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"Great computer for browsing, media, and office work!" - by Brandon Eley (LaGrange, GA USA)
For the price, this Acer Aspire desktop is extremely nice. I have another Acer with a Core i3, and it's honestly pretty slow. I was a little concerned the i5 wouldn't be fast enough, but the 7th gen core i5-7400 (up to 3.5 Ghz) has been plenty fast enough for my needs.

This computer comes with 12 GB of RAM, upgradeable to 32 GB. It has one 8GB stick and one 4GB stick, so you could upgrade just the 4GB to a 16GB and have 24GB of RAM, which is what I'm planning on doing.

It ships with a 2 TB hard drive, but it's not an SSD, so even at 7200 RPMs if you're used to a computer with an SSD, it's going to feel really slow. That's not due to the clock speed of the processor, it's all caused by the hard drive. The first upgrade I plan on making ... full review
"Very nice value laptop" - by Soar
This is a nice setup for under $400. The laptop features the Intel i3-8130U 8th generation (latest generation for 4/2018, a 2 core processor), a 1TB drive and 6gb RAM. The battery is supposed to last for 12 hours (I tested this a bit but not a lot). The laptop has 6gb, a read/write DVD drive, and a lot of connections and a 1920 x 1080 display.

The laptop is responsive and snappy for an under $400 laptop. I’m a bit perplexed by some of the reviews claiming this to be slow. It is not. This value laptop has some chops. I loaded my desired suite of applications with Ninite dot com, that went quickly. In testing performance, I ran a Netflix movie and a show on YouTube at the same time with no performance degradation. I ran the 2+ hour movie twice ... full review
"Absolutely *loaded* with goodies for a really good price" - by Jeff P. (Durham, NC USA)
I haven't shopped desktops for a couple of years and even then it was for an all-in-one, so apologies if I sound a little amazed at all the features of this thing at the price.

I'm reminded of my childhood days as a hi-fi buff wannabe and we may be getting back to something similar. You'd agonize forever over your turntable selection, which speakers, open-reel vs. cassette and which decks to consider, and then struggle with the meat: preamp + amp + tuner? Integrated amp + tuner? Compromise your impeccable standards (laughing at self) and settle for a receiver?

Eventually (except for big budget purists), audio moved away from that granularity to more integrated solutions, where you buy a single product that has many capabilities and then add peripherals to assemble what you want. Or, at the lower end, you buy a complete bundle to which you add nothing at all. This ... full review
"Substance Over Style" - by Frederick Nunes (New Bedford, Ma.)
I received this laptop promptly. I was beating myself up with all the choices. What I finally decided was that this one was really my only option. I wanted all the features this offers. Great battery life, a matte screen (non-glossy) full HD, an SSD vs the HDD drive, and a backlit keyboard. This laptop as mentioned by others will not win any style points. It will however win with substance. It still is nice looking with a textured cover and being black overall. But that is not what this one is about. Its about what is inside of this amazing product. It took me about an hour to get all the updates to get it current. It boots up in 10 seconds and shuts down in 2 to 3 seconds. The screen quality is excellent, and I am fussy ... full review
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"Great desktop computer for the money." - by loustrau
Great desktop computer for the money. Call me old fashioned but I still like a desktop computer with a full size keyboard and a large monitor (actually I have two monitors connected). This computer has pretty much everything you need right out of the box, Plenty of computing power for most things, I am not a gamer. A large hard drive, 2 TB, and ample memory, 8 GB. If you are looking for a computer to replace your aging desktop you won't go wrong buying this.
"Incredible Deal, easy to upgrade to max performance." - by Stephen Van Vuuren (Greensboro, NC USA)
This model (1TB HD, 4GB RAM) is the best buy in low budget laptops for many reasons. I was prepared to return it but it's exceeded my expectations. First, it has features almost never found in even sub $800 unit much less $329 - backlight keyboard, 1920 x 1080 display and upgradable/replaceable storage. For those reasons alone, it's a 5 star machine.

It has a M2 slot accessible without violating warranty on bottom. I ordered it with $70 Crucial 275GB M2 SSD and additional 4GB RAM ($29) from Kingston (what it came with). So now for $429 I have a 15" Kaby Lake I3 with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and 1TB second drive with backlit keys and Full 1080p display and HD 620 Intel Graphics - better for video playback than 520. I could not find something close to this used much less new.

And the other aspects are good as well. ... full review
"Pros- Overall pretty fast performance mode is about 3" - by Isaac Jimenez
Pros- Overall pretty fast performance mode is about 3.5 GHZ
Runs games smoothly


the battery drains insanely fast.
Will sometimes lag too much for an i7
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"Great laptop for the price" - by Iris (Albany, CA USA)
Use this laptop for email, streaming video, and so on. No heavy gaming apps. Works very well, is well made, and light to carry. Screen is easy to see in average lighting. Everything you could want in an average laptop. My only issue is that the battery doesn't seem to last very long: If you are often away from a power source, you might want to look elsewhere. Otherwise, a great laptop for the price.
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"MS Office One Year Include" - by Kamel A.
I love it ,Even I don't really need it any more but I decided to keep it ...Very Thin with Smooth Looking , MSOffice One Year
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"Amazing!" - by Kakamay
I wanted to get a laptop for my stepdad because his was infected with so many different things that it didn't work properly anymore. So, when I saw this I couldn't believe my luck at the amazing price! I got it in the mail yesterday and set it up for him so it would be ready when he got home from work. It runs so smooth;y that I couldn't believe it! It answers commands immediately, the display color is fantastic, it has great speakers, he can use a regular mouse on it, and SO many other things! I'm EXTREMELY happy with this purchase, and my stepdad was even happier. THANKS GUYS!
"Important points to think about when considering a laptop at this end of the market." - by Greeny
I believe this device is meant to compete with Chromebook. That's the market. It has more internal storage than some big-selling Chromebooks. Some will criticize this device on the basis of its internal storage capability. Not me, that part is fine. It's slow though. I think it's fair to criticize this device for its relative slowness.

This is a serious device to consider if one is already thinking about a Chromebook. One has to weigh many different points to know which will be best for one's purposes.

Here are some points I believe are worthy of consideration:

1. Got an extra Microsoft Office license to spare? That's one important issue for many. If so, that makes this device more attractive.

2. Is your router close to where you'll operate this device? My Apple computers and Kindles work further from the router than this one. I consider that a potential limitation that I think one ... full review
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"Great laptop for the price" - by Scott Smith
Great laptop for the price. Very fast for what I use it for. Only downfall is that it doesn’t have an internal dvd/cd drive. Does come with Norton security that I recommend immediately changing. Norton didn’t load 6 or the first 12 times I turned the computer on. Since it is new and Windows updates regularly it will take several hours to update right out of the box.
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"Solid, but still Windows." - by Spliceosome (Worcester, MA United States)
I've had this machine for a few months and I'm happy with the screen, sound, battery, feel, durability and operation. I only withheld one star because it can be slow to launch apps at times. This may be because of Windows, but hey, that's a part of the product, so it counts.
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"Best display I've ever purchased" - by Charles Bradley Scott Jr. (Pittsburgh, PA USA)
I purchased 2 of these a few weeks ago and have enjoying the hell out of them ever since. The slim bezel was a big selling point for me. They look amazing side by side.

-Unbeatable price/value for a full 1080P monitor.
-Wonderful picture. LED lit makes images come to life.
-Easily calibrated or adjusted.
-Matte finish reduces any background light glare. Looks great with room lights on or off.
-Lightweight (only 6 lbs).
-Best response time out of any IPS panel display I've seen (only 4 ms)
-Very sturdy base.
-High viewing angles.
-3 different input ports makes this a dream for compatibility.
-No backlight bleeding(a common problem with some displays)
-No assembly, the monitor just slides on to the base and clicks in place. I set up 2 of these in less than 5 minutes.
-Packaged very well.
-Includes VGA cable, which I though I was going to have to purchase separately.

Not VESA mount compatible. (I knew this before I bought ... full review