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"Great Series" - by Audrey E Adamson
I started this series with the latest book. Of course, I had to go back and buy the whole set. while the movie really didn't do the story justice, I was captured from beginning to end, I would recommend this series as well as this collection because it includes all the extra material including short stories and novellas.
"Pulled into this world completly" - by M D Hunt (Ashland, MS)
The concepts and characters are wonderful. I love the pacing and the flow. My one big issue with these books is with the choice of "innovations" that were supposedly brought to the eleventh century. Gears were mentioned in writings as far back as 50 AD and samples have been dated as early as 150 B.C. Windmills date back to first century AD, and water wheels date back to at least 100 BC. By 1000 AD, all of these would be in common use around the world. For moving the water up in the Atlantis outpost, Archimedes' screw, invented at least by 300 B.C would have been a much better choice.

These books were written very quickly and Alex did a masterful job on the writing. I only wish he'd taken a little more time to research the technology in the books to make these great books ... full review
"Impressive & Detailed" - by Dan (NORTH CHESTERFIELD, VA, United States)
Overview: This series covers the second coming of the Ixan threat to the galaxy. The books are interesting and action packed. Captain Husher and his crew of associates have their hands full of complications while trying to find a way for the galaxy to survive this new threat from an old enemy. Fortunately, they have numerous new weapons and new allies to help them in this battle for survival. Unfortunately, the enemy has even better weapons, and more warships. Can tactics alone win out? The books are worth the read, if only for all of the intrigue, scientific concepts, action sequences, and twists the author developed in this series.

Book 1 - Capital Starship - 3 Stars

I actually hated reading the first half of this book, as I disagreed with it’s main premise. It seems unfathomable to me that any society would be striving ... full review
"Great second book" - by Christine
I wasn't sure if I'd like the book based on some mixed reviews, but it was better than I expected and I look forward to the next one. Whenever it comes out? I did miss Zu in this book and wished we knew how she was. Especially after reading the short story that was supposed to bridge book one and two. The book picks up several months after Ruby joins the Children's League so she's stronger but also more distant and jaded by everything she's gone through. I think she'll always fear her power no matter how much it grows. She doesn't want to get close to anyone because she's too afraid she'll lose control like she did with her parents. The guilt carries with her knowing she can do that. She also doesn't want to turn into Clancy. The book tends to move ... full review
"Nice read" - by Alan Warney
The series started somewhat slowly but I hung in there and was pleasantly surprised as the story developed. A good read for science fiction buffs.
"Most beautiful series I've read in a long time." - by ES
I rarely write reviews, but when I read this book, read this series, I just had to write one. I cannot express enough how much I adore this series; these characters and plotline. This book, and all of the books, are beautifully written. I was a bit wary, I will admit, to read this book because it was not in the POV of Ruby, like the rest are. But such a thing doesn't stop the greatness of the series, and the changes in POV's only help the reader in understanding characters we didn't have time to understand. We read about Gabe, the importance of him and Zu, we read about Sam, and her time in Thurmond and we read about Mia and Lucus, Sam's old friends and their appearances later on, and the help Ruby and everyone gives them. We read about the forming of a beautiful, but damaged family, ... full review
"6 Excellent Stories, 1 Good/decent story and one Boring story." - by Wander (Dresden, TN United States)
Archangel Down -Archangel Project Book 1 by C. Gockel - This was an EXCELLENT book. It is full of adventure and danger. The characters are excellent. Great world building with a story line that keeps you guessing.
Betrayal - The 1000 Revolution by Pippa DaCosta - This is an EXCELLENT book. It has a great story line and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The characters are interesting.

Quantum Tangle - The Targon Tales - Sethran 1 by Chris Reher - This is an EXCELLENT book with
Starshine - Aurora Rising: Book 1 by G>S> Jennsen - This is another EXCELLENT book in this grouping. The story was great. The characters well fleshed. I enjoyed it from beginning to end.
The Luna Deception - The Solarian War Trilogy Book 1 by Felix R. Savage - This book starts out a bit slow, but it heats up as it goes along. It was a ... full review
"~~Outstanding Box Set~~" - by Serenity...
I used to stay away from box sets but they have now become a friend of mine. It is so much easier to have a complete set of a series than to go and look them up one by one on my Kindle. This author is definitely one that I will continue to follow and re-read his books.

And, to be completely honest, I never read much Sci-Fi until a few years ago. Am now enjoying the imagination and talent that it takes to write this type of fiction.

In this set, there are 6 of the Freedom's Fire novels. They are: Freedom's Fire, Freedom's Fury, Freedom's Fray, Freedom's Fist, Freedom's Fall, and Freedom's Fate.

Each and every one of these novels is action packed with Dylan Kane leading the charge.... Just imagine a base on an asteroid. Most interesting premise as is the idea to ... full review
"Amazing series!" - by Natalie @ ABookLoversLife (Ireland)
This series is one of my favourites. I devoured all 4 books and can highly recommend them. One thing I've noticed about this author is his ability to create characters that you immediately connect with. Every single one of them were well written and developed and they are characters you can easily care about. Another this is that he can write incredibly well. These books are incredibly scary because it's a threat that could happen. You can tell that the author did his research with how descriptive he is, not only with the EMP, but also the effects it has, and I particularly loved how descriptive he was with the Cherokee parts. It was fascinating!!

Each of the books in this series are action packed, filled with so many tense and edge of your seat moments that you will not be able to put it down, and absolutely terrifying! They are ... full review
"99 every time" - by Jules (Melbourne)
Great Series for a Great Price.
Up to Date and Engrossing..
"Good read" - by rrranch
Non traditionsl plots but I couldn't put the books down
"The Breakers Series: Books 1-3" - by jadeshand (Texas)
Excellent. Endless action and adventure. The writing is tight, crisp and humorous. Each book introduces two to four new characters, some of them overlapping, so there may be a scene from several different points of view. One may never know how one may react to alien invasion and the end of the world scenario, but Mr. Robertson takes one through several ways and means and through several different characters and their reactions in dealing with it. And it's an extremely exciting adventure the whole way.
"Irristable read" - by boofhd (Australia)
I enjoyed this series immensely, the story line was easy to follow and I found myself fully immersed to the extent that I had read through all the books quickly and found myself looking for more. I hope the Author has more to add to the story as it left me wondering where it could go next consequently wanting more.
"This is Raiders of the Lost Ark on mega-steriods!" - by Michael R. Slezak
This 4 books collection is absolutely the work of pure genius! I thought the first book was awesome, but then the second book was even better than the first and it just got better from there. The hero, Ozzy, is an archaeologist with a mission - to protect his daughter. The obstacles he must deal with and the ancient alien relics are what makes for non-stop action and adventure!
I strongly recommend this collection and all future additions to the collection. The great thing about reading all 4 books at once is all the pure joy and entertainment you will experience. The only bad thing is the lack of sleep you will suffer from because from page 1 you won't be able to put it down!
I honestly award this collection 5 Stars!