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"A very nice tape indeed" - by A. C. Smith (Vic, Australia)
These tapes were very quick to arrive, and were packed very well so there was no damage whatsoever. I got them mostly for nostalgia / fun and to keep my tape decks going. It's fun showing my kids too what the old technology used to be, and also my friends who used to have tape decks and have since got rid of them. I tested out a music recording on my TEAC tape deck, and they do a very nice job indeed. Apart from the higher noise floor which is to be expected with tapes, the sound quality is excellent. I mostly record to CD or Hard Drive now, but if I had to record to tape, then I have no problems using these. Tapes aren't that easy to find now, so it's good to still be able to get them if you need ... full review
"Maxell Audio Tapes" - by Dorothy Govenettio (BUFFALO, NY, US)
I bought a box of these audio tapes for my daughter, who tapes every Sunday morning from the radio. There is a local pastor and wife who have a radio program. It beats going to a local store to buy just 3 or 4. She's happy! They work fine and we have never had a problem with them.
"The Maxell UR-60 Blank Audio Cassette Tape - 8 Pack is perfect for my needs and the price can't be beat." - by AUTISTIC WEREWOLF (Baltimore County, Maryland USA)
Cassettes are sadly on their way out. The cassette is still good for dictation but music seems to have gone to MP3. I am dictating three books yikes. I found that for me the process of typing and composing interesting effective material is impossible. I can type or I can compose I can't do both at the same time. I am autistic as such to explain myself with the kinds of passion that makes my work readable and enjoyable I must be unshackled from the keyboard.

I can let myself go when I am speaking into my tape recorder because I soon forget the tape recorder is there. I just let my passions flow and a Maxell UR-60 Blank Audio Cassette Tape is there capturing every word for eventual transcription. The Maxell 8 Pack assures I will have plenty of cassette tapes to ... full review
"Making some mix tapes in 2013" - by Phil Leitch (minnesota)
A friend mentioned something about mix tapes the other day and I asked if they even still sold cassette tapes. A quick search here and of course they still do. So I immediately ordered some. I believe this is the same packaging as the last time (sometime in the 90s) I bought blank tapes.

It's time for the cassette to make a comeback!
"The Maxell Audio Cassette tapes are doing fine. I know that cassettes are long past being ..." - by James
The Maxell Audio Cassette tapes are doing fine. I know that cassettes are long past being popular but i'm glad that i can still get them. I am a musician and i use them to record my rehearsals to return home to listen too to correct or enhance my playing of certain songs. Plus while recording them i have a running library of songs already performed and how somewhat that they were done in case of future desires to repeat the songs. These cassettes are performing nicely.
"... a 120 minute audio cassette tape to tape her favorite radio shows" - by Russ K. Saito
My wife needs a 120 minute audio cassette tape to tape her favorite radio shows. The Maxell UR-120fits the bill with good quality.
"TDK tapes are wonderful. Still making cassettes for my 1996 Corvette Bose" - by Albert Davis, Jr.
TDK tapes are wonderful. Still making cassettes for my 1996 Corvette Bose Stereo
"Great cassettes" - by Ghostwolf2003
Records well no problems no jams, Great sound . Easy to use works well in my player and in my recorder
"Safety and Quality" - by King Dimholt (New York)
This is a great audio tape for recording cds. This is also a great safety precaution. Many people take their cds many places without realizing the danger. Some time ago, people became aware of cd rot. Basically, when you take your cds too many places, you risk your cds being exposed to moisture. (Prime enemy of cds.) What happens is this cd rot turns the cd purple and renders it unusable. My question is: "Why do people risk ruining a $20. cd when it is SO MUCH safer to just make tapes of their cds and use them?" If I have worried any of you about cd rot, the way to protect your cds against cd rot is to keep them in a cool dry place. (Preferably in a drawer.) Use these excellent audio tapes to make copies of your cds. The quality is excellent, and you will be keeping ... full review
"my old friend" - by sam
this is what analog multitrack recorders had to have in the 1990's. I used these tapes in my 4-track tascam recorder and people thought my recordings were digital all the way. With everything being digital now i just had to go back and get these cassette tapes for my itch to go back to analog once in a while. Came in great condition and seller even added one.
"Good For Taping and Listening" - by S. tamburin (Upstate NY, USA)
I buy these all the time and they are just fine. I still use a cassette player because I record things on the tapes. I have CD players too, which I do use but for different reasons one is better than the other so I use both.
"Four Stars" - by RD10475
"So far so good I have no complaints-yet" (Just kidding)
"Great Sounding Tapes" - by Joyce
The tapes were everything I wanted, they record great,the music on these tapes, come out great.