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"Great for teenagers!" - by Logan S.
Great for teenagers!

We got this for my 17 and 15 year old boys and it was one of the best purchases of the year. Unlike a lot of the toys over the years that they play for a while and then they are tired of it not this. They continue to try to get better to beat one another:) The winner of each game gets to decide on the next game (there are 10) and music (there are 3 music options and 2 w/sound FX). I read lots of reviews when I was trying to decide which one to buy. It sounded like the biggest difference was the quality of the electronics and the ability to accurately count the shots cause you know after all with 2 very competitive teenage boys that is very important and it works perfectly. We have had zero issues with that with the pop a ... full review
"Five Stars" - by jpphun (MIDLAND, MI, US)
lots of fun, a little work to put together but worth it
"Five Stars" - by BostonNeverSleeps
Very good quality. My 7 year old loves to play it and its a big hit for a playdate!
"Lots of Fun!" - by y2says
Bought this for the showroom for March Madness and it has been a great hit! Sturdy construction and it comes with all necessary equipment. The sensor to keep score is not always accurate, but it's good enough. It took 2 guys to put it together and took them about an hour or so. Much better unit than the one I bought last year.
"... for about 1 month now and it is working great. My 10 year old son loves it and ..." - by Steve Mileski
We have had for about 1 month now and it is working great. My 10 year old son loves it and we play quite regularly as a family. Well worth the price.
"This is a much more sturdy than the one we bought before" - by Redlands Purchasing Dept.
Prefect this was just what we were looking for. This is a much more sturdy than the one we bought before.
"Good Quality Basketball Game" - by Amy Lynn (Pennsylvania United States)
Arcade quality game for the home or game room. Headboard is thick/well made, painted nicely. Double-hoop design, it has a hoop for visitors and one for home team and a net on each side. Comes with everything in the box. To assemble you get the Allen wrench and key, you just need the standard/Phillips screwdriver. In the box you get the basketballs, all the parts and electronic scorer- (takes three double A batteries.) It has 8 game modes- 'Check Point, 'Around The World' and 'Left And Right Shoot- gives different versions of games available and how to play them. You press play to enter game one, you can also select single or multiple players, you can choose your playing time 30/45/60 seconds. Scoreboard home displays Player 1 and 2 and visitor displays 3 and 4. Player with the most points wins. Scorer will turn off automatically after 15 minutes if ... full review
"Fun game. Just beware it has a very large ..." - by Darryl T.
Fun game. Just beware it has a very large footprint. The bolts in the back are exposed. I had this up against the wall and started tearing up the wall where the bolts stuck out. One of the hoops is slightly loose after several days of play. I think the play is in the backboard itself so I am probably eventually going to have to rig up a brace.
"Great family fun" - by i.p. daly
Bought this as a Christmas present for family. By all accounts, it is getting thoroughly used and is a nice, sturdy piece of equipment.
"Great Inexpensive Table" - by Gina Thomas (Baghdad, Iraq)
We got this table to round out our entertainment room for the kids. They love it's versatility and it's just the right size for the 14'x16' room we have it in. We are very happy with this table and its not hard to change between games if the kids get tired of fuse ball.