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"So easy to use" - by Ruth
Loved this product. Gave it to my sister as a gift and it was so easy to download the pictures on a memory card so all she had to do was plug it in and turn it on!! Was so good to relive the memories.
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"Size" - by Gary Gruda (DU BOIS, PA, US)
I was very satisfied with the categories above. I was a little disappointed in the screen size. The unit was
described as 9 inch, but that is the outside dimensions of the unit, not the screen size. Still, a very good unit.
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"I ordered 8 for Christmas gifts" - by W. D. Barnum (Columbia, SC United States)
As with any such electronic product that I am going to give as a gift - I open it up and test it prior to giving it. I was somewhat surprised that of the eight I ordered and tested, I had none, that is zero "out of box failures” Well done!

I tested each one using a USB memory stick and an SD card. Power it up, plug in the desired memory device and the unit immediately starts playing the photos in the order in which they were recorded on the memory device.

All such devices with a screen come with a "screen protector" film over the display, which must be removed prior to use. I removed these protective covers prior to testing. There is a small blue tag in the upper left corner which is attached to the protective film cover - just pull on it and ... full review
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"Wonderful idea and good looking frame" - by Amanda (ASHEBORO, NC)
I gave this frame to my mother for her 76 year old birthday, she made the set up with no issues as very few steps needed, we all connected with her frame through the app, when she received the first photo on the frame she was really thrilled, now she has received lots of pictures from her children and grand children, she spent hours enjoying the pictures every day, it’s nice to keep her up to date with us. Wonderful idea and good looking frame!
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"Nice Quality, Aesthetically appealing, and Easy!" - by smcb94
Very pleased with this frame! I had an older digital photo frame prior to this and this one put that to shame. The picture quality was nice and crisp, and it was very easier to set up. I just took the SD card out of my other one and placed it into this, turned it on, and it was ready to go. I appreciate the bendable rod it has on the back so I can adjust the angle like a normal picture frame. The color was nice and looks like real wood. This would make a lovely addition to anyone’s home, especially for a picture fiend like me, who has pictures plastered all across the house.
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"WOW! Where has NIX been hiding this great frame." - by J. Cameron
WOW! Where has NIX been hiding this frame all this time. It plays the slide show seamlessly.

I own three older NIX frames...a 10",12" and 15" and they all work perfectly; however, I purchased a second 12" NIX frame as a gift for a friend. The model I purchased was the NIX X12C and it just did not work properly. It would not play any flash drive that I purchased. Sometimes nothing played with one flash drive, while another flash drive kept repeating photos or froze photos for up to a minute, even though I set it for 3 seconds. I was also told that I had to resize the photos for them to work properly. I did not do that because I never had to do it with the older frames, and several people wrote reviews on Amazon that they tried doing that, but ... full review
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"BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!" - by Teri Lynn Tingley
This frame is AMAZING! The size, the clarity, all of the awesome features! I just LOVE the auto on/off and the crystal clear screen! In addition, this company's customer service is ABOVE AND BEYOND!!! I had little incident with our new puppy destroying the remote control...Ug! I contacted the seller through Amazon and they replied within minutes and in no time flat, have a replacement in the mail to me! I HIGHLY recommend this company and this product. You can sure bet I will be telling everyone I know how wonderful this company is!! Thank YOU and a very Merry Christmas!!!!
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"high technology!" - by Jason.z
We have an old digital frame which was bought 4 years ago, i have to upload photos to it by SD card every time I have new photos. My daughter likes travelling and she travels a lot, now is Summer holiday and she is in Europe, I want to see more photos of her, so I was looking for a frame which can receive photos from her during her trip, this feelcare one seems the right one I need, it is easy to set up, connect the frame via app is also very easy, my daughter is now able to send me photos every day, awesome! I love the sound of the new coming photo, it’s like a little surprise every time I received a new photo, photos are very clear and color is beautiful, I can adjust the brightness too, much better than my old frame, love it!
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"It is a cool gift" - by yinghao Zhou
This is really a gift worth buying. I bought it as a gift for Thanksgiving to my mother. Mom likes it very much and says that this photo frame is great. I hope this picture frame will let us stay in this moment of good memory forever.
But before you use it, you have to prepare USB or SD card. First put the photo in the card, then insert the card into the photo frame. There is also a human body motion sensor function to pay attention to set up, you can not be set too short time. If the setting time is ten seconds, it will feel that the photo frame has been constantly turned on and off.
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"Better & Inexpensive digital picture frame than other 8 inch ..." - by SOPHIA WANG
Better & Inexpensive digital picture frame than other 8 inch DPF.

This digital picture frames is a basic digital photo frame, It is 8 inch with Picture/Video/Audio/Calendar/Clock functions,Similar to Micca digital picture frame and TENKER digital photo frames,but better than them on the display,and looks more beautiful,the most important is the price also cheaper than those two brands,Inexpensive,I’m satisfied with it,like it very much,recommend.
"perfect frame" - by Chris P
This is the perfect frame. Picture quality and the functionality (controls, picture transition, settings and so on) are all excellent. Simple to use but has a lot functions: slideshow, picture rotation, clock, calendar, slot for earphones, built-in speaker. You can listen to the music and use it as a background. Menu and supplied remote control easy to use. Value of money. I am totally impressed with the frame and would recommend this item to anyone.
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"Stealthy WiFi frame with long battery" - by Andy Fischer (Tampa, FL)
Working at a non-for-profit, we often find ourselves leaving volunteers in compromising situations when it comes to security.

This WiFi photo frame allows us to have secret eyes on our valuable items, and gives us a point of legal accountability should things go awry.

Smartphone pairing from the app was easy, although the QR code did not work. Good camera quality and nearly impossible to spot. Battery lasts a long time.
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"Very nice quality" - by Ilkr Phydone
It is the one of the best designed picture frames.
In every aspect it is greatly thought.
The appearance is great
The picture quality is great
The connectiablity is great

We have been using foe a while and keep changing the pictures. It is also letting you connect to facebook and Twitter. If you set it up, it is automatically pulling the pictures from social media.
Set up is easy if you read the manual.
I strongly recommend it