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"Saved me $230!" - by Raif M. Turner (Lubbock, Texas United States)
Recently ordered a Surface Pro 3 from Amazon and went ahead and ordered the Plugable UD-3900 at the same time. I couldn't be happier with the way they work together. Already owned wireless keyboard and trackball that I used with a four year old Asus laptop, so I didn't need the Surface keyboard (nor did I want to spend another $130 for it). Wanted the ability to use external monitors, but didn't want to pay an additional $200 for the Surface dock. Thankfully, the UD-3900 solves all these difficulties AND provides additional connection ports for external drive, USB drives, and other attachments.
One of the problems I had encountered with devices that sit vertically and have multiple connections is their tendency to move around on the desk due to the pulling of the connected cables. This device appears to have just enough mass to prevent that from happening.
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"Best For The Money Out of 6 I've tried" - by Ernest L Secrest II
This USB exceeded the 33 ft distance easily and I'm in a metal mobile home with metal studs in the interior walls. I've tried so far 6 different ones and only one worked better but cost double. I'm very happy with this in a Win7 machine. I noticed Win machines are picky about blue tooth, but in my Linux desktop any BT adapter works instantly.
"Plug and play bluetooth connection for a great price" - by hjk
I bought this to pair with my Logitech K380 keyboard to the computers in the computer lab at school and it works perfectly. The computers run Windows 10, which allows for plug and play bluetooth without the need to install drivers. I plugged the dongle into the computer and went to settings and paired my keyboard just like if the computer had its own bluetooth.

If you don't have a Windows 10 computer, you might need to install drivers, but this dongle comes with an 80mm disc with drivers in case you need them. The dongle is also small, but not too small. Logitech's unifying receivers are really small and difficult to remove from a computer. In my case, where I plug the dongle into a public computer, I need to be able to unplug it without issue. This dongle is large enough to allow me to unplug it easily.

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"Slim, out of the way, and works perfectly (after it connected). Looks good on my desk" - by Tori (Connecticut)
I was just telling my husband yesterday what a cool product this is and how much I like it. I gave 4 stars because it took an hour to set up initially and the one time I removed the USB it took another hour to set up. I needed to keep my corded mouse and keyboard in the computer and then reset the windows computer to get the USB to be recognized, it took about 10 min of not playing with it to finally sync.
Keyboard works well and I have only needed to charge it once in a months time (I sit at my desk about 30 hours a week and type small reports and emails). The mouse has not run out of batteries either (thanks for the previous peoples comments that the mouse has 2 AAA batteries, while the keyboard is rechargeable).
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"Good layout, battery, wireless -- some issues with light key presses" - by Chris Garling
There's a lot of things I like about this keyboard. The battery is long lasting (at least two weeks), internal battery (no AAAs), great wireless connectivity over Linux and Windows (keystrokes arent missed when it "wakes up" from idle). I prefer the dongle wireless implementation to bluetooth, because in my experience it results in better wireless connectivity (never drops signal, no missed keystrokes, doesn't need to reconnect on startup / wake from sleep, etc.) I like the keyboard layout, as the function key provides access to keys I want to have but rarely use (like page up/down), without them needing to take up dedicated space on the keyboard. I also like the chiclet layout.

Only thing keeping this from a 5 is that fairly regularly I'll feel like I bottom out a key only to have it not register. I know it's not a wireless issue, because it never happens if ... full review
"Exactly What I Was Looking For" - by Pika-Zap
I am very pleased with this wifi adapter. I chose this one because it was the highest rated on Amazon at the time of purchase. Installation was simple, and my download and upload speeds have nearly tripled.

My desktop PC had an internal wifi adapter plugged into the motherboard, which is now 8 years old. The adapter wasn't capable of 5 Ghz or newer encryption technologies and I was running into trouble connecting to my Comcast wireless gateway at home. My download speed was 28 Mbps and upload was 5. I purchased this USB network adapter to resolve my issues, and it was a success.

To install the driver and utility, run the installation disk first before you plug in the USB. Note the instruction pamphlet says to plug the USB in first, but a separate piece of paper was included in the box that specifically ... full review
"Life Saver... super easy to use" - by J. Murphy
I've got a couple of servers that don't have optical drives. This thing is just what I needed! Plugged into USB port and INSTANTLY saw the drive listed under computer. Nice addition of having the cable able to be stored away when not in use. I'd buy this again if I needed two... but it's so portable and handy, I probably won't need another around!
"We've come a long way from AT&T's dream of picture ..." - by Bob T (Central Illinois)
We've come a long way from AT&T's dream of picture phones or the massive equipment needed to video tele-conference. Picture quality, light metering and focus are spot-on in auto. But you can tweek picture elements to suit your taste.
"What a difference!" - by CarrieH (Northern California)
This is my first time writing an Amazon review. I have tried multiple WiFI adapters in the past but in my bedroom, I have struggled to get above 10 or 15Mbps. Now with the Techkey WiFi adapter, I am getting lighting internet speeds! I can get up to 30-48Mbps! My internet pages load up lightning fast. Also has helped improve my gameplay! No more lag, for the most part! Definitely worth the money!!
"While I've had the device only a short time I am pleased to report the installation was quick and easy" - by Macman
Mr. Chi,

Thank you for the useage "tips" for my B01N8WV4EQ . While I've had the device only a short time I am pleased to report the installation was quick and easy. I have used the drive only a few times so far but it has performed as expected. I like that it is compact and requires very little desk space. I have it hooked up to a brand new iMac, desktop computer. Over time I suspect your drive will be used extensively as I make music CD's for use in our family vehicle plus DVD movies to preserve family photos and videos.

I am relieved and comforted to hear you provide "customer service" AFTER the sale. To me, it is service AFTER a sale that carries more weight than anything else. Why? Because most products are manufactured at minimal costs, using substandard materials ... full review
"Good Buy for the money" - by Steve McClure
I bought two of these. One for HP desktop Windows 8 and Dell Laptop Windows 8. I attached a Bose Colorlink speaker to the desktop and an Altec speaker to the laptop. Install of software was easy. We leave these machines on most of the time and when they go to sleep, it helps if you make sure the speakers are on before waking the computer. There maybe bluetooth settings what would fix that.
"No Wifi Capability - This Will Correct the Problem" - by Friendly Bubba (San Diego, CA USA)
Bought this for an older model desktop computer I have to use at work, a computer without Wifi capability. I was using a jury-rigged ethernet cable for connection to the internet. The ethernet cable was on the floor running approximately 50 feet, unsecured, from the outlet to my desktop computer - a safety hazard in itself. This Wifi adapter does the job. It came with a little installation CD for installing the required software. I was concerned there might be a possible loss of internet speed, but that was not the case at all. The ethernet cable is no longer needed. Fully satisfied with this product.