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"An amazing manga series, one of the best I have ever read." - by Grace
The story may seem light at first, but it builds, and fast. I've read up to Volume 9 and its brings you on such an emotional roller coaster. You will get attached to the characters. You will feel relief in their triumphs, and despair in their defeats. I really believe anyone can enjoy this story, and recommend to keep on reading on. This a story of the strong preying on the weak, and struggles for equality. It is a story with laughing, action, and weeping. Be prepared!
"Five Stars" - by J.wolf
"Its amasing" - by Dawn
I love this book and to me it has a few funny moments and it was a blast to read
"Great" - by B. Michael (wa, usa)
Goes so well with the book. My 8 year old, 2nd grader loves the projects in the back of the book and they can be done by up to 4th or 5th grade I would guess. Lot's of activities with each chapter, two crosswords, a page of definitions, a project that you cut out from the back of the book, a biblical writing practice page in print and cursive, and lot's of blocks in which to make notes on various animals. Also lot's of stickers to label on a map where in the world the animals are from.
"Nat Geogot the rights to Rugrats" - by Evan (Edinburg, Texas, United States)
Let me ask you, if you took Tarzan and the Rugrats and put them in a blender, then added some Animal Farm, what would you get? This. You have no excuse for not buying this series.
"Great book!" - by MA (California)
This book is a somewhat meandering but fascinating text. It includes descriptions of interesting eyes, eye optics, and possible evolutionary history of eyes. Terrific read!
"Superb!" - by Heather
This is a perfect book to accompany the textbook that we use in our homeschool co-op. I found that my 1st and 2nd grade get far more out of the content with the notebooking journal. HIGHLY recommend it!
"Five Stars" - by J.wolf
Good manga
"Yessssss" - by Kel
If you do not know this series you are missing out. The art can only be defined as Makoto Raiku's. It is to my taste. I own all the books and not one has let me down on my quest to finish this series. Read it. Also read Vinland saga, that too is amazing.
by DK
"The two things that I like best about this encyclopedia is the colored labels on ..." - by JennRK
I ordered 3 animal encyclopedias for our homeschool classroom as we are doing a couple years of Zoology curriculum. This was the one that I picked for our 8 year old daughter. The two things that I like best about this encyclopedia is the colored labels on the right side of the pages that designate "mammals", "birds", "reptiles", etc. Makes it easy for my daughter to find the animal she is looking for. I also like that every animal in the book has the scientific/Latin name underneath the name of the animal in English. The book is FULL of bright, crisp photographs and my daughters love looking through this book! My one complaint is that it is a soft back book and on the first day my daughter used it, the cover and biding pulled away from the pages :( I used some ... full review
"Really Liking It" - by Node
I don't know what to say other than a nice follow-up volume. From the first volume, I know that the MC wants to make a paradise where all the animals live together in peace, except the obvious problem - the meat eaters. And the elephant addressed that and the solution had yet to arise, maybe down the road???
"Used this for my class!!!" - by franny264
Students loved these stories. Encouraged them to do further research on the topics. Terrific layout of material and pictures. Great series!!!Love it and still use other books in the series.
"Great book" - by Scrapper
I love this book ! Great ideas and instructions.
"A classic survey of animals in children's literature" - by John Gough (Melbourne, Australia)
This is one of the first monographs on children's literature, and one of the best.
Margaret Blount surveys animals, as they appear in different ways, in children's (and at times, adult) books.
She also outlines a history of children's books.
The story starts with Aesop's Fables, in Ancient Greece, and Reynard the Fox, in the Middle Ages, and ranges onwards to Russell Hoban's "The Mouse and His Child".
Blount explores the books in which the central character is simply an animal, such as in Henry Williamson's "Tarka the Otter".
Other books retain the wildness of actual animals, with an added layer of human-like thought and communication, as in Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book" and "The Just-So Stories".
Sometimes the animals are important, within human stories, but more emblematic, as in Elizabeth Goudge's "The Little White Horse". That "little white horse" is not quite a horse, and the big loud dog is not quite a dog.
Similarly, Aslan ... full review
"Just what it looks like from the cover" - by Anna Rose (Encinitas,CA)
My K-2 class love this book. Simple, beautiful photos of some Polar animal babies and their mothers, just as it says. Also excellent for pre-school ages.