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"Perfect charger for travel" - by LaxMom
This is a perfect little portable charging unit. In my house everyone has two or three different items, phones, tablets, Bluetooth, or charging devices. They all usually come with cords but the charging blocks have become a hot commodity. My kids actually steal these from each other frequently so I've tried color coding them and lots of other schemes to try to keep track. But this is a charger which has room for everyone's stuff. With four ports I can plug in my phone, iPad, headset, and extra battery all at the same time.

This charger is UL certified so it's safer to use. It will not damage your devices. It has two slots for faster charging of larger devices like tablets those are marked with filled in dot and 2.4A. The other two ports are 1A and better suited to cell phones and smaller devices. You can safely use either ... full review
"Great size, dual USB, it even comes with carabiners! Great Product!" - by Jose
I saw this specific portable solar electronics charger on the Renogy website, and I thought, "why not". After ordering it from Amazon and getting it a couple of days later, I put it to the test. I got to say, its great, I have used it to charge my phone and a portable power bank, and it works great, if not better than the wall charger ( in a good sunny day). I'll be doing a more thorough video, stay tuned!
"Anker PowerCore 20100 – Review by a Frequent Flyer Business Traveler" - by Gladius
Anker PowerCore 20100 – Review by a Frequent Flyer Business Traveler
Most of us would agree that we all carry or own multiple devices in this day and age and they all need frequent (1x /2x/3x times a day) recharging after continuous usage. I personally travel a lot for work and I find myself needing battery juice for my devices on a very frequent basis. I carry 2 cell phones and 1 tablet for work.

I obviously own couple of power banks to charge my phone during my flights or at the airports. I always thought it would be great if one these days they made a power bank which could charge all my devices few times and it wasn’t so heavy. Well, guess what Anker PowerCore 20100 is the answer.

First and foremost, the capacity of this device is amazing and recharging of your devices is superfast. The unit itself comes ... full review
"BEYOND INCREDIBLE!!!!" - by Amazon Customer
We are BEYOND pleased!!!
My daughter and I regularly volunteer rescuing animals and until we got the INIU we far too often, found ourselves lost, overwhelmed, and undercharged!!! We no longer fear being without access to GPS, help from other volunteers, a shelter or even veterinary assistance. Thank you!!! We are hoping to buy additional units for our iPads and have HIGHLY recommended this power bank to our entire rescue team as well as many others who find themselves low on power. We have found that this has helped us save time and more importantly lives!! If only network connections were as powerful as the INIU portable power bank!! A million thanks!!!