feels like premium materials and has not ripped or torn after a month of rigorous use.
- The external battery connector works as advertised and has a sturdy/hard plastic cover on the outside of the bag to protect against scratches or rain.
- The backpack comes with a small bag raincoat which can be hidden away in the bottom zipper of the bag, this raincoat is durable and works very efficiently against snow or rain.
- The Kopack backpack keeps its shape even when not filled to capacity keeping the sleek look of the bag.
- My 15.5 inch laptop fits within the laptop carrying pouch inside the bag. Many backpacks cannot hold this size of laptop which is a plus.

- The laptop carrying pouch inside the bag does not seem deep enough for my entire laptop to slide down, while ... full review
"Saving grace for arthritis sufferers!" - by M.L. (Portland, OR USA)
I have arthritis and also a demyelenating neurological disorder that causes pain and weakness in hands. I have had trouble for years opening jars and bottles. My husband (love him dearly) bought this for me and it has been a lifesaver. I have used this to open pickle jars, jam, soda bottles and even my water bottles. It's adjustable and uses little metal teeth (which I was opposed to previously) but if you secure it nicely on the lid it works spectacularly! No more frustrating nights home alone not being able to open things...this device has been great for me and I recommend it! Keep in mind, there is a crank handle to turn on the top of it to adjust the teeth to meet the diameter of the lid, so if your pain is too bad or you have loss of dexterity in your hands this may not work ... full review
"This is a great product!" - by Giselle M
Before purchasing I read the mixed reviews. This is an excellent product that if you take the time to play with it will see it gives you more than just latitude and longitude, especially if you use the map it, which works with Google maps.
Confirm where your vehicle has been taken and catch him out on his lies. Then walk away with peace of mind.
"Great light-duty shredder" - by S. McDonald (MI)
I have had this for a month, and purchsed it in spite of quite a few negative reviews because I refuse to spend a fortune on a shredder when all I need it for is credit card junk mail and relatively few banking / confidential documents. It does the job perfectly well. Yes, you should only put in one folded piece of paper at a time (and yes, it has to be folded because the opening is small), but it happily chewed up 30 of these in a row when I was clearing out my desk. Since then, I have used it maybe once or twice a week. The bin is small but perfectly adequate for my needs. Very straightforward to operate. Bottom line - I have found it to be excellent for what it was made for - light home use.

PS, it's now 3 years since I bought this, ... full review