Adjustable Height Laptop Stand

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"Easy to move around, great addition to musicians' recording stations!" - by P. Manos (Encino, CA USA)
Very nice little table! I actually purchased it to serve as my computer keyboard and mouse table which is very handy when you play and record on your large piano/keyboard and need more flexible arrangement for your mouse and computer keyboard because of the constant moving around the equipment etc. This is a perfect size table that doesn't take up a lot of space and it's strong enough. I wouldn't place my coffee mug on it while having the mouse and the computer keyboard even though, there's enough space for all three. It's a little unstable for too many things, but perfect for the intended use and very mobile and functional. Check the photos I posted of my arrangement of this little nifty table. I have no idea how functional it would be for a laptop but it looks perfect for my iPad-2 (with or without keyboard) and a ... full review
"Economical and Adjustable Laptop Stand" - by Jon J. (USA)
This laptop stand is lightweight and budget friendly. It provides a stable platform for a computer and a mouse pad, but will not fit much else. It does have some sway, but not enough to put your hardware at risk. It also can be readily disassembled for the purposes of transportation. All in all, it is an affordable option that meets the advertised purpose.
"Very nice adjustable laptop stand!" - by Jesse
Very nice adjustable laptop stand! I just received this the other day and already it has replaced my stand I have had for years. I have a 15.4 '' laptop and it fits nicely with room to spare (check image). It is really neat that it can be adjusted in so many ways! The two fans with a dedicated power switch are also a nice touch. Lastly it also includes a mouse pad extension which is very nice for a permanent setup. It seems very well made with many of the parts metal.
"Great!" - by xixi73
I'm very satisfied with this product so far. I play far too many PC games and this really helps straighten my neck and back, instead of being hunched over all the time. It also gives a good space for extra storage on my desk. I was nervous about it holding up my monitor since I'm not sure how heavy it is, but I have had absolutely no worries about the strength of this riser - it handles it easily. The set-up was incredibly easy and it doesn't wobble at all. Great product!
"I am very happy and enjoying to work in my bed with my ..." - by Reynaldo Torres
The product shown is what it is and it works really well whether you are in the sofa seating or in bed, you can adjust the table to suit your desire position to work with your laptop. I am very happy and enjoying to work in my bed with my laptop. One thing that could be improved is to make the table to have some kind of pad so the laptop does not slip from the center of the table.
"Just what I needed for raising my computer monitor on ..." - by Pat Friedli
Just what I needed for raising my computer monitor on top of my desk. Although it is adjustable, you cannot adjust it while the computer monitor is on the stand.
"Sturdy Tri-Pod" - by Ryan
When I opened the box, I was impressed with the thick and sturdy tri-pod legs. I am using this as a portable laptop/projector stand for mobile presentations. The platform will hold my laptop and projector at the same time, which is why I bought it. Since the legs are thick and adjustable, you don't have to worry too much about it getting bumped and falling over.... unless someone tackles it.

The thing I don't like about it is the plastic support brackets that mount the platform to the tri-pod. They snapped in half after about 4 uses. After I put away the laptop and projector away, I would tilt the platform to the side and fold the legs for storage. I loosened the wingnuts enough to allow it to to tilt and leaned it against a wall. It slipped and hit the ground, ... full review
"so that's good so far" - by Jasmine
I just wanted to make my laptop/desktop combination more ergonomic, so I came across this stand. I've had this for a few months now, and it's held up my macbook well. I haven't encountered any wobbliness, so that's good so far.

The only problem I had with this was setting it up. The screws weren't fitting correctly, so I had to fiddle with it for ~30 minutes to get it properly set up. It was a lot of taking screws out and putting them in different spots to make it fit correctly.
Also, the grip pad is basically a big sticker (so make sure you stick it correctly and perfectly the first time, if you have the need to make things perfectly symmetrical). The grip pad also doesn't fit the entire inside area, so you might have a tougher time making it symmetrical.
"Excellent value!" - by Jennifer Garcia
I love this! It sets up and takes down easily. There's space for papers or a book in addition to my laptop. I stand at this for a couple of hours at a time to tutor students online from home, and it's improved my energy level and attitude. The only down side: I'm only 5'2", and on our standard height kitchen table this is not quite tall enough to line up my notebook camera with my face. Easy fix: I put a 2" tall book under my computer. It would be fine as-is if I weren't using the camera.