Aged Cheddar

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"It taste the best." - by Mitchell Brock
I was a Master Chef for many years and have tried many different cheeses from all over the world. Who was it to know that the best cheese I would ever had in my life would be from right here in my own Country. This Cheddar Cheese was aged to protection and in just the right conditions to make it simple perfect in every way possible. I always loved cheese and now know that this Cheddar Cheese will be on my shopping list for years to come.
"Amazing!" - by Soo
It was for a gift for my friend but I could hear his feedback; it was amazing! So pungent and savory
"Delicious" - by avid reader
Really delicious! Husband has lost 50lbs on a low carb diet and these fill his snack cravings. Teen daughter with amazing metabolism still eats them because they are so good
"Our Favorite!" - by Amazon Customer
Ordered for a cheeseboard for St. Patrick's Day dinner and was a HUGE hit. Will order again and again.Thank you!
"Good, basic extra sharp Cheddar for the price" - by S. J. Snyder (Various, United States)
If you are looking for an "introductory" cheese to the world of exta-sharp cheddars, this is a good starting point. Quebec is indeed extra-sharp, not just sharp. It has a fairly "straight" taste, that is, not a lot of complexity, just straight sharpness with a slightly buttery undertaste.

That said, if you're a more experienced cheese aficionado, but still new to extra-sharp cheddars, you may, after starting here, want to move on to more complex cheeses such as seaside cheddars.
"A Yummy Alternative to the Same old MAC & CHEESE!" - by AUTISTIC WEREWOLF (Baltimore County, Maryland USA)
My brother is autistic just like me but he is far more fun. Life with my autistic brother is an adventure because you never know what he will bring back when he goes shopping. I asked my brother to order some Mac & Cheese since that is what he likes most. Normally he being a creature of habit has brough the same Mac & Chesse for years. BUT every so often my brother gets this wild hair and buys something totally out of character.

So imagine my surprise when Annie's Homegrown Shells & White Cheddar showed up at my door when my brother did the online grocery shopping for me. I actually encourage my brother to ry new things but it always shocks me when he listens. Anyways we fixed these Annie's Homegrown Shells & White Cheddar one box for each of us. Now we add real ... full review
"Five Stars" - by Sweetie37188
One of my daughter's favorite snacks and better than chips!
"Great tasting, heathy snack" - by Kate (NC)
Bought these to bring to the office in my lunch. They taste great and good portion size. I could eat more of them since they taste so good but I find myself satisfied with the .5 serving and don't feel cheated at all. I attached a photo of the contents of the .5 oz size bag dumped onto a napkin with a pen for size reference. I will continue to buy these as they are a healthy snack that tastes great.

Ingredients listed:
Corn Meal, Contains one or more of the following: Sunflower, Expeller Pressed Canola or Corn Oil, Aged Cheddar Cheese (Cultured Milk, Salt, Enzymes), Whey and Buttermilk. CONTAINS DAIRY INGREDIENTS

Nutritional Facts:
Calories: 65
Calories from Fat: 25

Total Fat: 2.5 g 4%
Saturated Fat: 0.5g 1%
Trans Fat: 0g 0%
Cholesterol: 0 g 0%
Sodium: 70 mg 3%
Total Carbs: 10g ... full review
"As good as it gets from a box" - by Michael Kozlowski (Livonia, MI United States)
I grew up a Kraft boy, and you wouldn't find me with off-brand boxes of macaroni and cheese. No, sir. Just the authentic and best for me.

When I got older, I realized (thanks to Mark Bittman's superb cookbook, How to Cook Everything -- if you happen to be in the vicinity of a bookstore, pick it up) that boxed stuff is horrid, compared to making actual pasta with actual cheese.

But, well, sometimes I just want something out of a box. (And our seven-year-old ALWAYS does, for he has the insane and tasteless taste buds of a child.) In those cases, I always went back to Kraft, until we started shopping at Whole Foods and bought a pack of Annie's to try out -- very skeptically in my case, as I'd had a lot of off-brand stuff that failed to live up to the Kraft ideal. ... full review
"Most delicious cheese ever!" - by Janie E. Beck (Clarksville, TN)
If you like extra sharp cheese, you will love this cheese! This cheese taste so fresh and creamy to me. The shipping rates were unbelievably low compared to other companies. This cheese arrived in perfectly cold conditions. I highly recommend this cheese and the company that sent it.
"SO DELICIOUS. SO ADDICTIVE." - by C. Bartley (Las Vegas, NV)
I am so addicted to these chips. I had to get the "original" flavor here on Amazon because they are so popular at my local grocery store that they are sold out of them the same day they get in stock! Try them; then try to stop eating them!
"This 7 year from Quebec was just fantastic! It wasn't too sharp which I like - ..." - by Julie A. Jannereth
My husband LOVES cheese, specifically cheddar. This 7 year from Quebec was just fantastic! It wasn't too sharp which I like - it was just sharp enough for a "kick". You could definitely identify the crystals in your mouth. Just wonderful, I highly recommend.