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"Slow warranty service" - by Geek (Southwest)
Bought this in 4/16, lightning connector came off 8/16. Does not appear to be durable with the way the connector came off so easily. Attached is a photo of the lightning end. Note that it was very difficult to remove the part of the connector that was left in my device. This is the first time I've used Anker support but they appear to be very slow in responding. In contrast, Monoprice warranty service is much better. With Monoprice, I submitted a claim and received an email later that day that a new cable was being sent out that day, no need to return the defective one. I'm still waiting for Anker's customer support after submitting a claim four days ago. I'll probably go back to using Monoprice with their lifetime-no-hassle warranty vs. Anker's 18 month, slow to respond customer support. I bought a bunch of these Anker PowerLine ... full review
"Durable and Long Lasting!" - by SITING LI
This cable phone charger is a great product to use! Charges really fast, comes with many of them, made with high quality four core copper wires, the lightning cord can keep a longer working life than ordinary cable.
"Recommend seller !!!" - by Mariana Morelli (USA Flórida )
It was a wonderful purchase. ! The material is amazing !!!!! I liked the material, the qualities! You can close your eyes and Buy with this seller !
"Good wire. Use with Anker Charger" - by Brian A. Tomasio (Bridgeport, CT, United States)
I bought this USB cord for my iPhone/iPad Pro because it was suggested to fully utilize the speedy charging capabilities of the dual port 24 W charger also by the same company.

I liked the fact that it was advertised as being very strong and powerful. I don’t know if it’s just me, but what Apple sends out barely lasts a few months with basic day today use .

While I am impressed with the overall appearance and job this cord does, I have to say that with basic use it’s already malfunctioning.

And I do mean basic use. It’s not being moved around, it’s not being bent or stretched or anything, basically plug in my iPad or iPhone, set it down, and forget it until it’s charged again

Last night when I plugged it into my phone the phone kept blinking in and out of charge mode, so I ... full review
"Good quality feel to these cables" - by Chris Vecchi (Springboro, Ohio,United States)
These are a little more expensive than some of the base cords out there, but they are lengthy and reach all the way across the room which is nice. The outer braid makes them seem like they will hold up pretty well. This isn’t the normal thin cable, it’s much beefier. I’ll update the review in a few weeks to see how they do. I used these to replace some that just kept failing one after another..
"So far... excellent!" - by Sawdusterman (Southwest MO)
Apple likes to talk about their “environment” where everyone and everything plays nice together! Well, for many things that may be true, but not when you’re dealing with charging cables. You can literally spend two to three thousand dollars on a device, and Apple “generously” includes a 3’ charging cable (which is pretty much useless unless the device sits on a counter with a plug directly above. Then, as if to add insult to injury, the lightning cable is designed with a very small connector, which means if you’re distracted, in a hurry, or if your hand is wet, you’ll likely end up pulling on the wire instead of the connector. Then, (sooner rather than later) the cord will fail. Oh, but Apple to the rescue...they’ll gladly sell you a replacement 3’ cable for $34.00, so the same thing can happen again!

You might say, just purchase an ... full review
"Fantastic bargain and sturdy!" - by Kari Russell
I absolutely love this pack of chargers!! They are a fantastic price and charge quickly. They are also a strong material and sturdy.
"Works great" - by Alice Payne
I have been useing charging line one week .It's working great .The delivery time is very fast, all my old iPhone charging line is out of use, and I am very happy to have it coming in time!
"Work great! Night quality! Save my money." - by Alice1994
This cable is really good price! The only thing I don’t like about apple products is their charger cables, so expensive and broken easily! But this one is totally same! Save my money! I love it!
"iPhone cable certified,work well" - by luis
I have used this apple cable to charge my iPhone XR for half a month. I found the quality to be really good. We all know that the original iPhone cable is very easy to break. This iPhone cord is highly safe and efficient. Five prices are also very affordable!