Toddler Smartphones

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"A Fun toy" - by Cristina Bullon
I love this toy for car rides when my 14-month-old needs to be distracted for long rides. it's cute and the images move on the screen which is entertaining. It may be the batteries it came with, but personally I think it's quiet. Which is nice as a parent so it's not annoying for me, haha, but in loud environments if my daughter can't hear it, she loses interest quicker. overall we like it!
"You can leave a message on the phone for a toddler!" - by Amazon Customer
I love how you can record a message on this toy! Perfect for a gift for a baby, toddler. Not too loud or annoying.
"Bright, colorful, well-written story with lesson for all ages" - by Hall Ways (Colleyville, TX, US)
#BabyLove: My Toddler Life is the follow-up to #BabyLove: My Social Life and is just as cute. Again, it provides a reminder to adults and kids to put down the phones and enjoy the moments.

Told in rhymes, the story shows that kids will do what they see modeled. In this case, the wide-eyed toddler picks-up Mommy's phone and takes more than a few selfies. It is always amazing that even the littlest children figure out how to use our grown-up devices (and often more proficiently). Author Corine Dehghanpisheh does a great job of driving the point home.

Bright, colorful, and expressive illustrations -- all done by the author -- carry the story forward in an engaging way. The pages are full color with very little white space, the illustrations aren't fussy, and the font is fun, resulting in an overall look that will encourage kids to study the words an ... full review
"Super cute kids glasses!" - by Ban
Theses fit all three of my children (Ages 2, 4 & 7). I bought them for my three daughters and the glasses fits their face nicely and they loved them! They wears them all the time. Very satisfied with quality of products!
"Awesome headphones!" - by AccrualCat
Awesome headphones!! My son is autistic and hates certain noises. He uses these headphones ALL the time. I have been through over 50 pairs of headphones and ear muffs. He loves these and they are durable and work fantasticly. I highly recommend. It's a great product for the price.
"Works almost too good!" - by Jeff T.
This alarm is great but very sensitive, It will go off if your pool pump is set to high and it will go off during a storm. But if your goal is to potentially save the life of a child then you can't beat this alarm buoy.
"The product I was looking for! Volume Limiting Headphones even my Middle Schooler loves." - by AJC
The headphones are beyond what we wished for. They aren't just "kids headphones" They fit my 11 yo, my 9 yo and myself. When I explained to the kids why it was important to limited the decibels, they were happy to have the headphones. They love the buddy splitter (one less thing to lose) they love how small it folds and fits into their school computer bags, and are happy to wear them even if they are "different" then the other kids. Plus they are comfy. My 9 yo has this one, My 11yo has the one with the adjustable decibels which I don't think are necessary, Added plus = The mic. for talking on the phone or doing dictation.

.[[ASIN:B01FRLCZVI Kids Headphones by onanoff - Explore Foldable - Volume Limiting Lock - Built in Headphone Splitter - In Line Mic -Super Durable - ... full review
"Awesome!" - by Aimee Owens
It's been very cold this year where I live; too cold to not have gloves. I have to take them off to use my phone and WOW my hands get so cold they hurt. So I bought these so I could use my phone and wear gloves. Surprise surprise they actually work! And keep my hands warm :) I bought 3 different colors cuz I liked the design so well and ended up giving my mom and sister each a pair :)