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"It shined up very nicely and without much effort using this" - by MikeO
Works as describes. I used this and the supplied pads to restore a 20 year old fiberglass boat. It shined up very nicely and without much effort using this. Can't imagine doing it by hand.
"Not to heavy !" - by JOHN RUBI
So far works very well, easy to handle, not to heavy, speeds function correctly, easy grip, well balanced.
"Nice starter kit." - by J. E. Grumling (Aspen, Colorado, USA)
I just bought a new car. In the past I maintained the finish of my cars by hand polishing and waxing. Over the years I'd gotten lazy and put it off because my last car wasn't in good shape and no amount of polish would fix the issues. That's all changed now, so I've been investigating the latest in cleaning and polishing "tech" on the Internet. What I found was a lot of professional detailer's videos showing how easy it is to get a good finish on a car with today's polishes and waxes. Almost all of them are using the Porter Cable 7424XP random orbit polisher.

First, the 7424XP:
I've tried polishing wheels in the past and none of them were easier to use than hand buffing. The problem with the cheap ones is that they usually only run at one speed (too fast), and aren't counter-balanced, so by the end ... full review
"Surprisingly super performance as good as higher end polishers" - by Jammie
I have couples of projects in need of a nice polisher. This one gave me good surfaces to paint. It's very easy to use even I don't have any experience with it but make sure you wear a mask. I am very happy with this product and highly recommend it. It has a lot of power. This made my projects smoother and I spent less time. It is well balanced so you won't be tired of using it. I'm glad I bought this!
"Mirror-Like Finish" - by Jason Bourne
I could not be more thrilled with my purchase of the TORQX polisher. 13 hours to 4-step polish my 2007 crew-cab black chevy Silverado 1500 that had years of neglect. Completely worth the money. The pictures speak for themselves.
by 3M
"A terrific product!" - by Skeep (USA)
Without a doubt this is the Real McCoy! Only 3M does it this well. After you get tired of trying your hardest to put on a perfect gloss polish and you then stand back and only to see swirl marks all over your car. That's when you need to resort to a professional grade product. I use 3M from Compound, to light compound and polish, to then finishing with this. A perfect gloss. Recommend applying very small amount using a clean sponge and bringing your high RPM machine polisher (not a buffer) gradually from low to high RPM. If you violate the directions you'll create a polish disaster like you're accustomed to. Using a judicious amount within the 2 x 2 area and keeping the polish light you will be amazed.
"Lite & Easy Mechine" - by Lyn
I am 69 years old and for me to buff my motor home has been impossible, until I purchased the Porter-Cable 7424XP 6 inch Variable -Speed Buffer. I do not have the money to pay some one $450.00 plus to clean my motor home, so I took a chance and purchased my buffer and man I was glad I did. It is so easy and lite to use. I am now half way done polishing a 40' motor home and it looks great. I am using Chemical's from the Chemical Guys line of products as well as Meguiar's 105 & 205 compounds topping it with Meguiars Hi-Tech Wax #26. You should see it
"The buffing quality is as good as I can do with a towel - maybe ..." - by Mel H.
Fair price - quick delivery. I ordered the 7-8 in. size for my 7 in. buffer. They fit tight- the elastic is strong enough to keep them firmly in place. The buffing quality is as good as I can do with a towel - maybe better ! ! Great product.
"The machine itself with the mothers pads is awesome. Easy to use and very controllable speed and ..." - by John L. Butler Jr
The machine itself with the mothers pads is awesome. Easy to use and very controllable speed and action. The mothers polish and wax work ok but rubbing compound is a bit weak. When used on a black finish where good/no-good shows up the most, the mothers compound can't even bring out swirls from washing and hand polishing. Used 3M perfect-it rubbing compounds 39060 and 05996 and it buffed a black Mercedes into black glass. Either works well with the mothers machine and pads. 39060 is a little cheaper and easier to find in stock but the 05996 is faster, more thorough but harder to find and a bit more$$. If you get this system/machine make sure to order extra pads. Comes with 3 but you will want more for different products.
"It is such a comfortable, reliable machine" - by Tina S.
I have logged over 150 hours on my Torq10FX in the last year. It is such a comfortable, reliable machine. Perfect for every step of a full paint correction. A must own for every detailer!
"Good product" - by Heather (Nevada)
I have used theses on my car and granite countertops with my 6" buffer. They do the job very well. I wash them in the sink and let them dry over night. They seem to hold up very well.
"Work great for headlights and small car panels!" - by M. Hayden
They just arrived today and I've already put them to use. Used in conjunction with chemical guys products to polish the headlights. After that I decided to try them out on some scratches that my car had and they worked great there too. I've read a lot of horror stories about potentially damaging a car if not using a DA polisher but they worked great and car looks great. I can see these really coming in handy on my Jeep where the body panels are smaller and traditional polisher might be a little bulky. Only downside is that holding a drill for extended periods of time is cumbersome.