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"Asia Rocks!!!!!!!!!" - by Susan P. Weston (Tucson, Arizona United States)
I had this on an LP years ago! The local radio station played a cut from it the other day and I ordered it on cd. Very glad I did! The musicianship of this group is still fresh!! And I love the DRAGON! I wonder if the same person did the dragon for "Merlin"! This music is fabulous! For anyone who likes good rock and roll with incredible lyrics, you owe it to yourself to give this a listen for the first time....and those of us who have listened to them before...welcome home!!
"must have for anyone who grew up in eighties!!!" - by cat lover
This album has ALL the classic hits from Asia that I remember on the radio back in the day. For anyone who loves Asia this one is really does have all of their greatest hits. And if you haven't listened to or heard of Asia but enjoy the music of "Journey", "Foreigner", or "Boston", I think you would like Asia too!!!
"Cracks are beginning to show..." - by Prog Nerd (Southern California)
Asia's sophomore album arrived in July 1983. This was quite a fast production, considering that their previous album had only come out in April of 1982, which was then followed by months and months of touring.

Bassist/vocalist John Wetton and keyboardist Geoff Downes had emerged as the main songwriting duo behind Asia. As a result, every song on here (as opposed to Asia's debut) is purely a Wetton/Downes credit. And I think this is one reason why it's not as universally-accepted as the debut album. Vocals and keyboards are a bit more dominant, Carl Palmer's drums aren't mixed as well...and where's Steve Howe? His guitars are a thin whisper on many of the tracks. His sole songwriting contribution to Alpha was "Lying To Yourself" and it was filed away to be issued as a B-side. No wonder he left in '84.

It's not that I think Alpha is a bad album. In ... full review
""This is what Asia is supposed to sound pop"" - by Daniel S. Sullivan (Gibbstown,N.J. USA)
In my review for 2008's "Phoenix" I opined that cd was "what a 3rd album would have sounded back in 1984".

This contribution however was what the 2nd album SHOULD have sounded like way back in 1983, the year of "Alpha".

Much in the way that "Never Again" kicked off "Phoenix" with a rocking start, "Finger On The Trigger"-originally recorded by Wetton and Downes with Icon-benefits tremendously from Carl Palmer's powerhouse drumming and Steve Howe's jazz-rock electric guitar stylings.

"Through My Veins" signals the first collaboration between Steve Howe and John Wetton in nearly 30 years. A powerful and moody piece much akin to "Wish I'd Known All Along" from "Phoenix".

"Holy War" is an amazingly powerful piece that again showcases Steve's guitar and gives Carl Palmer his supreme moment on the album.

"Ever Yours" is the album's requisite ballad. "Emily" a bonus track is the only chink in the armor. this one was better ... full review
"Asia reunited in Phoenix and Omega" - by Mr. Geo
Possibly "preaching to the choir", but for the visitors here who don't know about it, the "original" Asia reunited ... releasing two new "studio" albums: Phoenix (2008) and Omega (2010).

Geoff Downes (keyboard)
Steve Howe (electric, acoustic and steel guitars)
Carl Palmer (drums and percussion)
John Wetton (lead vocal and bass guitar)

You can listen to previews of all the tracks here in Amazon's mp3 section and I believe you will want to download both albums. Some 25 years after separating, Asia got it all back together again and what a treat, they are as great as ever.
"Solid 18 Track Asia Best Of Collection" - by Purple Sub (Portland, OR United States)
Probably the most successful UK prog band of the 80s - particularly commercially. All of the hits are here with some less frequently compiled LP tracks like After The War and The Last To Know. Great value too.
"Grade A-" - by Eric J. Weik (Dyersburg, TN)
A good collection of Asia's songs, better than THEN & NOW, but not as good as HEAT OF THE MOMENT, THE VERY BEST OF ASIA. The later has a lot more songs.
"Indeed - the very Best of Asia!" - by Frank Vigil (Albuquerque, NM USA)
All I can say is that I'm glad that I found this particular collection of the best of Asia! So many of their songs that I hadn't heard in a while still sound as good as they did 25 years ago! The musicianship is truly remarkable, and the producers did a great job in selecting the songs to include in this compilation. Truly one of the super groups of the 80's. By the way - they have been touring recently with the original lineup - Howe, Wetton, Palmer, and Downes. If you have a chance to catch them live, by all means - DO! They may be getting older (like the rest of us), but still know how to ROCK!
"ASIA Another instant classic!" - by Kevin Liening
One of the few bright spots of 80's music! ASIA's new album "Gravitas" deserves a place right next to their earlier works. An instant classic! As much as I love Steve Howe, Sam Coulson is a great replacement. It has taken up residency in my CD jukebox. Keep up the great work, gentlemen!
"This concert is fantastic. Asia shows a lot of strength and concentration ..." - by Gran Concierto
This concert is fantastic. Asia shows a lot of strength and concentration among its musicians. In the last part the orquerta is incorporated and the music gains in dimension. Wetton continues to lead the group. Downes interprets the keyboards, in some subjects very to the front, of almost identical form to the discs of study. Palmer is very well pro loses some strength when he joins the orchestra. The guitar in some songs seems not to be. In synthesis, an even concert with good selection of themes. The image is very good in blu ray, but nothing impressive.
"SHM-SACD is ok." - by Deadhead since the 80s
I just received this SACD and I have to, unfortunately, admit that it just makes the ok level. Three stars because the music is really good.

The high end is one of the biggest problems with this release. I find that the high end is on the brittle shrill side. One should be able to crank a good SACD but this one fatigues my ears at a loud volume.

The mid range isn't horrible but seems slightly muddy. It has no dynamics

The bass lacks a bit and has no punch. Pretty much the same as the mids with no dynamic range.

Over all this SACD lacks the warm analogue sound that SACD can produce. As I stated above it fatigues my ears at an elevated level of sound. I wonder if this release just wasn't recorded well.

Disappointed and it won't be high on the rotation list.
"Second-tier performance. "Official Bootleg" from Asia's 2008 concert in San Francisco. 3.6 out of 5." - by PsAustrinus
First things first: this is nowhere near as good a live album as Fantasia, Spirit of the Night, or Resonance. This album is for the harder-core Asia fan, who is ok with the occasional sound glitches that crop up during this recording. Under the Bridge is actually a rewrapping - this concert was recorded and released on CD earlier. If you see a San Francisco Live album from Asia, this is the same one.
The performance is historic in one respect - the original lineup performed, in order, the entire debut album from start to finish. While it was nice to have this piece of history in my collection, I kind of wish it had been a better performance - the guys didn't really seem to have their A-game on the night Under the Bridge was recorded. It may be that some of this would ... full review
"4.5 Stars - Asia fans should be happy" - by A. Caviedes (Western NY)
I have been an Asia fan from the beginning. Asia and Alpha are two of my all-time favorite albums. To me, these three latest albums since reformation are quite good, but not up to the magic of the first two albums. Of the three latest albums, this is the most immediately catchy. I guess that is a sign that this album is as poppy as they ever have been, with many anthemic-style songs (Reno, I know how you feel, Faithful) that have Wetton's singing as their featured element.

Others have lamented that Howe is under-utilized, but that's just how things are these days within the band (with Howe sharing time with Yes obligations). His acoustic guitar on "I know how you feel" is sweet, and he is at his best on "Tomorrow the World" (sounds a bit like "Cutting it Fine" on the first album), my favorite track on the album. ... full review
"Classic Asia - lovely music!" - by birdmom9726 (Wilds of West Michigan)
Love this album. What more can I say, except I play this album (and all of my Asia music) to death!!!!! It's timeless music, and has a positive message that leaves me feeling good.